Kail Lowry gives birth to baby boy, Teen Mom stars react

Kail Lowry gives birth to baby boy

It’s a boy! Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry FINALLY gave birth to her third child early this morning! After managing to keep the sex of the baby secret throughout her pregnancy, it has finally been revealed that Isaac and Lincoln have a little brother.

Radar Online broke the news moments ago, revealing that Kail gave birth at three o’ clock this morning. The little bundle of joy weighed in at 7lbs, 15oz. Kail has still yet to reveal her son’s name, so we will have to continue referring to him as “Baby Lo” for now. Also unknown is whether or not the baby’s father, Chris Lopez, was present at the hospital for the birth.

In addition to retweeting Radar’s story, Kail seemed to verify the report with this simple message:

Fans suspected that today would be the day for Baby Lo’s arrival after Kail tweeted on Friday: “What should me and the girls attempt to make for dinner tomorrow night? #lastgirlsnight before baby Lo comes.”

Some of the cast members from Teen Mom 2, Teen Mom OG, and Teen Mom 3 have responded to the news with congratulatory messages to Kail:

And we will add ours: CONGRATS KAIL! We can’t wait to meet Baby Lo!

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  • Itsagirl

    Ya I heard she hasn’t confirmed if it’s a boy or girl js

    • Krystine Alcock

      She confirmed it is a boy

  • sysmjp

    Congrats wh*re!

    • Classic

      No need to slvt shame.

    • melinehclassy

      Hahahaha that was awesome!

    • Joan Jensen Davenport

      you stole my line

    • Guest

      Making bad choices doesn’t make her a wh*re.

  • Jessica

    I feel really bad for these kail’s sons, they all have different dads, and this one was not even conceived in a romantic relationship, honestly her and jenelle should really get there tubes tied, I believe jenelle said she is getting hers done after she has her daughter, I really hope she keeps that promise.

    • Victoria

      Not true David wants a boy

      • Jessica

        If that is true at least she will have two kids with one dad, and jenelle should look into invitro, so she can be guaranteed a boy, she should risk having more kids, plus it’s better the money goes that then drugs

        • LoLo

          Not really, when you think about how those kids will be raised. I see therapy in their future. She likes to have kids to cling to the guy at the time. She really doesn’t do much with them that we see. We never see her 1 on 1 play with her kids, read to them or do activities. I really feel bad for Kaiser. Jace has Barb, the baby has both parents but Kaiser is flip flopped around from Nathan’s, Jenelle’s, family, daycare. They are always yelling at him & never doing anything to let him expend his toddler energy.

  • cali

    I feel bad for her sons, I’m sure at some point they will be picked on for having different dads. Whether it’s at school or even in adulthood.

  • Guest

    Does Mackenzie even know Kailyn?

    • Jojo

      Mackenzie knows how to attempt staying semi memorable

    • FYO

      Most of the Teen Mom cast knows, or at least has spent time with each other at various events & meetings. But that’s irrelevant. You don’t have to know someone to give them a compliment.

      • TA

        She pretty much copy-pasted Maci’s tweet though. So desperate.

        • FYO

          Sounds like she cared enough to say something, but not enough to write her own message. Or she’s just lazy. People are reading too much into it.

  • Liz

    Glad it’s another boy.

    • Bob Evans

      U wouldn’t be if you saw what she’s considering naming it. Hope to god she didn’t go with Ripken. That’s a name that should stay in the pet world.

      • Liz

        I haven’t seen any names. Are girls names better?

      • LoLo

        I read she was naming him Joy.

    • FR

      A boy with no father, whose father will be absent and will have no role model on how to become a man, who will always wonder why he wasn’t “good enough” to be loved by his father enough to stay around. Even the other two boys whose fathers ditched Kail keep their kids but not this one. How lucky it is a boy! Wooo hooo.

      • Liz

        Wouldn’t be any different if it was a girl.

    • Victoria


  • 3 kids, 3 daddies. Holidays & fathers day are going to be a kick. When Javi picks up Linc, & Joe picks up Issac, & little no name, no daddy sits at home with “mother of boys” wondering where his daddy is & why he looks nothing like his brothers. Good times.

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      I just can’t imagine living a life like this. So confusing for the kids.

    • LoLo

      Add on extra court dates, calls to the cops when things don’t go her way & more than likely another man in the picture at some point. I understand relationships don’t always work out & everyone deserves to be happy. I will never agree with not using protection when you are not in a committed relationship, even more so when you have 2 kids at home already.

      I feel so bad for those sweet little boys who now get shuffled around, 50% here, 50% there. Isaac not only goes to Jo’s but goes to Javi’s too. So Isaac & Lincoln will go to Jo’s to be together but not the new boy.

