TEEN MOM OG PREVIEWS Kidless & Farrahless cast vacay in Puerto Rico as Amber & Catelynn get emotional

Teen Mom OG Puerto Rico trip

Next week, MTV will be giving us a “special vacation episode” of Teen Mom OG as Maci McKinney, Catelynn Baltierra, Amber Portwood and their fellers all head to Puerto Rico for some kids-free fun in the sun! But, the trip is not all fun as Amber wrestles with the passing of her father and Catelynn breaks down during a discussion about postpartum depression. Oddly, there is no clip at all for Farrah this week. 🙁

We will kick things off with the entire crew taking paddleboarding lessons before hitting the high seas for a whole lotta falling down and getting wet:

When I saw The Shallows in the theater all I kept thinking to myself was that Blake Lively looked just like Maci Bookout, and now I feel sure they must be long lost surfin’ sisters!

Maci Bookout McKinney Blake Lively The Shallows


In the next clip, things get very emotional as Amber, Catelynn, and Tyler talk about their parents, which causes Amber to be overcome with grief over the passing of her father, Shawn Portwood, in December of 2014:

After breaking down, Amber walks off with a show producer and explains “He told me he had eight months to live, he f***ing lived for ten years,” Amber says through tears. “He was in pain every f***ing day, and that man stayed alive and told me he was waiting for me to get married and s**t,” she adds.

Here’s a photo of Amber’s dad Shawn Portwood, Sr. with Amber after their reunion in 2013:

Teen Mom Amber Portwood reunits with her dad Shawn Portwood Sr at the airport after she got out of prison

Amber’s brother Shawn Portwood, Jr. wrote about how much Amber’s dad meant to her after their father passed away:

My dad was the most important person in Amber’s and my life. He was a very strong-willed person and even though he was battling illness for a very long time, he never gave up. … I know that he helped Amber because he gave her strength to get better. He is the reason she was able to turn her life around. He set the precedent for what she needed to do to get better. What Amber was able to accomplish by getting her life back on track had a lot to do with our dad. I know for a fact that he was always proud of what we accomplished. Me and Amber. He was proud that she was able to get through those tough times.

Fans of Teen Mom might remember Amber’s emotional reunion with her dad during the “Being Amber” special. She pointed out that when she went away to prison there was a very good chance that she would never see him again given the severity of his health problems.

In the final preview clip this week, we see the moms get into a discussion about dealing with postpartum depression, and this time it is Catelynn’s turn to be emotionally overwhelmed by the topic of discussion:

The conversation kicks off when Maci points out that “this is what vacation without kids is.” Catelynn responds by revealing: “one day I’ll have more kids, but…”

“I figured you would,” says Amber before Maci adds: “Do it now and get it over with.”

“Yeah, but listen,” Tyler interjects, “Postpartum is like ****** up ***.”

Maci then says “For me, postpartum was much easier to deal with when I was able to admit it and understand that it’s OK.”

“Producer Kiki asks Maci “Which kid did you have postpartum with?”

“It was Jayde,” says Maci. “I felt like I just wasn’t going to be able to love Jayde the way that I love Bentley. Like, there’s all kinds of different feelings that you have.”

“I never even knew I had it,” says Catelynn.

“And it makes you feel like a terrible person!” Maci points out.

Tyler then says “The only love we knew was for Carly, who was, like, not even with us.”

Maci asserts that they made the right decision placing Carly for adoption, and Tyler agrees as Catelynn points out: “I could have been super selfish and brought her home and not gave a f**k about her future or…” She trails off before standing up and leaving.

“Is she OK?” Maci asks Tyler.

“She gets bothered about Carly,” Tyler admits. “She tries to be happy, but it bothers her bad. She’s got a lot of guilt. When you’re 16 and you’re so scared you place a child, and then you’re 24 and you have one that you actually raise and you’re like ‘Wow! I really — I could have like a seven-year-old, eight-year-old running around. Like this could be something — you know what I’m saying? It makes me like question everything, you know?”

