16 & Pregnant Jennifer Del Rio served restraining order

Josh Smith and Jennifer Del Rio of 16 & Pregnant kiss

The family that restraining orders together doesn’t stay together.

This week’s upcoming profiled 16 & Pregnant mom, if you haven’t heard yet, is Jennifer Del Rio from Riverview, Florida.  The mother of adorable twin baby boys Noah and Josh has been all over the news even before her air date because of now numerous violent interactions with her baby-daddy Josh Smith.

Just this week there was a fight between Jennifer and Josh that left Josh’s face bloodied in addition to a big ol’ mess of he said she said accusations in its wake.  Josh told the cops that he was struck by Jennifer and then Jennifer countered that statement by claiming Josh punched himself and ripped his own shirt in addition to kidnapping the babies.

TMZ has an exclusive pic of Josh’s bloodied nose that Smith was more than eager to share with them I’m sure.  As a follow up to the couple’s recent fight there are a couple of updates:

-> Josh requested and was granted a temporary restraining order against Jennifer on Tuesday that requires her to stay at least 500ft away from him at all times.  From what I’ve seen I think that should have read miles. Back during a previous altercation Jennifer requested and was granted a restraining order against Josh. Too much restrain pain!

-> Jennifer has done much of her communicating via a Facebook Official Fan Page which has been, as of this post, removed.  Before the page there were are a couple of interesting if not ambiguous comments left.

Josh Smith of 16 & Pregnant

One girl that has the same last name as Jennifer stated that, “…yeah & she my family and i had find out from a tv show that she had twins.”

Someone asked Jennifer if she was still with Josh and followed up with this comment, “…from what i heard her and josh broke up two days ago.”  Jennifer replied after that, “…no we arent.”  Then the person who initially asked Jennifer of her and Josh’s romantic status asked what we all want to know, “…no you aint together or what i heard is not true.”  There was no reply from Jennifer after that.

The last status update from Jennifer sounded positive as she stated that:

“The boys are sitting up all by them self and are almost able to crawl. Love seeing my babies grow up. Mommy loves you Joshua and Noah! ♥”

I’m going to assume this means that Jennifer has custody of the babies unless she hands little Josh and Noah off to an intermediary so that Josh can pick them up while she remains 500ft away.

Jennifer and Josh are due back in court on May 2nd.  Eventually we’ll find out who was telling the truth but either way I’m getting the vibe that Josh is a total delper.