WATCH ONLINE Season 2 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta ‘Home Is Where the Heartbreak Is’ complete episode

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Watch the entire Episode 5 of Season 2 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta here! The episode is titled “Home Is Where the Heartbreak Is” and here’s the description from

Lisa and NeNe go shopping to prepare for their trip to L.A., and NeNe meets with photographer Derek Blanks to discuss her “Alter Ego” photo shoot. Shereé meets with an event promoter to discuss Mercedes Benz sponsoring her “She By Sheree” fashion show. Meanwhile, Lisa brings NeNe for a visit with her family and a celebration of her grandmother’s 92nd birthday. Back on the East Coast, Kim visits Kandi in the recording studio. As they bond, Kim asks Kandi to produce “Tardy for the Party” for Kim and NeNe to record.

Also, Lisa travels to L.A. and wrestles with whether or not to visit the grave of her deceased brother Meho. Nene tags along and meets Lisa’s parents, providing a little bit of levity to an otherwise emotionally weighty situation.

After you’re done watching, be sure to check out the completed Alter Ego photos and listen to the final version of “Tardy for the Party!”

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