VIDEO: Was Phaedra Parks’ pregnant pickle photo shoot cute, sexy, or boughetto?

In preparation for her baby boy, Real Housewives of Atlanta’s resident Southern Belle not only had a lavish baby shower, but she also took some interesting pickle pregnancy photos.

Despite the fact that Phaedra herself never had pickle cravings, she decided to go with the stereotypical pregnancy pickle craving concept for an photo shoot. She and her husband even double teamed a pickle.

The concept was supposed to be cute, but the shoot ended up being a little strange, and kind of kinky. Maybe even . . . boughetto?

  • Truth

    Funny how Apollo can handle that pickle!

  • texasdeb

    Perhaps past experience?

  • Phaedra is the most ghetto Housewife to ever hit Bravo. She makes me sick to my stomach with her Southern Lady Bull. She is nothing and how she was picked for a Housewife is beyond me.

  • darrell

    It is an interesting photo that he should have given extra thought to posing for since one should remember that he did five years of an 18 year bit and conjures up images of “inmate love.” Sorry yall.