Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry’s salaries revealed

Teen Mom 2 salaries revealed for Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry

Sources close to Teen Mom 2 stars Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry have revealed the two moms are making substantially less money than the girls from the original incarnation of the popular reality series!

Our fellow Teen Mom loving bloggers over at Hollybaby.com have talked to friends close to Jenelle and Kailyn and they reveal the two new reality superstars both pulled in only $9,000 for the first 12 episodes of Teen Mom 2. In stark contrast, Amber Portwood reported financial earnings of $280,000 for 2010 as part of her legal battles stemming from the felony battery charges filed against her.

From Hollybaby:

“Things with Jenelle aren’t good. She has no money and can’t find a job,” as source very close to Jenelle tells us. “She is making around $9,000 for her first 12 episodes of Teen Mom 2, season 1.”

Another source close to Kailyn shares with us the same amount: “Kailyn is also making around the same $9,000 mark!”

Before you get too defensive on behalf of the newbie batch of Teen Moms, remember that Farrah, Maci, Catelynn and Amber didn’t start making a lot of money until their series was renewed for a second season. Given the popularity of Teen Mom 2 it is all but assured that they will be back for a second season and will more than likely receive a similar deal to the original four girls for the first Teen Mom.

I also have to assume that MTV is putting a lot of money into scholarship funds or savings accounts for the children, right? It makes sense in that it wouldn’t allow for the parents to blow all the money on fancy cars and plastic surgery while also keeping the girls strapped for cash so the show would maintain a bit of its authenticity. Harsh, I know, but true. (If MTV isn’t shelling out big bucks to the children they should be ashamed. These girls are generating millions of dollars for the network and they deserve to be compensated fairly for that!)

Oh, and Kailyn’s official Facebook fan page shared the article without comment, so take that for whatever it’s worth.

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  • Whitney

    Yeah 10 gs isn’t that much just enough for them to buy a car, get into a apartment, pay school.

    • steve

      Yeah let’s pay them a bunch of money so the young girls of America can aspire to grow up and be a teen mom, and maybe get on the show.

  • tameka

    i don’t think kail makes that much because when she got into her car accident people were saying use the money from teen mom 2 and get another one and she said she doesn’t make alot from the show

  • http://www.theashleysrealityroundup.com the ashley

    That’s way below industry standard so I’m not sure they got it right. I know that MTV is famous for being cheap with their stars, but I think that’s below what they actually make.

  • John mason

    What a waste of news for these scumbags.

  • kara

    I really hope Jenelle won’t make more. It should go to her mother and Jace. I can’t see them ever making as much as the original girls though.

  • Kat

    MTV is making millions from their television show, so the girls deserve more money that just a measly $9,000.00.

  • Jennifer

    They don’t deserve a penny more. MTV knows these LOSER teen moms are a dime per 50 dozen. They have NO talent, NO education, NO decent jobs, none of them, other than getting knocked up with a LOSER’S kid, and are EASILY REPLACED with other LOSER teenage mothers.

    • darinka


    • Cassy

      I do agree that paying them can send the wrong messgae to toher teens but not all of the girls they have had on that show has been as bad as u make them sound. Some have actual done good jobs at being a mother. Yes there are a lot of teenage mothers but its dis respectful and rude to put them down!! I myself had my now 3 year old daughter at 17. It was hard but I graduated and am on my own with her doing just fine. It takes a really mature and self sacrifing person to be successful a teen mom. So to put them all down is just trashy on your part.

      • Robin

        I agree. Unplanned/unwanted pregnancy should never be encouraged, but just because you have a child at an early age doesn’t mean you will be a bad mother. Kailyn, Chelsea, and Leah are all doing a pretty good job. Granted they all have good support networks and some extra cash from the show.. but still. Being a good mother is commendable at any age.

  • Shilo

    I dont think these girls should be getting paid period. Its teaching people that its ok to get pregnant as a Teen so that they can maybe get paid for it. I also think that if they are going to pay them money then they need to show that in the show. That they do have money and are not really struggling as bad as they put off. Its called reality TV for a reason.

