Jesse Meester and Darcey Silva celebrate one year anniversary of their ‘divine day of destiny’

Jesse Darcey Ghost pottery scene

There’s little doubt that Before the 90 Days stars Jesse Meester and Darcey Silva have one of the greatest love stories in television history, and they treated it as such by honoring their one-year anniversary with epic professions of their love for each other on Instagram.

Darcey kicked off the couple’s “divine day of destiny” celebration with this photo of herself, Jesse, and some white ducks:

Darcey Jesse ducks

And Darcey’s caption:

One year today our divine day of destiny…the universe brought us together and our memories began to be created on this beautiful day and it will be marked in the book of life…On Oct. 18th our beautiful journey began…I met my twinflame and soul love journey… today was the day we began our never ending story of life and love…Happy Anniversary to you, our soul’s love…and to the world…for our love, our hearts & our storybook are wide open to you all over the world and we share in this moment and love with you all today and everyday. It’s all in God’s hands…so, may we all be blessed in our lives and spread all the love to the world…❤️? 11:11 make a wish…..?✨#love #faith #strength #passion #inspirational #beforethe90days #90dayfiance #tlc

The historical declaration was met with mixed reactions in the comments section, including one person wondering why the observance of #Darsse Day was left to only Darcey and not her twinflame Jesse. “Hmmmm I’m wondering why he doesn’t comment,” the person asked.

Jesse saw the perfect opening for his trademark Dutch wit and humor, and he took it:

hmmm I wonder the same thing. What a horrible man Jesse is. Maybe he controlled this post. Boo, get over yourself. Some people work and I can’t possibly be everywhere at once. Darcey and I celebrate our anniversary the way we want to. And I am a happy man when she loves the rings I get her. And the knee. And the goats. We laugh. Maybe you should start doing the same. There’s a lot of goats out there. Good luck finding them. I love my girl! ❤️

And for everybody to see: I love her! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful post baby!! It’s an incredible and beautiful journey where I am so grateful for to share this with you. ❤️ We laugh, we cry, we hate each other sometimes, but somehow we grow stronger each day. And overall we LOVE. And love always wins. I love you! ?

“Thank you for all your love, loving words and for all the loving memories and heartfelt moments we shared in life together,” Darcey responded. “It will never be forgotten. You will always be in my heart. Always and forever our love will be embedded in my heart. My god bless us in this life always. ❤️?” She returned to assert “I will always love you ❤️”

Darcey and Jesse weren’t the only Before the 90 Days stars active in the comments section, however. Their co-star Abby chimed in her congratulations: “Happy anniversary [Darcey] and [Jesse] ❤❤ Sean and I will celebrate ours in February! Oh lawd time flies?”

And Jesse’s charismatic mom also offered up her support of Darcey: “Yehhhhhhhh 1 Year in our family ????”

Before the 90 Days Darcey Silva and Jesse Meester Titanic

After Darcey shared her celebratory love profession, Jesse worked up his own — and of course it was even epicer! (Or is that epicker?) Here is his anniversary ode:

So here we are 1 year down the line… Where do I start! It has been an incredible journey and I am truly grateful for every single moment. The good and the bad. For real. I have no intention for a green card or anything else. Matter of fact: I can already come to the US whenever I feel like it. I started this journey to relish in the most beautiful phenomena out there. LOVE. With giving no relevance to age (apart from biological) I decided to give my all to the woman I am in love with. I have a good life here and all of my friends in the US rather switch. What you see here is pure love. The show was not planned. The reason for me to share something so delicate and beautiful, yet painful and sometimes also hilarious was merely for people to find recognition or inspiration. And you don’t have to agree, please don’t if you feel different. But I invite you to look beyond age, cultural differences and background. Try to just love. I know people at 40 who just started getting out of their little bubble to taste life. Age itself really doesn’t matter to me. Who you are and what you have experienced does. So far you have seen moments of struggle, laughs, pain and vurnebality. But the underlying factor will alway be love. And that is what fuels growth. And as long as the love is there I will love her. It makes me laugh to see how many people get so emotionally caught up in the show. I love her. I really do. How different we may seem. And how sometimes I can not stand you. Love always wins. I love you. Happy anniversary! ❤️
#love #strength #growthmindset #growth #90dayfiance #ageisjustanumber #loveislife #phenomena #respect #laugh #live #love #biological #beforethe90days #43 #24 #body #mind #psychology

Darcey was apparently moved by Jesse’s words and hash tags, so she penned a lengthy response in appreciation of her Dutch Boy that gets heavy on the metaphysics of love:

