PHOTOS Katy Perry’s “Admit One” ticket dress at the 2010 EMAs

Katy Perry and Russell Brand at the 2010 MTV European Music Awards

Katy Perry made yet another one of her infamously bold, sexy and fun fashion statements at the 2010 European Music Awards in Madrid, showing up in an sequined red “Admit One” ticket dress!

Katy made headlines recently when she announced that she liked to use her sexuality to tease but would never pose nude, and this dress seems to reaffirm that in addition to reminding everyone she just tied the know with her “Admit One” Russell Brand.


“I like to play [the sexy] card because it’s fun and definitely in my deck, but I like to tease,” Perry says in the December issue of British Cosmopolitan. “I’m like a burlesque girl. I definitely won’t be doing a Playboy spread, but I will be doing a kind of Dita Von Teese style.”

Here’s a nice, long look at Katy Von Tease:

Katy Perry Admit One ticket dress at the 2010 MTV EMAs

Being a dude I know as well as anyone the frustration of being teased, but I think the magic of Katy Perry is that she does it in such a way that isn’t frustrating! Sure, I wish I was the one holding the ticket to the carnival ride that is Katy Perry, but I get plenty of enjoyment just sitting back and absorbing the sights and sounds of the KP Carnival!

Katy Perry in her red sequined ticket dress at the 2010 MTV European Music Awards

Side view of Katy Perry's 2010 EMAs Admit One ticket dress

The 2010 EMAs were held at the Caja Magica (The Magic Box) in Madrid, Spain on November 7, 2010.