Nene Leakes divorce from Gregg was just a publicity stunt?

Real Housewives’ divorces are as common as house foreclosures (ohh, the obvious irony of it all,) but could it be true that one of those divorces was manufactured specifically to add drama and drum up interest in the show? (Spoiler alert: yes!)

There is growing evidence that Nene Leakes’ (currently un-finalized) divorce from her husband Gregg might have been one big publicity and production stunt. Are Nene and Gregg really just like Speidi?

Last year Nene and Gregg’s divorce became known after Gregg spoke to his friend Corey King about the split. He claimed to not be aware that the conversation, in which he said he wanted back the $300,000 he invested in Nene’s career, was broadcast on the radio. It wasn’t a huge surprise that Nene and Gregg having trouble: Nene had long been expressing doubts about the future of her marriage. When Season 3 aired, we saw the couple fight on camera, and Nene tell her new friend Cynthia Bailey that she suspected Gregg was cheating. There have also been rumors that Nene had also cheated with NFL player Charles Grant. The plot thickens, because now Grant’s fiance Marlo Hampton has been cast on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, and is reportedly getting along really well with Nene.

Straight from the A has published pics of Nene hanging out with Gregg at the 2011 Essence Festival last weekend after they arrived separately. According to SftA, they’ve also been to travel together secretly on Nene’s trips to L.A. and Miami. What the eff is going on here?

The truth can’t be that these two have the most healthy, stable relationship in the world, but it also looks like they probably get along much better than what they portray on television. It’s very plausible that they’ve been asked to ramp up their marital difficulties for ratings, and now, even though they’ve decided to not go through a legal divorce, they have to lay low with their relationship to avoid “spoiling” the new season of RHoA.

This situation is confusing, but it shouldn’t be too shocking. Reality shows have producers for a reason.

None of this explains why Nene’s son Bryson was compelled to steal razors from Wal-Mart. Is Wal-Mart in on this too? Who can you trust these days?

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