    • Whitney

      Shilo it would be EXTREMELY STUPID of a teen girl to get pregnant to be on this show, and if they got pregnant thinking they would get on they are not very bright. I don’t know the exact numbers but MTV shows what? 8 girls a season for sixteen and pregnant and 4 get chosen for Teen Mom. Since I do know there are THOUSANDS of pregnancies a year they’d be getting pregnant for a 1 in lets say 10,000 chance but I’m sure the number is actually MUCH HIGHER. They are morons to get pregnant and want to be on this show.

      These girls deserve the money they are getting. Maybe even a bit more. We get to see all their dirty laundry, all their hardships, and they need something to get them out of the hole they are in. Let’s face it we all make mistakes. Well, as judge mental as you are maybe not you, or any that you’d admit to but honey you’re NOT GOD so stop pretending to be. 😉

      Also, whether you believe it or not Amber DID make that much, she had to show tax return info in court, etc. Allot of these girls get LARGE donations which is added into income. 😉 I don’t know where all of it came from but I do know they looked at several documents while in court and there was proof she made that much. 😉

  • Candy

    Ok first off I know that it’s not right getting pregnet at a young age. But, these girl thought it would never happen to them. Sometime when your young and dumb you don’t think! It’s the truth! I was a teen once but it never happend to me! But I can say I had a teen mom and she was the best mom she could be to me! And I Love that women for not getting an abortion and carrying me for nine months! And giving me all the love she could give me! So I’m not gonna say that these girls made a mistake having the babies. Maybe they should have praticed safe sex and waited till the were older to have the babies but they did’nt so it is what it is. They also don’t tell you to go off and get pregnet either. They just want you to see how hard it is being a teen mom. So who cares they make a little money doing the show but really come on what reality show don’t! lol I mean really! But they need every penny they can get to support there babies! Babies arent cheep either. There lives have really changed from this.

    • Robin

      They can’t take care of their kids. That’s not fair to the child. If they want the best for their kids, they should wait till they could take care of them properly and give them everything they deserve.

      • The OTHER Robin

        Some of them are actually doing pretty good job tho.. obviously the pregnancies weren’t planned but atleast MOST of the moms are stepping up and trying to raise their kids as best they can.

  • Tee

    Janelle doesn’t deserve a dime. She has done nearly nothing for her son and brought no edifying value to the show whatsoever (unless one counts her behavior as what NOT to do). As trifling as her behavior is, she shouldn’t be paid anything but the satisfaction of knowing she was on television.

  • Maxiell

    I hate teen mom. This show is degrading to every teenager out there including myself. I hate these shows that depict the lives of real teenagers, who are typically insecure and lost in the world. This show does nothing for viewers, and it even makes good girls like me look bad. These girls are making money on these episodes, of coarse they are! stupid viewers think these girls are struggling, their up for a big surprise! These girls are making millions of bucks for acting stupid! what a shame! I’m not raising my children in America, this place is too toxic.

  • Toni

    They should be paid minimal or they should have it all put into accounts for their children when they reach a certain age….I think that would be more appropriate. Paying them a lot defeats the purpose of the show. If you’re going to make a show about teen moms (even though these ladies are now just about entering their 20s) I want to see their struggle and how THEY make something of themselves…. not how they get it all handed to them for (let’s be honest…) screwing up their lives in the first place.
    I honestly don’t buy that Amber made nearly 300 grand. I think just about $10,000 for 5 months of “work” is very reasonable. Its fair for MTV to share the money they’re making off of these stories…. BUT this should never have been considered an “income” by any of the girls.

  • Robin

    You expect us to defend these people? Amber said she was going off the government and she’s making $60,000 per season?! Kailyn “needs” a new car so someone started a car fund, but she could easily pay it herself. Why does she need two jobs, then? And how is Amber making MORE money now that charges have been filed AGAINST her? This is all very suspect indeed.

  • Emily

    MTV can’t pay them that much…thats just contributing to the whole promoting teen pregnancy thing. Bad for MTV’s image to pay teenage girls a lot to be pregnant on tv.

