VIDEO Full episode 16 & Pregnant Season 3 Reunion Special with Dr. Drew with recap “Life After Labor”

All the girls from the 16 and Pregnant Reunion Special Life After Labor with Dr. Drew

Tonight was the 16 and Pregnant Season 3 “Life After Labor” Reunion Special with Dr. Drew in which all ten girls, all eleven babies and all ten nine baby daddies got together to discuss what happened on their episodes and what has transpired since. In case you missed all or part of it, here is a rather lengthy recap of the two-hour special with links to our profiles of all the girls.

UPDATE – Here’s the full episode thanks to the good folks at MTV:

Jordan Ward from 16 and Pregnant Season 3JORDAN WARD was the first one up and she revealed some big news right away – her and her son Noah’s father Brian Finder are married! (CLICK HERE to see the wedding photos!)

After that things got a little more intense as an emotional Jordan revealed that her mother had gotten pregnant right out of high school and that her (Jordan’s) parents had split up and left when she was very young, leaving her and her siblings – including twin sister Jessica – to live with their grandparents. Jordan is extremely fond of and thankful for her grandparents, but you can tell that her parents splitting up was devastating for her.

Things got a little brighter again when Jordan said she had received her GED and 16 and Pregnant “Baby Daddy of the Year” Brian Finder was planning on enlisting in the Air Force.

Jordan’s twin sister Jessica, who was featured prominently in her episode, came out and she was pretty emotional as well. She confesses that she was wary of Brian because he and Jordan had only been dating for 5 months when she got pregnant. She has since gained a lot of respect for Brian and thinks he is a wonderful father. Jessica then says she is the first in her family to go to college and she broke down in tears because her sister couldn’t do the same.

The tears were flowing again for Jordan as she admitted that she didn’t want to have to rely on Brian and that she wants to make something of herself on her own but can’t because she has to take care of Noah and doesn’t trust leaving him with someone else. There isn’t any resentment there towards her husband, but you can tell having to become a dependable mom so early in her life robbed her of a lot of what she had hoped to do.

****Perhaps the most amazing thing about Jordan’s appearance on the Reunion Special was what she didn’t talk about! As we found out months later she was pregnant with her second child at the time they taped the show! According to numerous sources Dr. Drew knew about the second pregnancy but agreed not to discuss it in accordance with Jordan and Brian’s wishes.

Jennifer Del Rio from 16 and Pregnant Season 3JENNIFER DEL RIO was perhaps the most controversial girls this season with her baby daddy, Josh Smith, actually getting arrested during filming after a heated argument. Jennifer started off talking about Josh, saying he was her best friend for a whole year prior to the pregnancy and that they “did everything together.” “He was a completely different person,” she says.

Jennifer’s dad Rico was there and he told Dr. Drew he didn’t realize Jennifer was sexually active, unlike her mother who – according to Jennifer – found out from someone else. Jennifer says she and her mom had talked about birth control.

When asked about her and Josh’s relationship now Jennifer says, “Things are civil.” She goes on to address the possibility of them working things out by saying, “If he can change, maybe.” (As it turns out things got worse before they got better. Jennifer is currently in hiding with the twins – and in contempt of court – after Josh got a court injunction granting him weekend custody of twins Joshua and Noah. We hope to have more on this story soon.)

Rico said he wasn’t going to bash Josh and he blames Josh’s parents for how he was brought up.

When asked to talk about the numerous court actions between the two Jennifer explained that she filed the first restraining order when he went in jail. She then got another one after he allegedly said he would see her in jail and raped. Dr. Drew sympathetically lets her know she doesn’t deserve that kind of abuse.

Danielle Cunningham from 16 and Pregnant Season 3DANIELLE CUNNINGHAM was so emotional she couldn’t talk after watching the clip from her episode. (Her mom was emotional too and explained that she was a teen mom as well.)

Danielle and baby daddy Jamie reveal they had a big break up just a couple weeks before the reunion and that they break up and get back together often.