      I love how Kail expects the dads to jump through hoops for her & be there at her beck & call but I highly doubt she would ever do this for them or their other kids. She uses the kids as pawns.

      Her filing an order for abuse was insane. She could have went through mediation for that. Remember when she physically assaulted Javi? She’s the one that’s dangerous but uses the kids & the show to get her way.

  • ScrappieONE

    All these chicks with multiple children by multiple men making bank by placing their screwed up lives on MTV…. We need some real role-models not trash

    • cookie

      Amen! Preach!!

      • Joan Jensen Davenport

        this show was suppose to help stop teen pregnancy yet they keep banging em out. why doesnt dr drew ever mention that?

        • NJJuls

          One of my nieces told me that there were several girls at her school that wanted to get pregnant, so they could be on TV. They would get lots of money, & great houses & new cars whenever they wanted. That MTV was giving them everything they needed for free, just because they got pregnant at 15 16. SMH. Thank Goodness she knew better & tried to set them straight.

        • cookie

          Because he’s making a ton of money off of them

        • LoLo

          Why didn’t Briana go to school or have a job for the past 5 yrs. If she did, then she quit to be back on tv. She’s had 5 yrs to move ahead with her life but both her & her sister seem to be in the same place they were 5 yrs ago. Getting pregnant again, got Briana back on tv. Sad.

  • FR

    The normalization of girls (she was an out of wedlock teen when she rose to prominence) and women having multiple babies with multiple men shows how dysfunctional society has become.

    I used to have little objection to this behavior until I realized how seriously and permanently it impacts children. As a society, we are going down.

  • FYO

    Kailyn has turned out to be a really ugly & disgusting person. I feel sorry for all her `baby daddies` who have to deal with her. Hopefully one day she’ll grow up and start treating herself, her family, and everyone else better.

    • LoLo

      I don’t feel sorry for this last guy. He knew who she was & chose to not wear protection. I will never understand how a mother has unprotected sex with someone she’s not committed to. Are they not scared of diseases or death? Babies are a blessing (blah blah blah). But, being a responsible parent is where she should be at this point in her life. Making kids shuffle from dad to dad, fighting all the time & not caring about their father is disgusting.

      Her treatment of Javi is sick. She brought a man into his home, around his kids & got knocked up by him & Javi is supposed to just accept it. If the roles were reversed she would be on the warpath.

      I guess we are supposed to forget when she physically assaulted Javi. Now, she doesn’t care if she ruins his career as long as she “wins”. I feel bad for the new baby, who will watch Isaac & Lincoln both go to Javi’s but he can’t.

      • FYO

        She’s made having kids a career. More kids, more child support checks to pay for her plastic surgeries. You know, because getting bigger breasts and Brazilian butt lifts makes her a better mother….

        What she did to Javi is sooo disgusting. On top of everything you pointed out, Javi also took Isaac in & loved him as his own. Isaac and Lincoln are very lucky to have Joe and Javi. I have a feeling she’s going to learn real fast that they aren’t going to be willing to take care of her new baby for her.

        • LoLo

          I agree. What will she do when she has to have this child 24/7? I’m not saying she doesn’t love her kids but love alone does not make you a good parent. Having a nice home doesn’t as well. She has set terrible examples for them. I could never imagine having a child with someone who couldn’t come 100 yds near me. She made this what it is. Yes, I’m sure Javi has said & done things that we don’t know about out of anger & more so hurt. She devastated him.

          She says she told him things were over when he was deployed. Maybe so. But, no matter how she spins it, she had a man or men in his home, around his kid. I love how now she tries to say she only saw the guy when the kids were with their dads. How could that be when Javi was across the world & Jo doesn’t take Lincoln?

          • FYO

            There’s another consideration too… The only reason Javi joined the military is because it was a stable way to provide for his family that allowed them to benefit immediately. Could you imagine Kailyn making that kind of sacrifice? No way! And imagine being in Javi’s shoes when you on the other side of the planet, at war, hearing your wife say it’s over and hearing rumors that she’s cheating. And then to finally come home and the minute you get there, you catch your wife and the dude together in your house. Kailyn doesn’t respect anything or anyone, and no act is too low.

        • LoLo

          On top of the new baby feeling left out when Javi takes both boys or the boys get to visit their dads. I don’t care how she spins it, like you said what she did is disgusting to the kids & to Javi. 3 baby daddy’s while you are just divorced is sad. Most moms who divorce should prepare their kids, then take some time to be alone & make sure their kids are emotionally ok. Not jump & get pregnant again.

  • Aussie cathie

    Doesn’t this Trollop think she is something special ? Poor little buggers having a mum like her!!

  • Natalie Noel

    Kailyn has always wanted to be Hispanic it’s so weird. Take as much latino d#$k as u want kail…