PHOTOS Did Teen Mom Farrah Abraham get a boob job?

Farrah Abraham boob job

UPDATE – January 2011: New bikini pics of Farrah’s bangin’ bikini body, and potentially new boobs!

I told you this was going to happen! At first the young ladies of Teen Mom were treated with kid gloves by the tabloids, but now they are such hot commodities yellow journalists are coming at them with both barrels blazing! Farrah Abraham, Amber Portwood, Maci Bookhouse and Catelynn Lowell have become Katie Holmes, Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore and Lindsay Lohan with all sorts of stories involving child molesters, rock star boyfriends, pregnancies, and now the inevitable plastic surgery!

That’s right, the new issue of Star magazine reveals that Farrah Abraham has become Farrah A-bigger-bra-ham thanks to having breast augmentation surgery performed last month!

An insider close to Farrah tells Star the 19-year-old mother and part-time model went under the knife to enlarge her chest size in her hometown of Council Bluffs, Iowa. As we report in our Oct. 25 issue, a new-and-improved Farrah was practically popping out of her low-cut gown when she modeled for a hair show in Denver on Oct. 2.

Here’s the photo used on the Star website to make their point. It was taken at a Aquage hair care products show at the MAC Center in Denver, Colorado the first week of October:

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham

Here’s another picture from that show tweeted by Farrah. (This is the same photo used for OK!’s “baby bump” graphic for their “Farrah’s Pregnancy Shocker!” story by the way):

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham modeling for Aquage

First let me say that Farrah is looking great! (She’s been doing a good bit of modeling for Aquage, but sadly they haven’t seemed to add her to their site yet.)

Secondly, her breasts do look a little larger. Hmmmm… Here’s a side-by-side of Farrah from October with a photo of her modeling a bikini taken a while back:

Farrah Abraham before and after boob job?

I dunno – Could this be one of the 12% of stories in Star magazine that are true? I’m no expert when it comes to the ABCs of bra sizes, but that does look about like what I would imagine an A-to-C jump would look like. Oh, Star also claims to have a photo of Farrah leaving the surgeon’s office in this week’s issue, but I’m guessing it will be a grainy photo of Farrah leaving a CVS with the sign cropped out.

Either way, Farrah’s looking great and I’m looking forward to next week’s Teen Mom reunion show with Dr. Drew to find out how Farrah and the rest of the girls are doing! Is she still living in Debra’s house? Is she still dating the hairdresser? Does she have new breasts?!? Hurry up Tuesday!

UPDATE (January 7, 2011) – Farrah showed off her bikini bod while vacationing in Orlando and it may shed some light on the breast augmentation question! CLICK HERE to see the photos!

(Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes the top picture was Photoshopped as a silly joke. Poor Sophia is almost getting smothered!)

  • Jacky

    Umm hello she had a baby!!! duh omg -____-

    • 2 Sides to Every Story

      Umm, having a baby doesn’t add two cup sizes and I doubt Farrah breastfed Sophia, so her body is likely to go right back to normal.

      By no means am I implying that a mom can’t do nice things for herself every now and then, but if the rumors are true, why would Farrah spend thousands on fake breasts when she complains that she barely has enough money to support herself.

      • daedaebabymomma!

        i know what having a baby feels like because i am a mother of 4 girls and my breast got bigger while i was pregnant with all 4 girls and once i had all them my breast cups went higher in cup sizez then went down so in that categorie farrah HAD A DAMNN BOOB JOB just proves some girls arent as fortunate as other girls and ive never had a boob job and mine are 38D and never once had someone touch my breast and having a baby should make teenage Pregnant breast after the baby is born be more perkyier and tighter and nipple being more furmable because 6-8 months to a 1 year breast will swell if breast milk doesnt come out

        • jen

          does it really matter if Farrah got bigger boobs. its up to her if she did.

        • chas

          wow 4 kids and your b00bs haven’t been touched! that has to be a record

  • Tara

    She has put on a some wieght and her body has matured since the pic in the white bikini. I don’t think she had a boob job. She is too think in the bikini pic now she looks healthy.

  • Toni

    She was on last weeks episode..she’s a C now..whoop dee do..

  • Breanne Harvey, Oregon

    she did have a boob job it was on teen mom season 3 it showed her having one, but who cares if she got one or not…. she looks great either way…

  • samA

    Did she look prego to any besides me, in the most recent episode of teen mom??

  • omg she is still pretty and she is taking care of sophia as well

  • Natasha

    I’m 28 now had my daughter at 16 . Nothing wrong with getting implants ! Pregnancy can take a real toll on your Boobs!