Kelly Bensimon bikini photos in Miami

Kelly Bensimon bikini photo

Forget robins, the real first signs of spring are celebrities in bikinis! Now you may argue that The Real Housewives of New York City‘s Kelly Bensimon isn’t that big of a celebrity, but for something as wonderful as spring I’m willing to play the optimist and take whatever I can get. Plus, even completely cuckoo can look fantastic in two-piece swimwear if that cuckoo is a veteran professional model who has taken very good care of herself!

Such is the case with Kelly Bensimon, who always brings the tomboy sexy with her svelte and toned physique. The 42-year-old seems to spend a lot of time in Miami, and when in Miami she seems to spend a lot of time showing off her Playboy bod poolside and at the beach! Such was the case earlier today when Kelly donned a Charlie Brown inspired tan and black zig-zag patterned bikini and turned Miami Beach into her own personal catwalk!

Real Housewives of New York City Kelly Bensimon bikini picture

I might be reading too much into this, but I see this bold shaking of housewife tail feathers as a direct challenge to the new ladies of South Beach! C’mon you Real Housewives of Miami, you got to whip out some of that sexy swimwear and take back your beach! And no Leah, a nude illusion top will not suffice – Kelly has declared bikini war here!

Miss Bensimon looks great coming, but we may have to consult Phaedra Parks about the going. That there is definitely NOT a donkey booty!

RHONYC's Kelly Bensimon has a bit of a man butt

Butt (heh heh) when the angle’s just right there’s a little bit o’ junk in that trunk:

Kelly Bensimon has a little junk in the trunk at the right angle

Kelly and all the Big Apple housewives will be returning to Bravo April 7 without break-out star Bethenny Frankel but with Completely Bare vajazzler Cindy Barshop! CLICK HERE to watch the dramatic preview trailer!

Photos: Pichichi / Splash News