  • coco

    i got pregnant and i didnt get paid for it. lol hahahahaha

  • inwonderland

    I’ve heard that Amber greatly exaggerated what MTV was paying her. It’s possible that she got the same salary as these girls, but made more for paid appendices.

  • Megan

    I really hope they do come back for a second season! I like these moms MUCH better than the ones from the first season! Especially Leah and Corey!! <3 😀

    • The OTHER Robin

      Agreed. The moms from the first season were spoiled.

  • Caitlyn

    TeenIdiots living off my taxes would be a better show….

    • darinka

      hahaha that’s a good one

  • Stephanie

    Ok, I get that this is another reality show that we(the viewers)have made popular by tuning in, but seriously,these are young girls making money simply for being young,pregnant and in a dysfunctional situation. Why are they getting paid for having the same issues that most teens have. It makes me sick to know that some girls may be thinking how cool it would be to be on t.v. Making money just because she’s young n pregnant. This is almost as bad as Kate plus 8 making money of her kids.

  • nlee1

    I hope Jenelle got more than this. With all her Mother had to put up with from her. All of the money in Fort Knoxs would not have been enough for me to put up with Jennelle!

  • jemma

    What do the dad’s make?

  • Rc

    A college fund for the babies and a small salary for basics would be a nice idea. At least they would still have to understand the true hardships of being a teen parent while getting some compensation for putting themselves out there. …..fir all you people who like to make disrespectful comments towards teen moms…why are you even reading this article? Life happens, we are only human….it’s how you deal with it that really matters…I feel sorry for your narrow-mindedness. There are plenty of “adult” moms who screw things up worse than teen moms do……half of the time teen moms work harder just to prove themselves….. It’s unfortunate that not all of the ones on the show are great examples.

    • The OTHER Robin

      I agree. Some of the shittiest moms in the world were 40 when they had kids.. and some of the best were only 16 or 17. It’s not about the mistake/choice u may have made. It’s how you deal with that choice. Truly being an “adult” is about taking responsibility for what you do.

  • annette

    All of you who are on here commenting negatively about teenage girls are pathetic. People in glass houses certainly shouldnt be casting stones. If you cant teach your teen daughters to not get pregnant and you are relying on TV to do that for you, you probably should have not procreated. These girls are opening up their lives to show other girls the struggles the face with being a teen mom. The show is not endorsing teen pregnancy nor glamorizing it in any way and regardless od their circumstances they should be compensated fairly for allowing MTV and the rest of the world to follow them around scrutinizing and judging their every move. It is so typical for all of you losers to expect TV to parent your kids and then blame shows like teen mom when your kids screw up. YOU and ONLY you are responsible and accountable for what your kids do so stop trying to blame a bunch of teen girls for the short comings of your 16 year olds. If you dont like the show or its content and messages then dont watch. Plain and simple, but bashing these girls all over the internet doesnt help ANYONE and it only makes you look like a bunch of hateful losers that probably belong to that disgusting Westboro Church so maybe you should get a clue, learn to show some respect and have some compassion for people. People like you are what make this world the awful place it is and you are not teaching your children anything good by spewing hate over the internet acting worse than middle school kids.

    • The OTHER Robin

      U go girl! lol.

  • Katy

    MTV should pay the girls in a savings/college fund for their children. The girls should
    Not be able to touch it! Lord only knows these poor kids won’t have a vehicle or any money saved for school from their parents!

  • jemarre

    Honestly they must be doin well enough for jenelle to have a new car in the same season though shes apparently broke and farrah was a spoiled rich kid prior to getting knocked up and chelsea pretty much makes pennies for her “job” but has daddy pay for multiple apartments utilites cars etc honestly theyre less moms to be admired and more cautionary tales to be avoided but mtv will continue to have moms for 16 and pregnant cuz thats the machine we know as entertainment

  • jackie

    look at the people from Jersey Shore. they get paid like what? $100,000 per episoed for partying?! but no, you dont see that. you people look at teenagers being stupid for getting pregnant. look at the ADULTS on tv who are on a reality show as a “job” & get mad when they dont get paid enough to look like an idiot in front of everyone. stop being so quick to judge & put yourself in the teen moms shoes.