PHOTO Gary Shirley and Maci Bookout partying in Nashville

Teen Mom Maci Bookout, her new boobs and Gary Shirley together

In what could very well be the most stunning confluence of Teen Momegery outside of a Reunion Special, Gary Shirley tweeted the above photo of himself and Teen Mom Maci Bookout partying hearty in Nashville over the weekend! Gary, who was on a road trip from Indiana to Music City with a couple pals, added “good night w @MaciBookoutMTV!” to the tweet.

The picture may not seem that big a deal to the unconverted, so let me point out all the things going on in this historical image:

1. Gary and Maci partying together not because of anything MTV-related.
If I’m not mistaken this is the first occurrence of Teen Mom stars hanging out together not because of a Teen Mom event. I won’t even go into the lesser blogs that will run with all sorts of headlines inspired by these two appearing quite friendly! (Is Gary Leaving Amber For Maci? Teen Mom Maci Bookout and Gary Shirley hook up! What Will Amber Say? Maci Pregnant With Gary’s Baby!) (I guess I did go into it after all.)

And in case you were wondering where Kyle was during this TM hook-up, he is apparently still recovering from knee surgery he had over a month ago. Gary tweeted earlier today, “@MaciBookoutMTV Great seeing you and Kyle. Hope his knee gets better soon….” (CLICK HERE to see a photo of Kyle in the hospital just after the surgery)

Maci Bookout's new larger boobs2. Maci’s boobs!
There has been all sorts of talk about Maci Bookout having breast augmentation surgery and so far our only proof has been a well-endowed, but less-than-revealing, picture of Maci with a pair of rather large knockers that could have been an over-stuffed bra. Here we can see Maci’s new bookends in the flesh! Even if she’s being assisted by a high-end cleavage-enhancing undergarment, I think there is no denying that she’s gone from tweeters to hooters.

Teen Mom Gary Shirley's infamous Belden Linemen Camp tee shirt3. Gary’s Belden Linemen Camp t-shirt!
I can’t tell you how excited I was to see this Teen Mom icon had not been carelessly tossed aside to make room in Gary’s closet for his collection of Christian Audigier inspired “Affliction” shirts. If you read my “Top 5 Inanimate Objects From Teen Mom” post then you know my affinity for Gary’s infamous ash gray tee. Why has there been no talk of a spin-off show for this shirt?!? It could be like The Mask with each week’s episode featuring a new person who finds the shirt and puts it on, forever transforming their lives…

In the last few months it seems that Gary has let down his guard and truly embraced his new-found celebrity. With the launch of a Facebook fan page and Twitter account under the fun name “It’s Gary Time” he has unleashed numerous hilarious photos, videos and announcements detailing the wild and wacky misadventures of a hefty Teen Mom baby daddy. Perhaps Gary and his Belden Linemen Camp t-shirt could both star in a spin-off series!

  • hahah

    I actually know Coach Belden. He was my PE coach at Westfield High School in Indiana a few years ago. He had football camps in the summer. All the football players wore those shirts. Im sure some of my high school buddies still have one of their shirts packed away.

  • hjgjhgfjyuh

    wheres bentley and leah?
    Maci is letting her “fame” go to her head.

    • Row

      They dont have to be with there children 24/7 maybe Bentley is with Ryan and Leah is with Amber. Parents are allowed to have time to themselves for a bit.

  • Iloverabbits

    There are lots of pics of maci drinking,partying, all decked out in breast implants and fake hair and on and on. The fame has def gone to her head. Now she wants to be on dancing with the stars and she befriended Bristol plain. Come on!

  • electricfeel

    lol i’m so glad someone else noticed the infamous belden shirt

  • bre

    Why him maci really

  • bre

    Really Gary was a coach