Chelsea Houska’s ex Adam Lind arrested, has extensive rap sheet

Chelsea Houska's ex Adam Lind fake mug shot

In addition to being a lazy insensitive jerk, Teen Mom 2 Chelsea Houska’s baby daddy Adam Lind is also guilty of a number of actual “breaking the law” crimes! The current issue of In Touch weekly reveals that the villainous reality star has a rap sheet that “includes arrests for reckless driving, underage drinking and burglary.” But that’s not all! From In Touch:

According to police sources, Adam was incarcerated February 20 to March 2 on a work release program – he could go to work but spent his nights behind bars.

That sounds exactly right! The Adam we all know and love loath could have gone to work but chose to spend his nights at Chelsea’s apartment, paid for by Chelsea’s dad.

The charge this time around was for hunting violations and for trying to evade police. Man – I would give a lot of money to watch that police chase go down!

Teen Mom 2 Chelsea Houska's baby daddy Adam Lind

As far as Chelsea and Adam go (or Chelsam), it appears as though Chelsea has once again severed ties. Here’s a Twitter exchange from March 8:

@ChelseaHouska did u get rid of that kid yet? come on now. ur to hot for that sh!t. hahhh

@Jmaistros haha took a while, but he’s gone nowwww 🙂

@ChelseaHouska amen, whatta douche, how’s your baby?

@Jmaistros shes great!

That was preceded on March 4 by Chelsea tweeting:

Single doesn’t mean I’m looking for somebody <3

So Chelsea is single and ready to mingle y’all! You hear the call Sioux Falls? There’s gotta be some decent dude in that town ready to step up and be with two lovely females – one of which has a great sense of humor and an entertaining propensity for changing hairstyles. (The other is just plain adorable) The only drawback is that you not only need to get the approval of Chelsea’s dad, but also millions of Teen Mom fans (and bloggers) like me.

For what it’s worth – good move Chelsea! And glad to hear the rift between you and Megan (caused by Adam) was able to be mended!

Adam joins Kailyn’s baby daddy Jo and Jenelle’s baby daddy Andrew (Jenelle has since pretty much admitted Andrew isn’t the father of Jace) in the “Teen Mom 2 Spent Time In The Joint Baby Daddy Club.” That only leaves Corey, so keep an eye on that boy Leah! He might be out robbin’ a bank right now!

***No, the photo at the top of this post is not Adam Lind’s actual mug shot, although it is actually Adam Lind (You can tell because he wrote his name on the underside of the bill)

  • carmen

    wow and im sure chelsea knew all of that about him. yet shes still a pathetic, clueless, immature girl who took his abuse over and over again. it took her way too long to stand up for herself. what a joke

    • jalissa

      I totally agreee with you

      • not a teen mom! aka not a wh*re…

        she can’t even get her GED, why do you wonder why it took this long for her to figure him out?

        • renapetes

          Are you a teen mom?? Then shut up….you try studying for a HUGE test and taking care of a baby!! I think from what we see which is not all of it, she does a hell of a good job with that baby, Adam is a loser, but he is still Aubree’s dad, like it or not…..So back off her, she’s doing the best she can!!!

          • Jenn

            She does a good job at taking care of her child because she is spoiled. She doesn’t have a job or needs to get one because her dad is paying for everything. She is always with her child to provide the care the child needs. But she isn’t in college, didn’t graduate high school and from what I know still hasn’t gotten a GED. Doesn’t seem like she has any reason to grow up anytime soon…great example to set for your child.

            She needs to cut back on the make up or get some foundation to actually match her skin tone.

            • So what if her makeup doesn’t match her skin tone lol,that’s a really stupid comment to make about her, who cares if her father helps her, I’d help my child the best I could too if she was a single parent with a piece of shit boyfriend that doesnt do anything for my child or grandchild and it is hard to go to school and study when you have a child and no one to help you when you live alone, and I think its bullshit that anyone would say shes only a good parent because her father gives her money to provide for her and her child,if your father spoiled you with money you would take it too! You can be a good parent even if you dont have anyone to provide for you, shes a good mother, she doesnt go out partying she’s always with her daughter and takes good care of her. Even though she’s blind when it comes to Adam and he’s a jackass doesnt make her a bad person or a bad mother, shit happens with couples so what there is no need to dog her over it.

          • ChelseaFansRstupid

            you chelsea fans are so stupid. first of all, passing the GED test is not a HUGE TEST to study for. Second of all, there are LOTS of teen moms/single parents that are able to be awesome moms while they also work a FULLTIME job (sometimes even 2), pay their own bills, go to COLLEGE, and actually do their OWN housework. Chelsea is a HORRIBLE example for ALL teens out there, as well as her OWN kid! She is a lazy mooch and no wonder Adam can’t stand to be around her with all her whining and spoiledness. It makes MY ears bleed! Get off the couch and off your daddy’s wallet and be a good example to kids out there, if not your own. Good Grief, you fans are so blind it’s ridiculous!