Dr. Drew asks why they are having difficulties and Danielle brings up the extra stress that goes along with being a parent, saying about their time together prior to Jamie, Jr. came along, “We didn’t have anything to worry about before.”

Danielle’s mom said she feels as though she raised Danielle as her little sister instead of a daughter and she regrets it now. She apologizes to Danielle for that. “I didn’t raise you the way that I should have. I didn’t know how.” Jamie and Danielle point out that she does do a lot to help them now.

As far as her future, Danielle reveals she doesn’t have a driver’s license and that’s a big reason why she doesn’t have her GED. Dr. Drew cuts right to the chase and tells her to get her license and get her GED.

Taylor Lumas from 16 and Pregnant Season 3TAYLOR LUMAS, who was the youngest girl this season having gotten pregnant at 14 and giving birth at 15, says she and baby daddy Nathan are still together.

Nathan kicks things off with some unintentional humor as he explains his shocked look during delivery by saying the first thing that hit him was the smell and then it was the head crowning. (To which Dr. Drew chimed in sympathetically that the placenta does have a unique odor)

Taylor reveals that her daughter Aubri had a tumor surgically removed from her lung, but is doing better now. Taylor, much like Leah Messer when talking about her daughter Ali, got emotional because her daughter “didn’t do anything to deserve it.”

Taylor’s mom Debbie says she may have made the right decision in not giving Aubri up for adoption.

Taylor admits she feels guilty about the strain on her mom helping out with Aubri. The burden has been increased because Taylor has given up on home schooling and returned to school – something Debbie thinks was the right thing to do as well.

Jamie McKay from 16 and Pregnant Season 3JAMIE McKAY says she and baby daddy Ryan don’t talk any more and that he only gets to see their daughter Miah once a week on Wednesdays during supervised visitation at a state facility. (You might remember Ryan as the boyfriend who showed up late to his daughter’s birth apparently hungover and sporting a hickey)

Ryan comes out and admits that he made a lot of mistakes as a boyfriend and as a father, although he insists that he never cheated on Jamie and that they were broken up at the time he had relations with another girl. Dr. Drew seems open to Ryan’s ability to change, but Jamie is less reluctant.

She later reveals that she does want him to have a part in their daughter’s life but he would have to earn her trust first (something that is going to be very difficult to do according to Jamie’s allegations of Ryan’s history of driving under the influence of alcohol and cocaine abuse in the court papers from her attempt to get sole custody of Miah!)

It is also revealed during the interview that Jamie asked her mom April to put her on the pill and she responded by saying, “No, you need to be not having sex.” That’s something Grandma April obviously regrets.

Cleondra Carter from 16 and Pregnant Season 3CLEONDRA CARTER, baby daddy Mario and their daughter Kylee are next. Mario says they haven’t been getting along too well. At that point Dr. Drew comments, “Cleondra looks pissed! What are you pissed about?”

“Our relationship – just how everything is falling apart,” she replies.

“We’re just not getting along and everything seems to be my fault,” Mario then says.

Cleondra goes on to say she feels “broken.” “Like I’m just falling apart,” she adds. Dr. Drew says he gets the feeling she is pushing Mario away.

Cleondra reveals that she’s going to school and working a lot so she doesn’t get to see her daughter as much as she’d like to. She’s thankful for the great support system that her and Mario’s families provide but it’s still frustrating. She then draws a comparison to her own mother, who raised four kids with two jobs and missed out on a lot of her children’s lives.

Dr. Drew asks Mario to place his hand on her heart and tell her he loves her in a way she can hear. Mario does just that. Dr. Drew concludes by pointing out Cleondra has a ton to be thankful for.

Kayla Jackson from 16 and Pregnant Season 3KAYLA JACKSON‘s segment was by far the most lengthy and dramatic. Kayla , who was hospitalized at the age of 13 for problems stemming from her anorexia, couldn’t stop from crying after her clip was played. She said watching the scenes with her mom hit her the hardest, explaining that it felt as though her mother was kind of abandoning her and saying, “OK, you’re on your own and you’re fine.”

