Is Kim Zolciak really a nurse? Photo of her LPN nursing license

Kim Zolciak has had a lot of careers: reality star, golddigger, and waitressing at a strip-club, but she’s also a Licensed Practicing Nurse!

Mikala Lifa from Yahoo Shine! tracked down the “Tardy for the Party” singer’s licenses in both Connecticut and Georgia.

The evidence is right there folks, for all the naysayers who claimed that Kim Z.’s only anatomy lessons came from the stripper pole.

Kim got to prove her nursing chops on tonight’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, when ahe challenged Phaedra Parks’ friend Dwight Eubanks about Pheadra’s due date. Phaedra and Dwight were telling the world that the doctor was having her induced at less than 8 months pregnant, when any doctor wouldn’t dare do that because of the incredible risk to the baby’s health. Pheadra got pregnant before her wedding (she delivered in May, and one of  doctors confirmed that she was 40 weeks at the time of birth, which means she got married to her husband Apollo Nida after she conceived.) Their wedding was on the weekend of November 1, 2009, but she had to have conceived sometime in September, or maybe August. A full term pregnancy is really about 10 months.

Nurse Zolciak explained that one major reason why a doctor would never induce labor at 7-8 months: at that point the baby hasn’t formed a protein (surfactant) in the lungs that’s necessary to breath air. Get on with your medical knowledge self, Kim!

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  • Mandy

    It is actually surfactant. With a true premature birth, the doctor would have surfactant instilled down an ETT to reduce surface tension in the newborn’s lungs, allowing the neonate to ventilate more effectively.

  • jmflynny

    Good to hear, but just one significant clarification.

    A LPN is a whole different story than a LNP.

    A Licensed Practical Nurse, such as Kim, is actually closer to the beginning of their nursing education. Then comes an RN (Registered Nurse) and then a LNP. An LNP requires more training than even an RN and can even prescribe medicines.

    Still, good for Kim pursuing her education.

    • Registered Professional Nurse

      Simply put and straight fact LPN is not a college degree. RN requires a college degree. Yes both require passing state boards, but these exams are quite different. RN is a profession LPN is not. An RN’s official title is a Registered Professional Nurse. Not to knock LPN’s, several of whom I have worked with and are excellent health care providers, but for Kim to call herself a RN is not a simple slip of the tounge. It would be like me calling myself an MD.


        There is an old joke…”LPN” Little Play Nurse…”RN” Real Nurse…I started out as an CNA while getting my nursing degree…and received my BSN in 04….Kim is a liar and let’s call it what it is. She can’t remember if she’s a LPN, RN or other…I agree with NEVER forget…once you pass that exam you wear it proud!

      • Rochelle

        I am sorry but I have been an LPN and now an RN, for many years. I have been nursing 26 years total. As far as an LPN I have worked in nursing homes where I have been a charge nurse and pronounced people. I have worked side by side with an RN at a hospital and the only difference was we could not push IV meds.Now I am talking about on a Med-surg floor. I finally went back to school when I had to teach an RN that had been a nurse for five years how to change a PICC line dressing. Although I could not legally touch it I had to talk her through it. Now this happened on a Labor and Delivery floor. I was tired of doing RN work and getting paid an LPN salary. And yes before people start arguing LPN’s use to be able to work Labor and Delivery. Anyone thinking LPN’s are not nurses do not have a brain. Of coarse their is more book education BUT most people know you learn by on the job training!!! LPN school is much harder than than RN school because you have to learn things so much faster than RN’s. I hate these young people coming out of RN school because of the title then when they get to a hospital and start working they realize you really have to work for the prestige of the title. I have seen many RN’s working for a while and quitting because it was too hard to stand on your feet for 13 hours and haven’t had time to eat or go to the bathroom. I can’t stand these young RN’s that come out of school thinking they are better than anyone else. I look at it like this…we all have to work we just have different titles. If you were so much better than the LPN you wouldn’t have to work at all… you would be at a beach sipping on a drink. One tip to these people…. better be good to your LPN’s and CNA’s you may need them one day!!!!!

  • LPN

    There is a misprint in the article; Kim is an LPN (license practical nurse) NOT a Nurse Practitioner. A nurse practitioner means that you have an MASTERS Degree or PHD plus had additional education to be a nurse practitioner which is one step under a doctor. Kim is an LPN which is a nurse, if you blow up the picture you can see it. A LPN is under a RN

    • Sarah

      LPN is NOT a nurse only an RN can be officially called a nurse. An RN oversees and supervise the LPN. If you are not in the medical field please get your info straight prior to posting.

      • ash

        Sarah ur a dumbass for saying a lpn can not be officially called a nurse. DUMBASS statement! I think you mean a CNA cant be called a nurse, an lpn or lvn has the word nurse right in the title.

      • Tope’

        You are dumb and a LPN can be a charge nurse dummy

      • Lysa

        so sarah ur not a nurse are you…at least not in the USA. LPN’s are nurses, can be charge nurses and supervisors esp at nursing homes and can teach CNA’s at most community colleges.

