VIDEO PHOTOS Jase Robertson shaved his beard

Jase with Beard

After raising $100,000 for children with cleft lip and palates, Duck Dynasty star Jase Robertson followed through on his promise to completely shave his beard and cut his long locks– something he hasn’t been done in SEVEN years!

On Labor Day, a group of family and friends gathered together for the momentous occasion. It was recorded and shared on social media. Needless to say, everyone, especially his wife, was stunned.

Jase and Missy Shaved Beard Jase shaved Beard Jase without beard

(Click head to the 13 minute mark for the big reveal.)

Back in 2014, Jase and his wife Missy started the Mia Moo Foundation in honor of their daughter, Mia, who was born with a cleft palate. This summer, the couple announced they were launching a fundraising campaign, #ShaveJase, in which the Duck Dynasty star vowed to shave his famous beard if they were able to raise $100,000.

We're at over 17% of our $100K goal. Thank you! Donate at link in bio for #CleftStrong kids! #ShaveJase

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In addition to starting the fundraiser, Jase and Missy are paying all the administration costs themselves meaning 100% of the donations go to children.

Check out the video below to learn a little more about their fundraising efforts.

Way to go Jase!!

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  • Me too

    Jase is WHIPPED!! Who the Hell acts “country” yet lives in town where u can’t even start a bonfire!!?? ?? I’m 100% sure his Wife made him shave! ? duhhh

    • Superdave

      Doesn’t matter if someone is doin somethin good or bad, there’s always a troll in the bunch. Who cares if she made him shave. They raised money for a damn good cause.

      • Jennifer Watson Goodman

        You are exactly right and could not of said that any better.

      • Jayray Hall

        Super Dave that was my exact thoughts.
        Oh ..and this,
        When you LIVE in the PART of the U.S they do…..IT’S ALL COUNTRY….
        I just wanted to stick my NOSE IN….
        LOL….Have a blessed day Brother

  • Potts

    a good cause……but looked better with it should’ve trimmed it like willys lol

  • Garridy Hamilton

    Jesus loves you so much! He died in our place! God is Good!