“Friday” singer Rebecca Black is going on tour! Coming to a mall near you!

Rebecca Black Friday YouTube video screen capture

Things happen fast in the information age! Just one week ago no one had ever heard of Rebecca Black and virtually no one had seen her Ark Music Factory video for the song “Friday.” But, thanks in large part to a mention on Tosh.0, Rebecca’s Dionysian dissection of teen angst and euphoria has garnered well over 5 million page views and is on its way to becoming the biggest pop song by a teenager since “Oops, I Did It Again!”

And don’t think for a second that the executives in charge at Ark Music Factory are unaware of Rebecca’s potential! In the spirit of Tiffany and Debbie Gibson they have announced Rebecca Black will be going on tour – playing to packed houses of screaming, adoring teenage fans at malls across America!

Friday singer Rebecca Black announces 2011 tour of malls

News of the tour has already sparked the formation of dedicated fans who plan to follow Rebecca from town to town, creating a counterculture based on their mutual love for Friday and fun. The media has already started to refer to them as Blackheads.

And just in case you can’t read the poster above, here are the dates all typed up!

April 19 – Hollywood & Highland Center (Los Angeles, CA)
April 20 – Hollywood & Highland Center (Los Angeles, CA)
April 22 – Park Meadows (Denver, CO)
April 27 – Natick Collection (Boston, MA)
April 29 – Water Tower Place (Chicago, IL)
May 3 – Fair Oaks Mall (Washington, DC)
May 4 – Houston Galleria (Houston, TX)
May 6 – Mall of America (Minneapolis, MN)
May 7 – Cherry Hill Mall (Philadelphia, PA)
May 24 – Stonestown Galleria (San Francisco, CA)
May 30 – Greenwood Mall (Bowling Green, KY)
June 1 – Mall of Georgia (Atlanta, GA)
June 2 – Westfield Southcenter (Seattle, WA)
June 5 – Dadeland Mall (Miami, FL)
June 6 – Scottsdale Fashion Square (Phoenix, AZ)
June 7 – Fashion Place (Salt Lake City, UT)
June 29 – Times Square (New York, NY)

I’m excited for Rebecca – it must be a wonderful thing to realize you are the next Britney Spears! But, I really think she needs to get a new tour manager. I don’t think any musician has ever played consecutive dates in Atlanta, Seattle, Miami and Phoenix! And what’s with all the open Fridays? She plays one Friday in May and none in June?!? (By the way, that Friday date at the Mall of America in Minneapolis on May 6 is preceded by a Thursday. That is followed by a show in Philadelphia on Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards.)

According to the poster you can get your tickets at TicketWeb.com, although nothing is turning up yet when you search for Rebecca Black.

UPDATE: This is probably a hoax, as there has been no announcement from Ark Music, TicketWeb, or Rebecca Black; and one of the malls on the tour, Water Tower Place, has repeatedly tweeted the following: “Rebecca Black is not scheduled to appear at Water Tower Place.”

  • Katy

    Ugh. She sounds like a robot. The lyrics to that song are AWFUL. This seriously proves that you can have absolutely NO talent (as in singing, song writing..) and still *make it* in the music business. That is, if you consider playing in MALLS making it and being the “next big thing.”

    • JEssie


  • Kira

    God. I feel so sorry for her. doesnt she know shes being ridiculed and mocked by nearly everyone that sees her video? Doesnt she see that many of those claiming to “love” her and follow her around the tour are just going to make fun of her? someone needs to get her out of this tour, FAST.

  • zac

    she probably does realize that
    she also realizes shes gonna make a lot of money

  • kevin

    im going to her one concert just to laugh at her

    • Ingrid

      I’m doing the same thing. haha
      But the concert where I am isn’t on a Friday! ahhhkk!! and what else is she gonna sing!??
      What seat am I supposed to sit in..? Cuz it’s kicking in the front seat… kicking in the back seat. DID SHE NOT REALIZE THAT THE FRONT SEATS WERE FULL…????? so I guess that I have to sit in the back 🙁 that means im further away from her.. 🙁

  • bro

    This is completely fake. What tour would go from LA to Denver to Massachusetts to Chicago in 10 days? And obviously it doesn’t exist on TicketWeb.

    It’s either fake or really really badly planned.

  • Jjjjjj

    Her 15 minutes of fame will be up by then, they should know that. Also, Cherry Hill Mall is in Cherry Hill, NJ… not Philadelphia.

  • Huffy

    As hilarious as that video is you know she’s going to be scared for life. The concerts are going to be filled with grown men mocking her, and I can’t imagine kids her own age will be any nicer. You can’t really blame her either, since she doesn’t know any better. Her manager/record company on the other hand booked the tour knowing people are just going to rip her.

  • windoww6

    she is NOT the next britney spears. at all. she has no talent. she will never be a pop icon like britney. and for the record she’s only famous because her idiotic monotonous song went viral on the internet. she can thank the internet for her 15 minutes of fame. f*ck the information age, this sh*t is getting ridiculous. then next britney? come on.

  • sam

    How can she play a concert if she only has one song…? Use your brains people, it’s a hoax.

  • L

    this is obviously fake b/c shes 15!! she has school in april/may/june!the only way she’d be able to do a tour is if it was july-august. plus look at the name of thiswebsite –> ‘starcasm’ (like sarcasm) there is no tour. its just a joke

  • S

    OH PLEASE. The new Britney Spears? Give me a break. I have no doubt that people will be laughing at her, my friend’s considering go to one to laugh at her.. FRIDAY is HORRIBLE.

  • angus

    @ Zac… You are right… David Hasselhof has been doing it for years… it is nothing new.