What’s Kate Gosselin’s new TLC show, Twist of Kate, about?

The TLC show that Kate Gosselin’s had in development since Jon Gosselin slapped everyone with a lawsuit, has finally arrived! Sort of.

At least we have a working title (Twist of Kate) and a very, very vague concept (“Gosselin will use fan letters from women inspired by her story as the basis for profiles of women facing their own challenges“). Last year Jon and Kate Plus 8 was a ratings bonanze for TLC, who was used to just serving up rather bland material for families who didn’t want to upset the digestion of their wholesome family lives. People may tell themselves they want the oatmeal, but what we really want is beer, loaded baked potatoes, and hot-wings with INSANE sauce and a ranch dressing fountain to cool our aching tongues (a.k.a. the television equivalent of Jon Gosselin’s diet).

That’s exactly what Jon and Kate Plus 8 served up (with a side of Devil’s food cake and a righteous hangover) during their peri divorce/tabloid period. Last summer even the tired yet potent story of Angelina vs. Jennifer only made it to the tabloid covers if Jon or Kate hadn’t appeared or farted in public for two weeks straight, which didn’t happen often.

Now Jon has been silenced by the courts, and dumped for the third time since leaving Kate, and doesn’t appear to have a friend in the world since he pissed off Michael Lohan. All we have now to get our insufferable Gosselin fix is a weekly chance to watch Kate Gosselin fitfully try to dance.

And now this summer we’ll have twelve episodes of Kate Gosselin doing something, we’re not sure exactly what, but I’m not sure we’re going to watch unless Kate ends up going ballistic on someone.

“It’s a loose concept,” Kate tells USA Today.

Conviently, Kate’s new book will also be coming out this summer, I Just Want You to Know: Letters to My Kids on Love, Faith, and Family.

You can read excerpts at PopEater