Briana DeJesus got revenge on Luis by filling his apartment with crickets & more

Teen Mom 2 Briana DeJesus filled ex Luis' apartment with crickets for revenge

In the social media version of this season’s Teen Mom 2 Unseen Moments Special, star Briana DeJesus revealed on Twitter just how she got revenge on Luis after she found out he was cheating on her — and it is BIBLICAL!

In a long series of tweets, Briana tells the story of how she put more than 500 crickets in Luis’ apartment while he wasn’t there (she had a key), and then later put even more baby crickets! It’s not a plague of locusts, but 500+ crickets in a small apartment is pretty close! The storytelling session even included a video from Luis while his apartment was still crawling with crickets.

And crickets were apparently just the part that Briana was willing to fess up to. She mentions at one point that she “also put some other stuff in his house but I don’t want peta after me.” Later she posted a photo of a very non-wild looking large mouse or small rat with what I assume are text messages from Luis:

Briana DeJesus ex Luis rat photo and texts

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that Teen Mom 2 viewers will get to see Luis being cricket punk’d as cameras weren’t rolling in his apartment during the swarm. They did capture a dinner conversation during this time, however, in which Briana could barely contain herself as Luis lamented the infestation.

Anyways, gather up your S’mores and we’ll sit around the virtual campfire together as Briana shows off her Twitter storytelling skills. (Briana tweeted everything except those comments preceded by “TWEETER.”)

Wish @MTV was able to film and show what I did to Luis after I found out he cheated ????????

TWEETER: Was it legal?

No lol

I had keys to his house and bought over 500 crickets and just let them free inside his room… ??

He still has no idea it was me but I guess he’ll find out now???

Then a few weeks later I went back and did the same thing but this time I used baby crickets ?

I remember we were filming at dinner and he’s like “omg there’s crickets in my house I couldn’t sleep last night, I had to vacuum them up”

And I’m crying like how the hell did u get crickets in ur house and he’s like IDKKKKKK??

And I’m like u know the vacuum isn’t going to do much they can crawl back out and he’s like “omg I didn’t think of that” ?????

I also put some other stuff in his house but I don’t want peta after me??????

So the whole time he’s saying how he was up alll night and mind u I’m crying tears like I couldn’t hold it in. I almost blew my cover up

Put let me tell u… 500 crickets in a small room is rough.. i felt bad cause it deadass sounded like I was in a Forrest ?

@mtv can u just send me the bloopers of him telling me the story at dinner ?????

What was even funnier is me trying to untie the bag with the crickets in it and throw It. A few landed on me????

And I remember him texting me photos of the dead crickets weeks later like “this sh!t doesn’t end, why me” ??????

It was so funny cause he had no idea it was me &I couldn’t even hold in my laughter and he’s like “why is that so funny To u, I can’t sleep”

TWEETER: Lmaooooo. Omg how long ago was this?

I don’t even remember. It was like right after I found out

TWEETER: Please tell me you still have the texts ?

I’m gonna look for them in my album

Briana DeJesus ex Luis rat photo and texts

TWEETER: That would have got me so heated… i can only imagine how annoying that was 4 him lol

Funniest part was that he just came home from the club..drunk ?

TWEETER: LMAO. Yo that is the best revenge ever. How’d he get rid of them?

He ended up moving out ?

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  • cookie

    What a childish little brat

  • Beth Mackenzie

    And yet she thinks she’s old and mature enough to raise children. What a stupid petty immature prank.

  • TA

    That isn’t funny or revenge. That’s mental illness.
    That is disgusting, and I’m sure the insects got in to the walls and created problems for other units in the building.
    I hate the addition of her to the show. I’d rather watch 1000 episodes of “Being Farrah” or an entire year of Chelsea’s boring segments than this crazy girl and her dysfunctional Mom and sister. Her poor daughters don’t stand a chance.

    • Ashley

      Totally agree.

