Has Liam Hemsworth’s new girl Eiza Gonzalez had plastic surgery?

Eiza Gonzalez 2013

Since Liam Hemsworth was photographed kissing Eiza Gonzalez just days after his split from Miley Cyrus, the Mexican singer/actress’ name has topped Internet search lists. People who dug deep enough in Google’s archives discovered that Eiza’s look has changed drastically throughout the years.

Eiza broke onto the Spanish-language scene in 2007 when she starred in Lola…Erase Una Vez, which sounds an awful lot like a Disney Channel show. At the time, she was a very natural beauty.

Eiza Gonzalez 2007 in Lola

In 2009, shortly after the show was canceled (according to US Weekly it was canceled, but a comment below says that Mexican soaps usually just have a two-year limit,) Eiza revealed she had a nose job. According to Us Weekly, Eiza admitted she didn’t like the way her nose looked.

Eiza Gonzalez After Nose Job
^ Eiza Gonzalez in 2010 after her one admitted plastic surgery.

The nose job is the only surgery Eiza has owned up to, but some accuse her of going under the knife more than once. “At least Miley has natural beauty, unlike Eiza Gonzalez, who was born in the plastic surgeon’s clinic,” one Twitter user wrote this week.

In response to previous critiques of her appearance, Eiza tweeted last year “they have a lot of imagination.”

Eiza Gonzalez 2013
^ Eiza Gonzalez in July 2013.

“And you can go ask (plastic surgeon) López Infante if he’s done anything else to me! … I’m not going to talk about this again! Whoever wants to believe that I’ve changed my face, whatever! I’m content and happy, kisses!”

Of course, there are other ways to change your look without plastic surgery (just look at Miley Cyrus’ transition recently,) and it looks like weight loss has definitely contributed to the change in Eiza’s appearance. Makeup can also make a big difference. She’s a beautiful girl, and if she’s had more than one surgery, it’s seems to have been minimal, definitely not in the Michael Jackson territory!

Before & After Eiza Gonzalez pictures credited to Wenn and Splash.

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