Max Joseph angry at Bruce Jenner attention after Nepal earthquake, Baltimore protest

Max Joseph Bruce Jenner Nepal earthquake Facebook statement

Catfish co-host Max Joseph has always been an adamant supporter of the LGBT community and proponent of LGBT rights, but he is angered that people’s attention is on Bruce Jenner coming out as transgender in the wake of the earthquake in Nepal that has claimed the lives of more than 4,000 people, as well as the protests in Baltimore and “another black life snuffed out at the hands of the police.”

Here’s Max’s post about Bruce Jenner versus the Nepal earthquake from Facebook:

I’m very happy that Bruce Jenner is helping the world become more aware of what it means to be transgender but there was just a massive f**king earthquake in Nepal that is getting overshadowed in the media. Bruce Jenner does NOT need more (social) media attention and the people of Nepal, Kathmandu, and Northern India do. Let’s not let the media circus dictate our humanitarian priorities. If you want to do something to help the victims of the earthquake go to Come on people.

The post stirred up quite the debate in the comments section with many offering their words of support for Max’s statement as they iterated his argument that the people of Nepal, Kathmandu, and Northern India are in much more dire need of support than Bruce Jenner. But others argued that the issue is not an either/or situation.

Max later talked about another news item he thought more worthy of attention than Bruce Jenner on Instagram:

Meanwhile, Max’s Catfish co-star Nev Schulman was also trying to encourage people to pay attention to he disaster in Nepal and the rioting in Baltimore as well as the water shortage in California, but he didn’t mention Bruce Jenner:

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