Amber Portwood ‘loves Farrah Abraham no matter what,’ reveals wedding date


The stars of Teen Mom OG were out in full force on the internet circuit today promoting tonight’s season premiere.

While most of the posts revealed nothing new, Amber Portwood did provide a candid, and interesting, interview with Cosmo that’s worth a share.

When Amber was asked about when she and fiance Matt Baier are getting married, she revealed the specific date:


I am getting married October 10th. Yes, I am! I’m getting married!


When asked if she worked outside of her role on TM OG, Portwood talked up her real estate ventures:


I’m a home investor and a house flipper. I’m going to invest in homes in Florida here soon. I make great money doing it and it’s a great way to invest the money that I made from Teen Mom.


And, of course, she was asked about the recent feud between Farrah Abraham and the rest of the cast:


Me and Farrah Abraham, we have a respect for each other. We understand each other. We know how we are, how we can be. You can’t act like you don’t know how Farrah is and you can’t act like you don’t know how I am. That’s our relationship. She won’t talk s**t about me. I don’t talk s**t about her.


When Cosmo quizzed Amber about Farrah’s claim that James Deen raped her, a rep for MTV stepped in, saying that she wouldn’t be providing any comments on that topic. Well, you know Amber was still going to speak her mind:


I’m going to say one thing. We love Farrah. We love Farrah no matter what the hell she says, no matter what happens in her life. We love her, we support her, in every single thing she does.


You can check out the rest of Amber’s interview here.

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