Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy ‘struggle’ continues as abortion speculation grows

Is Kylie Jenner having an abortion

At this point, it’s a struggle to keep up with the number of different variables in the Kylie Jenner pregnancy story. We never know exactly what’s going on with the Kardashian family, and this instance is no different: Kylie’s baby daddy could be current boyfriend Travis Scott or oft-maligned former sputtering flame Tyga; Kylie might be due in January, February, or March; she also might be Kim Kardashian’s top secret surrogate–or Khloe’s even top-secreter one.

But is Kylie Jenner having an abortion? The first mention of the possibility came in an In Touch article earlier this week, which quoted an anonymous insider who claimed that Kylie is “weighing all of her options” when it comes to the pregnancy. The same insider said that “Kylie was very conflicted in the beginning about whether or not she was going to keep the baby. It was a decision that was weighing heavily on her and it wasn’t something that she took lightly”–and never clarified whether Kylie had actually decided one way or the other.

It may be worth noting that almost all of the suddenly self-conscious Kylie’s IG updates since the pregnancy story broke have been from the chest, shoulders, or neck up:

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In addition, two new takes are fueling speculation over this particular question. One, from Hollywood Life, says that the pregnancy has “been a struggle for [Kylie],” and that “she is a little insecure with her new body as it is now changing constantly.” The source also said “It is hard for [Kylie] because she is uncertain as to how her fans will react to pregnant selfies.”

And the second, from Us Weekly, further reinforces the general idea that Kylie is having an unexpectedly hard time with the physical changes her pregnancy brings. Kylie, who in their take is “at least” four months along, refuses to “leave the public eye,” since “she has too much going on with work” to disappear, however much she might like to. She’s also been “talk[ing] through her decision” with Kris Jenner.

At the same time, Us’ article alleges that the current season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians “will heavily document [all three] pregnancies,” presumably around the suspected February-ish due dates. And Hollywood Life’s insider later adds that Kylie “feels she will make a big [social media] comeback soon,” one that might even involve “steamy pregnancy pics.”

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  • twelfthnight

    JFC this girl only looks good in photoshopped posed photos. That video of her with white hair makes her look like Lil Kim when she started slipping into the realm of being botched as hell.

    Honestly though, if she did have an abortion, maybe it’s for the best. She has Dumb and Dumber as candidates for baby daddies and she may not be ready for or want a child. Nothing is worse than bringing a child into the world to a likely absent father or one who only uses their child as a pawn for money and attention, and a mother who isn’t ready and would rather be doing everything else besides raising a child. Just because she’s rich doesn’t mean that child will have a good life. That kid will end up raised by nannies, and will probably feel neglected and unstable throughout their life because of it.

    • Shanaynay

      I agree with you to a point, but why should an innocent baby be murdered? (b/c, lets be real…abortion IS murder). Anywho, if she is pregnant she should keep it. Not that poor babies fault the “mom” is stupid!

      • Bob Evans

        A miserable life is worse than no life at all.

        • Shanaynay

          I think so, yes

      • twelfthnight

        In my opinion, no, abortion is not murder unless the infant could feasibly survive outside the womb on its’ own. Most abortions take place within the first 8 weeks, when the fetus is, at biggest, the size of a kidney bean.

        That said, if she’s past her first trimester, I don’t think she should be having an abortion. 12 weeks is plenty of time to decide.

    • Nicole

      The men are dumb and want to use their child for money? Wow. Just because they’re black they’re dumb and dumber?

      • twelfthnight

        Ummmm no, you’re the only one who brought up race.

        Tyga is a child predator, dating a (previously) underage girl while being SEVEN years older than her. He has used Kylie’s/her family’s fame to promote himself, she has dumped tons of money into him in the form of houses, cars, promotion, etc. He’s a hasbeen rapper whose high point was because of his association with her. Pretty sure he has also sold stories on her. If he wasn’t in it for the money, why publicly declare it’s his kid? He has no idea if it’s his or not if he wasn’t the ONLY person she was sleeping with.

        Travis I don’t know much about, but I know he at least established something of a career before her, but he certainly isn’t a pillar in the rap community. They’ve been reportedly dating since April, less than 6 months. Being with her is raising his profile significantly, and a kid puts his name in the news. The kid is a permanent payday for him too if it is his, because most rappers peak and fade away. Remember Chamillionaire? Paul Wall?

        A rap career is not a stable income. Having a baby with someone who has millions of dollars and multiple business ventures going is probably going to secure you a pretty nice payout for the next 18 years, just ask Chyna.

        • Nicole

          You just admitted that you don’t know anything about the child’s father besides the fact that he’s a rapper right? He started playing the drums at 3, plays piano, produces and went to college . If he were white you’d call him a musician. I don’t think he’s using the makeup queen as a cash register. And what would make you compare him to black chyna???

          • twelfthnight

            Oh wow you’re really reaching here, aren’t you? How do you know, based on NO information, what color my skin is? What MY heritage is? Are you saying what is happening here is black-on-black racism?

            I should rephrase, I don’t know much about him besides basics that wikipedia provides because his name is rarely, if ever, in the news consistently.

            At no point did I say he was not a musician, nor did I say he was talentless. Many people go platinum on an album and then are nobodies a few years later.

            I simply said the industry he is in (all music, really) is one that frequently makes big, momentary stars of people and then they disappear forever. A good way to avoid that is by always having your name attached to someone else, especially a family that is in the headlines every single week for something new, who are rich beyond belief and have a TV SHOW ABOUT THEIR LIVES. Chyna is cashing in because she had Rob’s kid, and since he has way more money than her and an inheritance, even though she has her own stuff going on, she’s rolling in it because of the kid.

            Kylie is not a smart, respectable role model. She has built an industry off of the back of her sister’s sex tape, luck, and a lot of premature plastic surgery.

            I’m not saying he’s a bad person, I’m saying he’s 25 and has knocked up a barely-20-year-old who he’s been dating less than 6 months. That’s dumb.

            • Nicole

              When did I say anything about your nationality, try to rationalize what you said all you want, it was stereotypical and racist. I stand by what I said and you’re so defensive because you know you’re wrong

              • Cait

                But why would you assume she’s racist because both of the men she’s talking about happen to be black? She never said they were dumb bc they’re black or that they’re looking for money/attention bc they’re black.. so how is she being racist? She never even mentioned their race until you brought it up. You literally said “just bc they’re black they’re dumb and dumber?”.. like why would you assume that their race is why she felt they were dumb? Because I think they’re both pretty dumb too but I think they’re dumb for ever being involved with Kylie in the first place.. wether they’re black or white..

      • Meh..

        Even if they were the colors of the rainbow.. Card revoked.

        • Nicole

          Agree with you there

  • Bob Evans

    I honestly think the tabloids are trying to make this much more interesting and twisted than it really is. The original TMZ leak was such an obvious ktrash plant. They wouldn’t do that if she was considering an abortion. PMK would keep that hush hush, she wouldn’t want it to tarnish the ktrash brand.

  • ImOpining

    I’m still thinking this is all to save the dropping ratings. I see a miscarriage as the next story line.

  • pmo

    dont know what look she was going for in that pic, but it is a major fail. looks like a two bit slore.

  • Cait

    Ok. I don’t really care what this family does and I don’t often defend them. But, if Kylie were to have an abortion, it really is no ones damn business. If it’s on their tv show that’s one thing, but considering she hasn’t even confirmed the pregnancy I just feel like it’s ridiculous. No woman, even the ones in this family, should have to be criticized for what they choose to do with their body, especially when we don’t even know what the actual truth is yet anyway.