REPORT Apollo Nida caught committing credit card fraud in prison?

Apollo Nida sentenced to eight years in prison

According to a new report, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Apollo Nida isn’t letting a little thing like prison bars prevent him from continuing to do what landed him in the first and second place..

Fameolous has apparently gone all CIA and has a source currently serving time with Apollo — yes, a fellow inmate — that claims Apollo is in the SHU “after the prison caught him doing credit card fraud on his cellphone.”

The inmate tells Fameolous, which has a sparkling track record on the tea they serve, that Apollo “was paying inmates $200 a pop for their credit cards.” It’s unclear exactly what he was doing with their cards, but it was apparently a little more than paying his recently rehired divorce attorney.

The site adds that Apollo could be looking at an additional 4-5 years if convicted of the new charges, which would be tacked on to his current 8-year sentence for fraud. (And you might recall, he previously served close to five years for racketeering and theft just prior to marrying Phaedra.)

Lawdy lawd! Stay tuned — I’m sure we will know more soon, either from Fameolous or TMZ.

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