    • SadDawson

      I can’t agree on the Farrah part, but I defiantly agree she shouldn’t have been added. It doesn’t make sense. She adds nothing but this sad look what happened to me after I banged a random from the club and got knocked up again story line. Her family sitting around botching about Luis and Devon is just old Chelsea sitting around botching about Adumb. You made a stupid decision again and now we need to listen to you whine about it geez i’d rather not.

    • Os Zk


  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    Way to handle his cheating like the mature adult you are *major eye roll*

    • Baby Hooker

      Right! Now Luis can say “Oh I can’t watch Stella tonight. Too many crickets.”

    • Hot Mama

      Exactly. Good thing she has 2 kids – she can teach them awesome things like this.

  • SammyG

    I used to fantasize about doing that but with cockroaches to my ex. Trust me, what he had done to me would have more than qualified him for such revenge at the least. But I wasn’t gutsy enough & I didn’t want be the low-life in the situation. I still half regret not giving him a little bit of aggravation.

  • Aussie cathie

    And I bet her fruit loop mother and sister thought it was funny? The lot of them aren’t fit to raise a cricket let alone children. Lunatics!!

  • Jennifer Jameson

    OMG! How old is she, 10? Wow. That’s stupid and horrible.

  • Thoughts

    That’s funny af actually lmao

    • Ariana’s Side-Eye

      I laughed pretty hard

    • Os Zk

      She’s an idiot

  • bree7702

    Um…that story made Briana look straight crazy. She put a dead rat in his apartment?? Wtf?? I hope he presses charges.

  • theStevieJBus

    I wonder if she did something similar to Devon and that is why he stays away. Brianna, her mom and sister are all crazy and this proves it. And also I don’t want to hear her complaining about being a single mom and how hard it is, if you got time to do dumb crap like this you have way too much time and money on your hands.

    • BreeMorey

      Also, fair enough the dad isn’t there, but she lives with her mum and sister. It’s not like she is doing it on her own, she has a crazy good support network 😀 (see what I did there)

  • FYO

    Now you know why all the women in that family are single. Grow up Brianna.

  • Regina

    Uh…….. I assume she also put rats in his apartment from that text screenshot? And they’re both cool with them just starving to death and think it’s funny? If you’re concerned you might get in trouble with an animal rights group (let’s not get started on PETA) you need to rethink your actions and not abuse animals.

  • Baby Hooker

    How mature. What will she say when Luis uses this against her and says “Nah, I can’t watch Stella because the crickets are chirping too much and it will keep her up”. Nice job, Bri. Luis took a huge L smashing some random 21 yr old besh from the club. Luis is a cautionary tale for all fuc boys.

  • cali

    The sad part is that she really thinks this is cute. She’s so ghetto and trashy.

  • the underground train

    How does one even get that many crickets in a bag in the first place? Then transport them? And repeat the process with baby crickets.

    • Chickpea16

      At a pet store. They put them in a clear bag like fish.

    • Juliana

      One time my son asked me for a dollar because he wanted to buy some crickets… I thought he was buying something like gummy crickets, but no, the kid brought home a bag of real crickets… I ordered him and his bag of crickets out of the house and he went next door to grandma’s house and she gave him a apple and a potatoe to feed them!!! lol

  • Juliana

    What a b*tch thing to do! One year my shed got infested with crickets and they ate a perfectly good beach umbrella! The only thing left was the skeleton of the pole…… She’s a moron.

  • Adi Nu

    I knew she wasn’t right in the head. Crickets?! Dead rats?! Then you have the nerve to cry on camera like a victim? That is some sociopathic stuff.

  • BreeMorey

    The love this girl and her family have for themselves is insane…. They think that they are so high and mighty and above everyone! Imagine if he did that to him! She would keep him child from him and tell the world how bad her baby daddy problems are!!!

  • cininne

    Oh yes this makes me feel good that she is raising two children. How ridiculous and immature can she be. Then she is stupid enough to go public with it. If that building is infested I hope they come after her and she can sign her MTV checks right over to them to have it fumigated. Grow up.