PHOTOS Ke$ha at the 2010 MTV EMAs

Ke$ha 2010 EMAs MTV in Madrid

Ke$ha gave Madrid a taste of her caliente mess style tonight arriving to the 2010 European Music Awards in a pair of McCall’s purple satin pants and a ripped tanktop as well as what appears to be lots of Hot Topic Native American jewelry.

To be honest, Ke$ha looks to have cleaned up a bit for the awards, leaving her face relatively mascara free and frizzing out her hair vintage Lita Ford style! Normally Ke$ha looks like that dangerous girl at the bar that doesn’t become a mistake until right around closing time – but looking like this I might be willing to make that mistake well before midnight! TiK ToK!

(UPDATE – CLICK HERE to see Ke$ha leaving the awards show wearing an outrageous florescent leotard and giving photographers two barrels of middle finger salutage!)

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Ke$ha jewelry and purse

The 2010 MTV EMA were held at the Caja Magica (The Magic Box) in Madrid, Spain on November 7, 2010.