  • I always figured him for a total dumbass with no morality or consideration for his fellow man. I’m glad I was right. I’m even more glad that I live no where near him. Anyone she dates after him will be an upgrade.

  • Jessica

    I gave Chelsea and Adam like a month and they will get back together they remind of Sammy and Ronnie from jersey shore but just with a cute baby.

  • Jayy

    Those pictures dont even look like Adam..

    • not a teen mom! aka not a wh*re…

      thank you!!!

    • Sandee

      Thats what im saying, this looks nothing liked adam!!! Wtf?? Lol

  • kristi

    i can really see both sides of it – i have yelled at the tv when chelsea took adam back and chose him over megan. however, i cannot imagine what it would be like to be a teen mom and going through so much change in such a short amount of time. at the end of the day, i like chelsea and i think she has a good heart. shes just going thru the same stuff we all did/do at her age – except shes doing it on national television. give her a break…people make mistakes! if any of the people, who are so critical of her, had their lives thrust before the world – i bet they would find out, really quickly, that theyre not as perfect as they expect chelsea to be.

    • carmen

      really? shes in love with a guy who calls her names, uses her, makes fun of her, cheats on her, and calls their child a mistake yet she just sits there and cries like an idiot. i dont get it. all she had to do was stand up for herself and leave him. she got back with him since the show was filmed. i dont expect her to be perfect, but dang, the girl has a brain. shes making herself look so dumb on tv

      • Jenny

        So judgemental, when you have a baby and a baby daddy and u r truly in love with that man, its very hard to leave them, You keep thinking if only things will change my baby will have their family. My sons father is the exact same way, just probably in jail more then adam is, and it took me three years to finally leave him, and ive never been happier. I completely understand where Chelsea is coming from ive been in her shoes, and once she finally decides to leave him she will understand how it feels to be whole again but thats something that she has to do on her time. your not her and apparently you have been in the situation , its easier said then done. So stop being so f**kin stupid. Thanks!

  • not a teen mom! aka not a wh*re…

    i’m pretty sure this website is full of shit, why would you post a picture of someone and proceed to talk shit about him and say that it indeed isn’t his mugshot? just because the pic shows “Adam L” really doesn’t proove it’s him!! seriously, show me the real mugshot and maybe i’ll reconsider this website… she’s stupid for wanting to be with him, and he’s a loser… this story is such a revloving door.These two have a IQ’s of sea wonder why they couldn’t figure out the concept of a condom.

    • Jenny

      then dont f**king watch the show jackass.

  • Ashlee

    That kid is not Adam. He looks nothing like him. This website is a bunch of BS.

  • Alyssa

    Yes, that might be Adam in the pictures, but I would love to see proof that he actually went to jail. Adam might be a bad dad on TV but the editors of the show, only show the parts that would draw attention & they will edit it to make it more interesting to people. That show is full of bullshit, just like this website.

  • Alyssa

    Being a mother (yes, a teen mother) you want the best for your child. You want your child growing up in a ‘family’ environment with a mother and a father. No step mom, no step dad or ‘dad’s girlfriend’ or ‘moms boyfriend’. You want your child to have both parents. My parents married & divorced before I was even born. I didn’t have that family life so of course I wanted my son too. But the relationship I had with his father (which was a lot like Adam & Chelsea’s) was not good AT ALL. I didn’t want my son around that, but I didn’t want him to be shifted between homes all his life. I realized it’s not good for him to see a relationship like that. He needs to know how to treat a lady and his “father” (a term I use VERY lightly) is not a good role model on how to teach him. Until you have experienced emotional or physical abuse, you have NO right to comment on it and say a woman or man is “stupid” for enduring it. I didn’t realize until I was OUT of the relationship that I did not deserve to be treated like that. When you hear over and over again “Your ugly” “your worthless” etc. you begin to believe it. Until you have stepped a mile in someone else’s shoes, I feel you have no right to comment on it. And being a Teen Mom, doesn’t make you a “whore” it doesn’t take sleeping around to get pregnant. You can get pregnant if you’ve had sex with 10 guys, or if it’s your first time. My sons father was the guy I lost my virginity too. We had had sex three times before I got pregnant (broke up for 3months b/c he cheated) Now, I am engaged to a man I am proud to say is the father of my child. He loves my son and treats him like his own. He is the SECOND guy I have had sex with and I am 20, will be 21 in two months. I was 18 when I lost my virginity. It wasn’t like I was some 15 year old little girl. I was a mature teen. I made a mistake in choosing a “boy” (I don’t call him a man, he isn’t one) who was not worth two seconds of my time, but my child isn’t a mistake. I hate when people ASSUME you have to sleep around to get pregnant. It’s ridiculous.