Kayla talked about her parents splitting up and says she now lives with her dad. She remembers being young and her mom moving away from her and her siblings and how hard that was. She also reveals that it was around this time that her eating disorder started. She confesses that her eating disorder is “loud” as they call it, meaning that lately she feels very motivated to succumb to it.

Kayla seems to surprise Dr. Drew when she says she no longer has a relationship with Mike and that they broke up. “I felt like I was putting on a show for everybody because everyone expected us to be together and make this perfect family and get married and all this stuff. One day it was just like…” At this point she broke down and said, “Why am I crying so much?”

Once she gathered herself a bit Dr. Drew asked, “And then what happened?” Kayla responded by stating, “I just realized I didn’t feel for him what you should feel for somebody when you want to spent the rest of your life with him. I knew that the only reason I was with him was because of Preston, and that wasn’t fair to any of us.”

Dr. Drew inquired about the controversial moment from her episode in which her mom asked her to go on a diet with her, and Kayla responded by downplaying it.

After that Kayla’s mom Deb joins them. Dr. Drew mentions Kayla’s feelings of abandonment and Deb says, “I think that once Kayla got pregnant I kind of looked at it as she was grown up – she just grew up really fast. I think there was a lot that I saw that I thought she could do on her own.”

Kayla says she understands but that she believes there were other factors involved – namely Deb’s boyfriend – to which Deb responds, “Maybe… Maybe.”

Kayla talks a little bit about having to take over utilities and other expenses when her mother left, including the infamous trip to the hotel after the heater broke. Dr. Drew asks Deb what her response is to the people that have seen the episode and wonder why she acted the way she did. “I know I could have done better, ” she replies. Dr. Drew followed up by stating, “I know I didn’t hear you apologize here.” Deb then tells Kayla she’s sorry and Kayla responds with a meek, “It’s OK.”

After the break Kayla was joined by Mike who Dr. Drew gives a glowing intro for saying that in the episode he appeared to be the “glue” in Kayla’s life. Mike says he thinks he and Kayla broke up because his new job meant he wasn’t around enough, but Kayla seemed to think it was something more – something that they had been struggling with for three years. Dr. Drew asks Kayla if she loves Mike. She bites her lip and says reluctantly, “As Preston’s dad.” Mike then says he still loves Kayla and wonders what happened to that happy girl he once knew. That statement doesn’t go over well at all with Kayla, who is anything but a happy girl when she points out that things have changed and she’s not that girl any more.

Dr. Drew asks Mike about Kayla’s eating disorder and Mike says it does worry him as far as her taking care of Preston by herself. Dr. Drew then asks Kayla about it a couple times before she reluctantly admits that it is a concern.

Kayla’s segment concludes with her pinky promise to Dr. Drew that she will talk to someone about her eating disorder.

Kianna Randall from 16 and Pregnant Season 3The first thing talked about in KIANNA RANDALL‘s segment is her decision not to put her son Kay’Den up for adoption. Baby daddy Zak was vehemently opposed to adoption and her mother was against it as well, but she conceded to Dr. Drew that she would have supported Kianna if she had decided to go the adoption route.

When asked about their relationship Zak points out a ring on Kianna’s finger. (The couple continues their on-again, off-again engagement and I believe as of the time of this post are indeed back together and planning to get married again.)

Zak gets choked up when he reveals he only has five memories with his dad and that they aren’t good memories either – and he doesn’t want his son to have a similar experience.

When asked about their hopes for the future Zak says he wants to get a good job and an education, and Kianna says she wants to go to college and provide the best possible life for Kay’Den. That was pretty much it.

Izabella Tovar from 16 and Pregnant Season 3IZABELLA TOVAR is next with her baby’s dad Jairo. Prior to the clip she says she goes to school full time while her mother takes care of the baby.

After her clip Izabella reveals she and Jairo are doing “ten times better” and Jairo says he got a job and is going to school.