You are my life, my heart, my inspiration, my strength, my soulmate. I am grateful for you and for the love we share…in our life. My love, I pray we inspire others in life to feel the same love. This Love is Golden and is not broken. It’s alive and living proof it can survive. We will always have faith and strength in our love. It’s apart of our destiny, it’s apart of our soul… and I’m blessed to say and feel such a passion and fire that’s so undeniable on our mission of love…I’m always here…opened hearted and in love and I choose this path with you and feel honored to get to always continue on this journey with you. God willing…My happiness radiated as my heart illuminates and my soul continues to feel these beautiful butterflies within!!! Happy Anniversary my twinflame. I love you too. ❤️✨?

I’m speechless. I feel that the only thing I could say that would be worthy as a response is that life, humanity, and — oh look, a goat.

Congratulations to Jesse and Darcey on their one-year anniversary! I am assuming that their universal love for each other will most definitely merit at least one more season on TLC, which Im sure a lot of folks will be excited about 🙂 (Can TLC legally show pure, epic, universal love on TV? I dunno, it seems like a bit much.)

On a not completely random side note, I feel I should clarify a little something. The photo that Jesse posted in which he is carrying Darcey was also posted by Darcey the day before in a less cropped version:

Darcey and Jesse photoshoot with high heels

Darcey took some heat on some of the 90 Day Fiance fan groups I visited by folks claiming that the photo was doctored to hide a broken heel on her shoe. Here is the “original” photo:

Before The 90 Days Darcey and Jesse broken heel photo

I just wanted to make it clear that the broken heel was something I did in a previous post as a very subtle joke referencing Darcey’s infamous escalator scene at the airport. Darcey and Jesse have enough silly things for people to be upset about, and I didn’t want to unnecessarily add to that list.

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  • KittahLove83

    I think the attention is both of thier true loves

    • Kat

      No kidding….Darcey is so cringey….she acts like a middle schooler.

      • FYO

        Being a social media addict is lame enough as is, but to be one as a 40+ year old woman? That’s especially pathetic.

    • melinehclassy

      Mother Chantal would probably agree with you too.

  • Che

    He’s very douche

    • Lily Mathers


  • pmo

    darcey and her young son r just ewww.

  • Alisson Leech

    Rolling mg eyes at these two!!

  • FrontDoorMom

    Ugh i didnt care to read what he wrote. These two are like trying too hard.

  • FrontDoorMom

    I died at the “appreciation ring”. She wanted it to be a promise pre engagement ring so damn bad lmao!

    • FYO

      That was fun to watch! lol

      It almost seems like Jesse did that on purpose. He knew damn well how she was going to react at the setup and then the ring.

      • FrontDoorMom

        Right?! What a douche. Got on a knee and everything. I screamed when he clarified it was not an engagement. Screamed, threw my head back and rewinded to see her facial expression. Then the car ride home, she wanted him to say it was a promise ring sooo bad.

        • FYO

          That car ride was lol for sure! The way he did it was a total douche move and honestly even though I laughed, and I think Darcey is pathetic as hell, I did feel kinda bad for her. Yes she’s lame but he didn’t need to take it that far and rub her nose in it.

        • Lily Mathers

          Don’t forget that she bought herself that whole “placeholder” ring first! It was really mean that he fully acted out a proposal of marriage, and you know he knew that she was thinking “Hurray! E-ring!”. I just don’t see these two sharing a cab to the airport, no way will they be able to share a life. I didn’t realize how controlling he was until I read it in comments here, he is sort of emotional blackmail/controlling boy, isn’t he?

          • FrontDoorMom

            Theyre not together anymore. Last i heard.

    • melinehclassy

      “Look at that Goat!….” *_*

      • FrontDoorMom

        I was literally screaming lol

  • It’s me

    Looks like she broke her heel in tge 2nd pic

  • LoyAnn arbon

    I think I’m gonna puke.

  • sahali735

    Ohhhhhh barf!

  • They are a harmonious couple, they look so extravagant and beautiful that I want to be happy for them.

    • Lily Mathers

      Is English your first language? I don’t understand how they “look extravagant”. But I did and am still growing up with English teachers/Professors as parents, so I am a bit more careful with language. I don’t see a lot of harmony there either.

  • Cat Claws

    well at least they both get some free pr for their clothes companies….you don’t see one shot without it lol

  • Lily Mathers


    They are 100% pure comedy. If only they knew it. OMG I just laughed so hard I don’t need to do crunches today!