      • Kim

        Dear ignorant Sarah…you said it best yourself…”please get your info straight prior to posting”

      • Rae

        Then what does the “N” stand for in lpn or lvn …….. Sarah your a dummy I’m sorry

  • Trcia Mercier

    Kim is a nurse, there are LPNs licensed practical nurses which complete 12-18 month program, then RNs registered nurses have 2 yrs associate degree or 4 yrs bachelor’s degree and there is a NP (not LNP) Nurse Practitioners have a master’s degree, how do i know this, i’m a nurse and besides completing a nursing degree LPN or RN you must pass a state board exam to get a license

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  • M B

    She said she was a RN…she’s only an lvn. But that’s cool. But Jmfly I don’t know about RN prescribing medicines, not where I’m from at least.

  • Poon Tang

    OK, I see evidence of her LPN license, thanks for posting it. On tonight’s show ( 19 December) she claimed to be an RN. Huge difference between an LPN & RN ! Definite insult to anyone who has ever went through the rigors of earning their RN!

  • RHOAgirl

    Ok but while she’s calling Phaedra a liar she must’ve forgotten that she is an LPN not an RN. So that would make her a liar too right??!! Smh get your Ian together!

  • Lysa

    ok people:in order and since im not a know it all like sarah, if i have left anything out or u know something i didnt list here please do so. Thank you 🙂

    CNA- certified nursing assist. (cert.)

    LPN- licensed pratical nurse (licensed, must pass state board)

    RN- registered nurse (A.S. or B.S. degree and must pass state board)

    NP- nurse practioner (M.S.N, sometimes doctorate, already passed state board when became an RN) has specialties; FNP (family), PNP (pediatrics), etc…

    NA/CRNA- nurse anesthetist / certified registered nurse anesthetist (M.S.N. sometimes doctorate) fulfills function of anesthetiogolist (sp)

    NA / NP can operate their own clincs/offices as long as they are in conjuction with a physician (at least in the state of NY), they can diagnose and write RX

  • LVN Jen

    Technically, her license is lapsed, since 2003. We are in 2011 people!!! Oh my, I am shocked that I even found this information. She would have to re-test to even get her license reinstated.

    • klpowell

      Ok but the bitch said she was a RN, shes a LPN a certificate which does not require a college degree shes still a dumb plastic gold digger!

  • lee

    youre an idiot, an LPN isnt a nurse? YOURE clearly uneducated, okay so we cant hang TPN and blood, push IV meds or pronounce someone dead? Other than that we do every thing you do in LTC….Were constantly asessing, administering meds, doing the treatments, documenting etc. etc.( among MANY things ) and busting our assses, I know LPNs that run circles around the RNs… okay, you have ONE more year of nursing school? oh, and the prereqs ( necessary to be a nurse? ) In fact most of our unit managers are LPNs. I respect an RN/BSN for putting the time in, however please dont forget LPNS are nurses too, and the best nurses I know are LPNs…if I had to choose a nurse for my family member it would probably be one of the LPNs i know. Dont make stupid comments if you have no idea what you are talking about, oh and by ther way, just an fyi: I know PLENTY of LPNs that make much more money than the RNs because of time put in and great work, kind of strange the LPNs at my place are making more than some of the RNs, but were not “nurses” ? (not that nursing should EVER be about the money, as a matter of fact every single nurse I know is UNDERpaid for the work they do and although it may seem like great pay to an average person, a real nurse runs from start of shift until after the end of shift, on their feet the whole time, hardly any time for bathroom, lunch etc.

    • Sxynurse

      Wow you took words right out of my mouth! Im an LPN who worked my way up from unit manager to ADON and all the LPNs i know are awesome nurses and i only know a gandfull of RNs that could run a unit as well as an LPN!!!

  • Beth

    Sorry but an LPN doesn’t even come close to the league of RNs. Sure, they may do fine in a LTC setting but not in any kind of acute care setting where critical assessments and decisions have to be made. They know most skills but simply don’t have the knowledge base that an RN does. Deal with it.

    • sparkles

      the simple fact that youre a stupid bitch is probably why your man cheated on you.

  • Donna

    To Lee: sorry hun but RNs have just a bit more education than “1 year more” than an LPN. And there is no way that an LPN gets paid more than an RN unless of course it’s because she simply picks up a lot of extra shifts/works overtime. The only reason that LPNs might be a unit manager in a long term care setting is because it’s cheaper for the employer. 20 years ago LPNs couldn’t do more than a simple dressing change. The only reason they’re allow to perform more skills now is because it’s cheaper for an employer to have LPNs as compared to an RN. And you’re a little misinformed when you say that LPNS can’t pronounce someone; well either can an RN, only a doctor can do that. LPNs have their place but sorry they do not in any way compare to an RN though perhaps because you are one you’re very biased and somewhat intimidated?

    • Sxynurse

      Sorry to let u know RNs pronounce everyday at my job! Maybe at your job the doctors dont let you pronounce but RNs can definitely pronounce!!

