Bruce Jenner’s plastic surgery: Before and After photos


Bruce Jenner, gold medal winner of the 1976 Summer Olympics decathlon, recently got more plastic surgery to correct some less-than-stellar surgery from 25 years ago, and honestly the results don’t look much different.

Jenner, 58, is now best known for being the stepdad of the zaftig-bootylicious Kim Kardashian and her siblings on “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” and his new face was showcased on the season finale this May. He has faced windstorms of media scrutiny and scorn for the botched face lift and nose job he says he got because he was “was just going through a bad time.” After his second divorce left him broke and living in shabby living quarters, Jenner apparently turned to the knife to alleviate some of the stress and disappointments in his life. Unfortunately, that move only brought Jenner more pain.

After getting the support from his family, Jenner decided it was time to go back under the knife to correct some of the issues that made some claim he looked “not quite human.” Mostly the problem involved his too-small nose and face that looked pulled tight in all the wrong placed. His newest new face actually does look more like pictures of Bruce when he was young, and although his nose still looks a little narrow, it looks like Bruce picked a better surgeon this time around.

Below is a photo montage of Bruce’s many faces.


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  • What I can see is that he went from a handsome man to look more like an ugly woman. But if that is what he likes he has the right to.

    • Deep throat

      You got that one right. He be looking like some old hag. Is he going for a change like Chaz Bono now?

      • smart one

        Apparently you predicted this!!!

    • LT

      When I first saw Bruce on TV in the 90’s I was shock. I thought he finally “came out.” He looks like an ugly drag queen.

    • Becca

      Looking at the before and after photos of Bruce is reminiscent of Michael Jackson. Both men were extremely good looking pre-surgery. Not so much after.

  • Doris

    Who are we to even judge! Bruce Jenner’s plastic surgery experiences are a perfect example of the old saying, until you are able to walk in someone else’s shoes, you don’t have the right to judge them. How unfortunate for Bruce to have felt he even needed to do something to his face after his second divorce but everyday life throws all of us curve balls and we have no choice but to find a way to deal with them. The attack on him from the media was unnecessary and still is! Just think, if the media would take the time to show compassion towards someone or thing, possibly the rest of the world would follow and the world as we know it, would be a better place. None of us have the right to criticize another for their actions(within reason of course, I’m not talking about bodily harm) especially when we expect the same. Before making a harsh comment about someone else, take a moment to think about how you would feel if that comment was said about you. Most often it will stop you from commenting in the negative and make you look for the positive in a situation.(speaking generally here also, this is not intended towards anyone else’s comment.)

    • Jim

      If I walkwed in his shoes not only would he look liken ugly old hag but he would have smelly feet to go along with it

      • Tell you whats up

        What do you look like Jim? Post a picture so we can laugh at your imperfections. Is this really what you love to do is voice your two cents on what people look like….wow.

    • if your face is out there for everyone to see, then yes we do have the right to judge. Bruce Jenner is so ugly, he’s scarey!

    • Boyoboy

      Who are we to judge? I’ll judge whoever I want. You don’t get to tell me I don’t get to have an opinion or to voice my opinion. I’m not sure how he found a doctor to make him look mentally retarded, but he succeeded. He looks like an a$$ clown. He’s a mix between a woman and a retarded jester. He needs to have a skin graft from an old man and have that skin put over his face, so that he looks somewhat normal.

      • Subtle

        Such a blatant troll…

      • Subtle

        Or are you just an angry boyoboy? I guess 13.

    • Subtle

      You should be president of the galaxy with a brilliant outlook like that, Doris. You’ve got my vote.

      • sdfsdf

        who’s the troll? lol

    • Mark

      Really Doris? You are on a site like this, and you’re defending Bruce Jenner?
      I happened to see him on TV and was shocked with the way he looked. Who are we to even judge? Well, you’ve made your judgement, let people make theirs.

  • Kathy

    Bruce was just trying to undo whatever the idiot who messed his face up years ago did. Now at 60, he’s got the typical big head older men get, & his nose is too thin making him look older. What’s sad is that most men actually age pretty well, sometimes even get better looking. If he had been left alone, he’d probably be one of those men who aged gracefully. I don’t think this surgery did anything drastic, thankfully, & it appears the angles are less harsh, which I think was the goal. Not so bad, really.

  • Kathy

    I forgot to than you for putting the before & after photos side by side. Other sites seem to find that a foreign concept! Sheesh!

  • xchattykathy

    Bruce Jenner should be commended for having been responsible enough to raise such a large family. My Oh my! How nasty and critical we can all get! He told the truth about his life, didn’t hide the harshness it dealt him and went about correcting what needed to be correcting. How brave and unafraid he is to face his own demons and not to worry about superficial & judgmental people who don’t even look as good as he does. When life gave him lemons, he made lemonade to sweeten the taste. I totally acknowledge this particular aspect of the man. There’s much to be admired there.

    • Boyoboy

      You are saying people shouldn’t be superficial? Bruce had multiple cosmetic surgeries, isn’t that superficial? People have the right to be superficial, so Bruce is allowed to do what he did and people are allowed to make fun of him.

