PHOTOS Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra light up in LA

Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell of Teen Mom light up cigarettes in Los Angeles

It seems like Teen Mom stars Farrah Abraham, Maci Bookout and certainly Amber Portwood do a good job of making headlines and keeping the public well-aware of their off-camera activities. The same cannot be said for Catelynn Lowell and her baby daddy Tyler Baltierra, who have almost completely fallen off the media’s radar since the end of last season.

Judging from these photos taken in Los Angeles, where all of the Teen Mom cast members are currently taping the Season 3 reunion special with Dr. Drew, it seems Catelynn and Tyler have been spending their time developing nicotine addictions! The two were spotted lighting up a couple cigarettes outside of their hotel before heading off for taping.

Here’s Catelynn enjoying a drag in what amounts to a camouflage paisley shirt given the matching background:

Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell smokes a cigarette in Los Angeles

Later the two were snapped again leaving Occidental Studios and they posed for some less “rebellious” pictures:

Catelynn Lowell and baby daddy Tyler Baltierra from the original Teen Mom

Catelynn’s mom (and Tyler’s step-mom) April was apparently able to make the trip out west as well:

Teen Mom Catelynn and her mom April as well as Tyler in LA for the Season 3 Reunion

I was hoping MTV had arranged some sort of reunion and that we might see photos of Tyler and Catelynn’s daughter Carly and her adopted parents Brandon and Teresa, but so far no luck.

Photos: London Entertainment / Splash

  • Dez

    I could be wrong, but isn’t that Tyler’s mom behind Catelynn’s mom? It seems she made the trip out west too…

  • Kayla

    I see April looks just as “classy” as she always has. And by classy I mean trashy…

  • jalissababe

    They make me sick I swear

  • j

    The Reunion show was really intense def. worth watching when it airs… alot of people will be suprised and some answers as to why the girls may act the way they do will be answered… I think too many people make bad assumptions before they really know the full truth

  • troymclure

    Where is the giant white cap!?! Baltierra. I love how mtv edits all these kids who ALL smoke and drink and do other substances, like precious innocent Maci, not. I just think they want to paint a portait and create a story and make people feel sorry for catelynn and tyler and actually solicit people to donate large amounts of money for “college” really made a big mistake there. This show needs to stop. But Butch and april need a spinoff.

  • Catelynn lowell

    Ok well none of u know us and we don’t want people to feel bad for us. Were just telling our stories and if u look u will see that pregnancy has gone down since the show. Thanks

    • admin


      Thanks for commenting. has been fans of your and Tyler since the beginning. And you are right about Teen Mom & 16 & Pregnant being linked to lower teen birth rates in the U.S. over the past few years. Keep up the good work, and keep bravely telling your story.

      Much love,

      Rebecca and The Team

    • Brandie

      you and tyler are amazing! dont listen to all these horrible people they do nothing but judge u did nothing but the right thing!!!!

    • Regular Age Mom

      Catelynn I think you and Tyler are the most level-headed teenagers on that show, especially considering the fact that you were obviously not raised in ideal circumstances….BUT I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT YOU SMOKE. Don’t you see what your mom looks like???? I always felt bad for you because I was like, “UGHHH she probably hates living in that house because it’s probably hard to breathe with her mom just puffing away.” Your poor little brother too. After all of that how can you smoke? No kids want their parents to smoke and if you care so much about Carly, you would quit. I have to honestly say that you know Brandon and Teresa throw away all of the wonderful gifts you send her because when things come from smokers they always smell like smoke and I know they would never let her play with stinky, cancer ridden toys. QUIT before you look like your mother and get cancer.

    • Lareasa Hall

      Catelynn you happen to be my face of all, it is so good to see you and Tye going to college and making better decision’s than April and Butch. I have the same kind of family that have made some bad decisions and I have definitely learned from there mistakes, just as you and Tye.

  • whitney

    im suprised catelynn hasnt lost weight yet but they def put their money to buying better clothes more mature!