Izabella talks a bit about hiding her pregnancy for so long and how her family was disappointed by her getting pregnant. She reveals that Jairo was using a condom that broke and that she took a morning after pill the next day, but it obviously didn’t work. Dr. Drew seemed a bit amazed and commented, “You must have just ovulated.”

Izabella’s parents come out and talk about how much Jairo had matured since the episode was filmed. Izabella’s dad addresses the fact that Jairo had lied to all of them about going to school at the time, saying he was shocked and that he believed Jairo when he said he was taking classes.

When asked whether or not he was going to be around for the long haul Jairo says “yes” and then reveals that he and Izabella are engaged as his proof.

Allie Mendoza from 16 and Pregnant Season 3ALLIE MENDOZA from the explosive Season Finale was last. She talks about feeling “uneasy” about Joey’s mom Yolanda from the get go and she tells Dr. Drew she only stayed “for Joey.”

And speaking of Joey, he and Allie are still broken up. Allie is in school and getting all A’s and plans to graduate in a couple months (which she did) before going on to a four-year college either in Texas or New Jersey where she plans to major in mathematics.

Allie seems strong until Dr. Drew asks her how she plans to go to college when she has to raise her son Aydenn alone, at which point she breaks down.

After regaining her composure Dr. Drew asks how she’s getting by and Allie says that her mother sends her money from New Jersey.

Dr. Drew then asks about Joey’s Grandmother Belen and Allie confesses that she has been a great help to her, but that when it comes down to it, “she’s going to stick up for her own.” And that’s apparently what happened because Allie reveals that on the day she and Joey broke up Belen “went off” on her and “it was a mess.”

Joey (wearing a “Cash Money” shirt?) says that he and Allie do not talk any more and that he hasn’t seen his son since the day before she left, which was about two months previous. Joey’s grandmother Belen is also there and Allie thanks her for taking her and Joey in. Belen says she doesn’t hate Allison but just doesn’t like the way she started treating Joey and then how she just left.

Dr. Drew tries to get Allison to back off her anti-Joey’s family stance as far as Aydenn was concerned, but she would have none of it. She says she doesn’t trust any of them, but later takes that back when it comes to Belen. Dr. Drew makes a very interesting clarification when he tells Allie that she is scared to let Aydenn be with the family, and that it isn’t an issue of trust.

After that Allie’s mom comes out with Aydenn and she lets Joey hold him. Joey tears up and says, “I don’t think he likes me,” to which the audience responds with laughter. Joey then says he is feeling a great sense of joy as the tears continue to stream down his face.

Allie’s mom tears up as she talks about her decision to let Allie move to Texas with her father saying she wonders if she made the wrong decision. Dr. Drew asks why she didn’t go and get Allie sooner and Allie interjects that she wanted to stay for Joey.

In conclusion Allie agrees to allow Joey to see Aydenn moving forward. (Which apparently didn’t happen because the Reunion is reportedly the last time Joey saw his son.)

**** SO… Who do you want to see on Teen Mom 3? Take the poll!

It’s now time for all ten moms to ask each other questions, beginning with Danielle who asks Allie, “How did you deal with your boyfriend’s mom bashing you like that?”

Allie responds by saying she told herself that was her boyfriend and that was his mom so she was going to deal with it in order to be with him.

Jennifer then has a question for all the girls, which is “Do you guys worry that your kids will be our age and make the same mistakes?”

Jordan half-jokingly says she would just show her son her episode. Taylor says she’s worried that she would not be strict enough, just like her mother had been.

Taylor then asks everyone whether or not they thought their babies’ fathers showed their true colors after the babies were born.

Jamie says she definitely saw a change in Ryan in that he basically ignored her and their daughter.

Dr. Drew sums it up with a great question, asking them all, “So is it safe to say how these young boys – young men – relate to the baby tells you everything you need to know about them?” to which there are unanimous affirmations and head nodding.

After that was the baby free for all!