Thomas Ravenel asks judge to lock up Kathryn Dennis


The bitter fight between Southern Charm stars Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel rages on.

Ravenel filed legal papers on May 19 arguing that Dennis has made “false accusations, insinuations, and derogatory statements” about him. In addition, he says that Dennis “publicly released part of her medical records in an attempt to ‘flagrantly,’ ‘willfully,’ and “intentionally’ fail to obey court orders,” according to docs obtained by Radar.

Ravenel, a former politician, has primary custody of the pair’s two young children since Dennis recently completed a stint in rehab.

Because of the alleged transgressions, Ravenel requested that the judge find her in contempt and punish her accordingly–”including, but not limited to, incarceration.”

In a recent interview with Quintin’s Close Ups, Ravenel verified that there’s a gag order on the pair’s ongoing custody dispute which (should) prevent them from speaking about the case in public.

Dennis has kept upbeat on social media, including this recent gallery of images with her daughter Kensington:

Love never felt so good

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The latest reveal comes after court docs surfaced in which Dennis accused Ravenel of using drugs around the kids.

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  • Thoughts

    OK but how does he get away with being a shitty person?

  • truckproductions

    someone needs to take his kids away from him.. he keeps them in a separate house because he’s worried they will ruin his home.. wtf is that? he would be crucified for this had he been a woman.

    • savannah

      He doesn’t even raise them, the nanny does. Its ridiculous that he flaunts his “custody” when he’s not even with them on a 24/7 basis. Although I think they are in the best care when with the nanny and not with either of these two.

  • Danella Cogswell

    Always nice when you think the best thing for your children is to have their mother jailed because you don’t like what she says. Going to be a loonnngg 18 years for them if they keep this up and a miserable life for their kids. I have heard him say derogatory things about her too. Get it together people.

    • prisspot

      Trust me…it won’t end in 18 years. ‘m 49 and my divorced parents are still going at it like a couple of rabid wolverines!!

      • Danella Cogswell

        Well that sucks. Holidays must be super fun. I spent 16 years as a legal assistant and I swear I’d rather represent a murderer than a divorce. I know love hurts but people who at one point loved one another are sometimes INSANE. Kind of like your parents. I could never hate someone more than I love my kids. I figure if I’d throw myself in front of a train for them I can at least smile and be civil to their father no matter his level of douchery. I hope your parents find peace before you collect social security.

    • DenAnn

      My ex was just like him, actually went to jail during custody battle. Afterwards he walks from the kids voluntarily, no contact. My kids are grown now and so amazing and happy no thanks to him. Never bum rap the other parent because the children know they are half of that parent will think they are bad. Be kind. It is about the kids.

      • Danella Cogswell

        That stinks. And really his loss not having his kids in his life. Can’t imagine how that would feel. Good for you though on doing your part. At least they have you.

        • DenAnn

          Thank you so much for saying that, you made my day. One is a firefighter and the other a police officer, they also volunteer so much time to the community, and it was a privilege to raise them.

          • Danella Cogswell

            Hey I have 2 teens. 1 just graduated from HS and the other will next year and I am married to their father and frankly I could use 2 more of US. They are the most difficult and important thing you can ever do. I always thought I was the perfect parent, until I had kids. So producing 2 fine adults into society…????? wishes for health and safety for them. I have 2 adult step kids. Had them at 10 and 12 but now in their 30’s and my son in law is a cop and I worry every day and you have two in risky jobs.

            • DenAnn

              What an amazing parent to take on a 10 and 12 year old, those are tough ages, I too was an expert until my own. What a blessing you took on that responsibility! How lucky for the kids. I know what you mean about sleepless nights, you and I and many Moms worrying about the safety of our kids in this insane world. We did our best and they turned out okay thank goodness. It did take a village and we were blessed to have friends and neighbors that were family to us. The good news is…we survived them growing up ?

  • Darren Davis

    T-Rav is such an elitist . He should marry himself cause I don’t think he will find anyone who he feels is good enough for him.

  • marinaoc

    Thomas has also talked in camera that Kathryn’s fail the drug test. That is slanderous. They both need to not talk about each other. Thomas always says shady comments about Kathryn. He should be held to the same standards.

  • DenAnn

    Unfortunately, the parent with the better lawyer usually prevails.

    • Danella Cogswell

      Which will be Thomas because of his $$$. If KD can stay sober through that, she is truly maturing and growing.

  • prisspot

    Those poor kids!! With these two as parents they don’t have a fighting chance at a normal life.

  • teno

    He’s a disgusting and manipulative pig. Shame on him for what he’s doing to the mother of his children.