“You can’t have regrets,” Amber says.

“Not regrets,” says Tyler, “but lessons learned.”

For those of you worried the new episode will be completely Farrahless, lay aside your fears! I found this episode description that indicates we will be seeing Farrah at South By Southwest — and we will also see more about whatever issue it is with Ryan that has Maci (and the internet) worried:

Amber, Maci, Catelynn and their significant others travel to Puerto Rico; Maci struggles with wanting to help Ryan overcome his issues; and Farrah is invited to speak about her three businesses at SXSW.

The Teen Mom OG episode “Making Waves” airs Monday night at 9/8c on MTV.

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  • Miss Mandy Lynn

    More like no one wanted Farrah there lol

    • Common sense

      And why would farrah want to subject herself to that? And be around a whole group of people that don’t like her and vice versa?

  • Chewy

    They all look ridiculous. White trash sun burn.

    • truckproductions



    That’s an insult to Blake. she is smokin’. Mac does not measure up!!

  • Alisson Leech

    Mack looks like a boy in that black two piece.

  • W

    Catelynn regrets placing Carly for adoption ……which is completely normal and understandable from an emotional perspective. You can’t rationalize your feelings away with your brain…..and as long as they don’t allow themselves to admit their true feelings healing is more difficult.

    • W

      The adoption maybe was in certain aspects better for Carly e.g. growing up in a stable home, but it was not the best for Cate’s emotional well-being. Her feelings should be allowed to matter, too. She was still a kid when she had Carly and with more support she would not have given up her.

      • savannah

        It was actual torture to watch how April and Butch treated her, while making the HARDEST decision of her life. I can’t imagine one day treating my child who is in such a fragile state, the way they treated her. Carly is definitely in the best place, but I think Catelynn still has a lot of emotions to work through. I had to make a decision not to follow through on a pregnancy when I was young, non-supportive partner, not financially stable etc etc…I still struggle with that choice. I can’t imagine having a living breathing piece of you walking around that you don’t get to have in your life. It might take a long time for her to come to a place of peace for her. I’m always rooting for her, and I hope she gets there.

  • Guest

    Maci’s body is insane.

    • savannah

      She is a freak of nature that’s for sure. Popping out 2 babies back to back, OMG, I haven’t been in a bikini since I was 22…31 now, I can’t imagine! LOL I tip my hat to her, she’s got great genetics! 🙂

    • Beezow

      Too bad it’s covered with those tragic tattoos. Is that a fruit basket on her forearm?

  • YourMom

    I think the real reason Cate & Ty regret giving Carly up is b/c now they have money & could have raised her w/out the real, true struggles of REAL teen moms. But who knew TM would grow out of control? I can’t doubt that giving your child up hurts to no end, but I think their regret isn’t necessarily that they gave her up, but that they gave her up when in reality, they could’ve kept her.

    • sysmjp

      If they stay in touch with her and the adoptive family, I believe they can still have a beautiful relationship. She will only be a child for a few more years then they can have a parent and adult child relationship. Carly will have two families that love and support her which is more than most of us get.

  • truckproductions

    They all look great! What’s wrong with you people? Only supermodels are allowed to have a beach vacation?? Seriously you people admonishing them for how they look are very sad.

  • TA

    Amber is the worst. She’s just like Farrah. If anyone else tries to add to the conversation, she starts to cry and needs attention. She’s incredibly immature.
    Yes, Amber. Your parents were pieces of sh*t. Join the club. Maybe you’d grow up a little and learn to care about others if you actually listened.
    When did she become such a diva? The make up and the dramatic hats and that ridiculous ring. Get over yourself.

  • jebuz

    Tyler has such a tiny head….it reminds me of the Beetlejuice movie when Beetlejuice gets his head shrunk at the end

  • Yup, I said it

    This episode is boring af