  • microfly

    The guy needs a fraken new hair style….get rid of that 70s look man

  • Luis

    Well instead of insulting the man so much maybe you should credit him for raising so may kids, kim, kourtney, khloe, kylie, kendall, brody, brandon,and his other son. he is a great man so go make money off of screwing other people.

  • Jamie

    I love Bruce! I don’t care what work he had done. If it makes him feel good than more power to him. He’s a great man and a wonderful father!!! Go Bruce.

  • Cobra 63

    He’s a joke who pimps out his family. I am from Montreal and I still remember BJ winning the Olympic gold. That’s the Bruce Jenner who was cool!!

  • Nancy

    LOVE BRUCE! I think he’s a bit too thin and that makes him look older. As we age, we lose muscle and I think he needs to balance out his body more.

  • Bill

    LMAO! Bruce Jenner looks like a girl! It’s so funny. He’s a girly man. A real man would have let himself age naturally. Jenner is obsessed with looking good. So girly! Also, other Americans have beat him and won the Gold in that same event. He’s a has-been that never was! Now, Bruce…go touch up your make-up, girly man.

  • ellen catino

    plastic surgery and earringSSSSS ???
    He looks like a transvestite

  • Frank Rizzo

    This guy looks like an old woman, he would look better if he just let himself age naturally. And whats with the new ear rings. Grow a set dude your a disgrace to what you once were.

  • j

    He always had a large forehead, that’s why he wore bangs.

  • carolina

    creo que de todos bruce es el unico cuerdo de todos odio a kris no le creo nada de nada

  • Bruce is a really cool guy. But I cannot say the same for his face and hair. I guess the last plastic surgery is this cover of L & T. Now his hair’s all frizzed/burned again, and his brow is about 4″ too high. Is the first pic, black & white the first surgery? Should left well enough alone. His face was girlie/pretty boy enough before he started down this goulish road. It is a true lesson that plastic surgery can sometimes not even fix it’s own mistakes. What a friggin mess!!

    • Terri 63

      uh huh

    • mike29

      He is the ugliest man on the face of the earth. And he also is the stepfather to the dumbest family on the earth. Well done Bruce!!

  • Ellie

    Literally, I get physically sick to my stomach, trying to watch that “Kar cash it in ” show.
    Am thinking, were I this “Father of Ten”, married to this ? I would have trouble defining what part of my head to remove, also.
    What was he thinking! Just read some excerpts from the wife’s memoirs and putting in the O.J. Friendship, her Ex and his role in the trial. Seeing her tout her family and their strange “sense of family”, makes me wonder . When the Kim vs. Kris J. ruining her marriage , more kids out of wedlock. P0rno films, etc., etc. disappear, what’s left? Why not divorce Bruce? If it generates ratings, ie Kash……….What is pitiful, is that we Americans find it entertaining. I find them all astonishingly ignorant of any kind of moral values, greedy, foul-mouthed and so on. But, Momanger did a good job. Must have. They are just like her! She is “setting them up for life”….that’s money, honey. When no longer marketable, which kid will be the first tragedy from lack of attention?

    • Oz_love

      Green doesn’t suit anyone, that’s all you can put it down to, either that or you really have no life. I’m Australian, and I watch it and love it, you know the beauty about television if you don’t like the channel just change it mate. No drama


    my opinion,

    Jenner was a handsome dude- not ruggedly handsome- more on the pretty boy look, but hey- it was a natural look, at least, and therefore fine.

    Lots of women are attracted to the pretty boy look- nothing wrong with looking like that, if that’s your natural look.

    He made a major mistake messing with plastic surgeons. I think “al natural” is the way to go for guys.

    Okay, if you are bald, if you can get natural-looking hair plugs that’s okay, as long as they look NATURAL.

    But dye jobs and plastic surgery? not for guys unless you’ve suffered third degree burns in a fire- then plastic surgery is okay.

    Otherwise, dudes are not suppose to be that concerned with outward appearance.
    Leave that to the ladies- my opinion.

  • jojo

    is it weird that i dont see any differences?

  • Kk

    The thing with his face, from what I can tell, is he initially had his nose and chin changed. He sort of had a sawed off nose tip…so in order to create a nose tip, they made it too think, too long and too pointy. His chin was a little round and stuck out. Surgery changed that too. Now granted, I think what he saw as flaws were just fine and very handsome…but that’s all in the eye of the beholder. I’m just pointing out what differences I see.
    He’s still a nice guy..don’t forget, he is spring chicken. However, I feel he’s too much of a doormat, but maybe that’s why he and Kris get a long like they do. He just has more of a docile personality.

  • jennifer hayek

    I feel bad for Bruce Jenner. This has to bother him and I am sure he wishes he never had the original surgery done every day. Its just something to let you know you should always investigate the surgeon you choose and go for natural looks.

  • monty

    Its Bush’s fault

  • MadamTechy

    58 yo bruce now looks like a 70 yo old hag .. too much surgery .. another michael jackson

  • The GRIM!