  • op4367

    If this website is such bs, why waste your time reading it and leaving a comment? You dont like it, leave.

  • amanda

    What drives me insane is this brat blames everything for not getting her schooling done. That is one thing I give janelle props on she finished school tried college kinda figured out she wasn’t ready for it yet but she didn’t blame anyone for missing class or losing her job. I hope Chesela learns that she needs to get her schooling done because college isn’t a play date and if I was her father I would try for temp custody of the baby since she keeps letting Adam walk all over her and abuse her, no child needs to be around that.

  • teenmomwatcher678

    Man chelsea is a loser, shes a jealous immature girl who shouldnt have had the child to begin with. her dad is an even bigger loser, has everything to say about adam but needs to take a good look at himself, if hed have raised his kids right he wouldnt be in that situation, rather then try and raise grandkids when its too late. As far as im concerned they both need to mind there business an hit the tredmill

  • Ashleigh

    Adam is an ugly loser/user and Chelsea obviously has terribly low self esteem. Her dad and Megan are wonderful people who stepped up to the plate when loser Adam wasn’t around, and yet Chelsea didn’t defend either one of them when Adam said awful things about them. Chelsea doesn’t deserve Megan as a friend or the unconditional love of her father. I used to feel sorry for her, but not anymore. She deserves everything she gets from Adam. Those two deserve eachother.

  • gypsy

    Does this loser ever wear a shirt?

    I agree w/ Ashleigh. If she’s so naive she can’t see the writing on the wall by now, she deserves everything she gets from him. He is not normal.

  • nic

    chelsea is so spoilt by her dad she is a young woman ans is very stupid when it comes to adam he is awful to her but she picks him over her friends and family she is in love with a guy who cheats on her and called her child a mistake i dont feel sorry for her she keeps taking him back over and over again has she not realised by now he is never goin to change she needs a wake up call and fast. tough love is what she needs from her friends and family. chelsea WAKE UP HE IS NEVER GOIN TO CHANGE.

  • SpellBinder

    Atleast there is ONE mom from TM2 that actually takes good care of their child & attempts to make things work w/ the father, congrats Chelsea!

    I personally believe that eventually Adam will see the error of his ways and fix things w/Chelsea before its too late.

    Chelsea, you are the reason that 99% of viewers watch. Well, maybe to see a little bit of insane Jenelle…

    I cannot believe how ridiculous Jenelle acts, I mean OMG! Does she ever see how trashy she looks ? The state should take her child away from them.

    Chelsea, great job @ everything! You rock. Don’t let little things get you down, you’re very attractive and have a great personality from what I can tell. Someone will treat you right, just don’t settle.

    Adam, I think you’re ok. Do the right thing with Chelsea before someone else does, then welcome to a world of heartache.

    Keep it up y’all!

  • SpellBinder

    I’m glad Mtv chose ONE decent, attractive and normal girl, Chelsea.

    Jenelle and Amber must be twins, they act incredibly alike. Both of these two, (Jenelle & Amber)
    To see how these two girls act and interact with others is extremely disturbing.

    You might think to yourself, “hmmm,
    cameras are going to be following me, maybe I should represent myself & family just a little bit better ?”

    Not those two! I literally want to vomit from seeing how these two act on national television!

    The way Jenelle acts, omg! She refers to being a mother as “watching Jace” you don’t “watch” your own child. She interviewed for a job and told the people she has good organization skills, doesn’t have a problem with her temper and is good with children…

    Do the lies get anymore far-fetched ? Does anyone see how insane Jenelle is ? God help anyone who has to have interaction with her, you’ll need it.

    I just can’t get over how they are. People need to slam & trash Jenelle and Amber, both. They deserve it. Sad part is, how much worse would they be if there weren’t cameras around ?

    Chelsea does seem to have being a good mother as a priority. All of the other ‘moms’ on T/M2 should take lessons from Chelsea and her family. But I guess the old saying “you can’t make chicken salad from chicken shit” would most likely be the case.

    I hate all of the “moms” except Chelsea. They are immature, trashy, disgusting and most of all, selfish. I’m glad Amber is in jail. Except that leaves that baby with Gary, he’s garbage also. Jenelle is by far, the worst one. Worried about smoking weed instead of being a parent, pathetic.

    I wish everyone would trash Jenelle so hopefully the state will take her child and put him in an actual normal home w/ regular people. And then hopefully Jenelle will do the world a favor and go kill herself.

    For real, “Teen Moms” (Chelsea excluded) look at yourselves on tv! It’s sickening for me/everyone else to watch.

  • dillon

    this isnt adam

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