  • darnkid

    I believe at one point in an interview Catelynn said that both of them smoked. I don’t think they have recently developed this.

    If they were in the headlines people would be blasting them, they are not in the headlines and people question that. Make up your minds.

    Personally I have a lot of respect for both of them and the decision they made and their level of maturity. They have it more together than some of the other teen moms from the first show.

    Whitney: commenting on her weight and clothes and accusing her of being immature? Really? Re-read your comment and question your own maturity.

  • sierra!!

    Y’all leave them alone!!!!!!! Love u catelynn <3

  • TA

    Oh, who cares? If this is the worst thing they do, then I’d say they’re doing just fine. Yeah, smoking is bad for you and blah, blah. This isn’t something new, they just haven’t done it on camera before. But it’s really not that big of a deal. These two are by far my favorites from all seasons, the two that made the most responsible and mature decision.
    Catelynn, if you read this again… did you get braces again? I thought you had them taken off. Just curious. 🙂
    Team Tyler and Catelynn!!

  • Caoil

    Catelynn, ignore these internet nazis who cowardly leave hurtful remarks without even knowing you (or the courage it takes to share your story on tv)…it takes real guts to leave near-anonymous comments online. You and Tyler seem like a sweet and wise couple, I wish you both the very best!

  • Britt

    I love them! They’re so strong! I really hope that their relationship lasts forever. I don’t know how they’ve done it, they’ve stayed together through all their sadness without ever resenting one another..that is definitely true love.

    And so what that they smoke? Has no one ever noticed how many teens smoke? Scratch that. How many PEOPLE It’s not that big of a deal.

    And Catelynn is just as beautiful as ever. Actually she’s more beautiful! I love that she just does her own thing. I wish I could be more like her!

    I don’t feel sorry for them. They didn’t give Carly up to make people feel bad for them. They did it because they are selfless and they love their child and I think that one day Carly will know how great her biological parents are for what they did.

  • Iloverabbits

    I think they’re great but smoking is dangerous and stupid. People look up to them. They need to quit for themselves and their fans.

  • Beth

    I think these two are just adorable! The love they have for each other and for there baby is just amazing, who cares if they smoke geez lol! They did the best thing for there child and I think they are very strong and wonderful people! Way to go guys you rock :)!

  • Tina

    I’m not surprised to see that they smoke cigarettes when there were/are pictures of them on myspace smoking pot. MTV needs to get real because wholesome girls hardly ever become teen moms. Also dating your stepbrother/stepsister gross. I don’t care if they were together before their parents it’s weird and GROSS!


    They’re both smoking?! I thought this couple were smart enough to not to smoke but I was wrong. Tyler and Catelynn are adorable but smoking is something that I don’t understand. I really do hope that (if they are having more kids in the future) they would be mature enough to stop smoking. It’s not good for them or anyone else. They should be role models for other kids but they’re not doing a very good job. I’m so disappointed. They’re just following Butch and April’s footsteps..

  • Come on people… Smoking, weight gain, teenage sex/pregnancy, none of these things are new. It’s been going on long before these two were born. I know it’s DANGEROUS and blah blah, Im sure they know that too. I just think there are bigger problems you could nit pick about – like Amber, now that’s DANEROUS!

  • Jalia

    I just watched the whole season 1 of sixteen & pregnant and you guys really stood out catelynn was so strong i dont think i could ever be that strong you guys made the right descion i was crying soo much i used a whole box of tissue i watch you guys on teen mom as well and i i im starting to cry I Love You Catelynn, Tyler & Carolyn(a.k.a Carly)!!!!!!!!!!!

  • monet

    smoking is GROSS, point blank. ppl just don’t care about living a long, HEALTHY life anymore, especially if they have a choice 🙁

  • Hallie Guy

    Thanxx Texx & Jim, biker brothers of the road! Interesting to see a floating barn find, would like to see more about this boat & it’s history. Love the complete woody package, Ford wagon & trailer.

  • anthony

    I dont care if that do smoke or did i still think there cool