  • Mich

    Wow girls and boys .. I am an Lvn and completed an 18 month program and received my a.s as well . I had to go to a college to get my degree . As a nurse (Lvn) and all the hard work I put in to receive this tittle and yes Rn is only another year of school . Seriously how can u bicker back and forth like this . Lvn or Rn we both worked hard for what our tittles are and in fact are both “nurses ” let’s take all this energy and use it on bettering our patients and not bashing each other

  • Jess


  • Susan Lynn

    She doesn’t know how to take care of a circumcision. She doesn’t like needles. I am not impressed with her skills.

  • Tara

    I agree that this battling back and forth is just plain ridiculous. I am an LPN. Completed my schooling in 2 years. I am proud to be in the nursing field, period. I respect the RNs I work with because of their education and knowledge and I deserve that respect in return. This arguing about who can only be called a nurse and the comparison of RN vs LPN in health care is completely irrelevant. We ARE BOTH termed nurses and are supposed to work together as a team to produce best practice. The truth is that both RNs and LPNs are vital in health care. Let’s stop waving our education and knowledge in eachothers faces and put that effort towards the reason we went into this field in the first place, caring for people in need that are not able to care for themselves. Seriously, enough!

    • Ursula

      Come on guys stop arguing about such petty things. We all have our place in healthcare. I must say to the LPNs that say I can do everything a RN can do except a few little things well….I’m an ICU RN and a reciever of CABG pts and heart and kidney transplants as well. Can u assess them? Can you give them meds that aren’t IV push no you can’t just like I can’t go in the OR and preform the surgeries myself. We all have our places AND ALL ARE EQUAL. NO one is more important than the other None of us are. So stop fighting among ourselves and let’s focus on things that really matter. BTW there was one level of education left out… that would be the one that I come from the 3 year diploma program for RNs.

    • Sxynurse

      I kow lots of RNs that make less than LPNs hourly with no overtime so that is not correct! LPN or RN it depends on your training i have been trained on vent unit and dialysis step down unit my patients were critical and the RNs always came to ask me to help them with there assessments or treatments or to start IVs cause they couldnt get it so LPNs do a lot of what RNs do and sometimes better depending on there training! I also have worked with few good RNs but LPNs do more hands on and again depends where you work but we are all nurses and should help each other, I train new RNs all the time and im only an LPN working on my RN so each nurse has a story and we should all reapect each other!!

      • Ursula

        There was a lpn at one of the hospitals that I worked at that was dynamite at putting in IVs. I always do my own being that I also moonlight for IV team and work for a PICC company putting in PICCs in other facilities and peoples homes. I’m not sure I understand the term critical as to refering to your pts as you said they were in a step down unit?? What type of pts did u see? As far as money goes guys you know…..nobody I know or work with walks around announcing what they make from doctor to house keeping we all are just there for the pts and who cares who makes more beacuse we are their to provide care not to squable over money I mean really who would even bring it up?

      • queenmarie

        The only reason that an LPN would make more money than an RN is because the LPN had worked there much longer and therefore had had raises, COL raises, etc……. and that adds up. NO hospital or clinic pays LPN’s more than RN’s.

        • Yes, we are all ‘nurses’; however, there is an educational component which RN’s have to go through which surpasses that of LPN’s. Broadly speaking, with greater education, comes greater knowledge. I worked very hard for my RN and later, for my BScN. Beyond this, I am also Critical-care trained. I respect, and have friends, who range from CNA’s to physicians. As much as we do not like to admit it, there truly is a ‘pecking’ order and we must trust that our colleagues who possess greater knowledge (by virtue of their education) know more than we do. And as such, practice accordingly within our professional scopes of practice.

        • Rae

          That’s a lie I live in a small town in texas, and I make more than a hospital rn, and it’s not because I been at the job longer, it because of the knowledge I have as an lvn, Ive been very blessed to get a lot of experience from the facilities I’ve worked at. Although I’m only a year of education from becoming an RN, I have accumulated a lot of knowledge under my belt for just being an lvn

          • Queenmarie

            I would love to see proof that you make more than an RN with the same # of years experience as you. Dream on chickadee. Ain’t happening.

  • Rita

    Good for her. Kim will have something to fall back on when her marriage fails and she looses all the money that she has, the way she spends money…..

  • peg

    she started as an lpn & later earned her rn . p obtaining her rn, she let her lpn license lapse.

  • becca

    I saw the episode and Kim said she was an RN but I looked closely at her license when she was showing it and it read LPN. Really? What a liar. If she was that ashamed of her education then she should have put the effort in school instead of on a stripper pole.

  • TL Nab

    You can make all the fun you want at least Kim has a degree in nursing.. something Nene Leakes lacks in… she didn’t even graduate from college..

  • Donna

    LPN is not a registered nurse. It is a licensed practical nurse, not even close to a registered nurse, just another lie from Kim.

  • Kathy G

    LOL in Season 4 she talks about “years of college” to become a nurse. LPN training is 18 month course and clinical without college credit.