TEEN MOM Stars explain why they still film the show


Three of the venerable stars of Teen Mom OG have opened up about why they’re still motivated to appear on the show after all these years.

Catelynn Lowell, Farrah Abraham, and Maci Bookout each had their own take on why they’re still in. Here’s what they had to say to IBT:


“Personally, I say as long as the show is educating people and still helping people and staying real and honestly, Tyler and I always said we would continue to do it. As soon as it starts going to be scripted or nobody’s just interested, then end it. But every day I get a message on social media about how I’ve helped somebody or inspired somebody to do something… that’s the only reason why we do it.”


“There’s not really a time frame. I want to be a part of it as long as I feel like it is having a good impact on the audience and my family and things like that… Even if the show went away tomorrow people are still going to know who we are so it’s not like we would be normal again. At least not for a lot of years. Even then, I would say people would still recognize us. Bentley handles it fine. People don’t really talk to him about it at school or anything like that… Where we live like people know us so well just as a community… We don’t carry ourselves like we’re on a TV show and people really don’t think of us that way.”


“I definitely enjoy the experience and I think Teen Mom has just been a running top show for Viacom, MTV, this network and if it is doing its job then it needs do stay… I definitely feel, and I think I’ve always felt this, I just wanted to make sure I had something set up [for Sophia]. I think I’ve taken that more serious because of her father passing away and just setting her up for success.”

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It looks like Catelynn is altruistic about her involvement, Farrah is about getting paid and providing financial security for Sophia, and Maci is cool with letting it play out as long as she feels it’s a good thing in general.


  • Val

    They are all doing for the $$. They are delusional if they think they are making a deference LOL. Just a bunch of lazy girls. Especially catelynn.

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    It’s a fat paycheck, that’s why. I doubt Maci and her husband are doing that great by slapping their tag on a leather pocketed t-shirt.

  • shebee

    Why are they still filming? For the money. Period. They can film while sitting on the sofa, do nothing actually worthwhile, travel for free, get celebrity perks, and get paid big bucks to do it. Who would have thought making poor choices as a teenager would pay off?

  • Carol Saves

    Being on this show has provided these women with a steady income to help give their children a somewhat stable home life. That being said, for some of them, this income has attracted a steady stream of dodgy boyfriends/husbands, bought way too much plastic surgery, and finances some drug habits. I hope these women finish their educations, establish careers and put some money aside for a rainy day and their children’s education.

  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    It’s about a paycheck. These girls are not making a difference in anybody’s life and all Caitlyn inspires me to do is shower.

    • Hahaha


    • Cait Sith

      She inspires me to hit my bong, but then she just gets even more annoying.

    • Nathan’s Former Gym Membership

      She inspires me to shower, lower my calorie intake, go to a good hairdresser for a good hairstyle, and she helps me realize no one looks good with a greasy strip of hair gelled to the side of their head.

    • Nathan’s Former Gym Membership

      Girl we gotta come up with new names because OG is currently airing.

      • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

        I’ve been thinking about a new name but this season has been so boring nothing stands out to me.

    • TA

      I always feel the need to clean my already clean house and then take several showers after watching Cate’s segments.

  • Liz

    It’s because they’re too lazy(/stupid) to get normal jobs.
    It’s easy money.

  • Cait Sith

    lol @ Farrah tho.

    • sysmjp

      Seriously. She really thinks she is hotter than hot and everyone is looking at her like bih u cray.

      • Cait Sith

        Just the fact that she WOULD bring up the money/profit aspect is so typical.

  • Nathan’s Former Gym Membership

    They all do it for the money. This show isn’t educating anyone and they aren’t doing anything that has to do with teen pregnancy. Id be embarrassed to still want to be a part of something with the word Teen in it and here Im almost 30. I wish this franchise would pack it in already. At this point I just hate watch.

  • twelfthnight

    Aww, Farrah got her butt pounded for her daughter’s future. That’s the nicest, most motherly thing she’s ever done…

  • TA

    I guess Maci and Cate weren’t allowed to be honest and say, “so I can sit around my dirty house all day but still collect a paycheck.”

    At least Farrah is trying to build a business outside of MTV money.

    • Lauren

      Exactly my thoughts. I’m no Farrah fan but at least she’s looking past her MTV income, no matter how she chooses to earn it. Anyone who judges her for that acts like their sh*t don’t stink. Especially her castmates.

    • Nathan’s Former Gym Membership

      I can’t stand Maci but her house looks lived in yet clean. Cate and Ty’s bedroom looks atrocious. Id never put that online for others to see

    • sassylassy

      Not to mention the only one with a college degree.

  • Chewy

    Wtf to that pic of Farrah

  • Bruja

    Collective Response:Cause I’m getting paid, bitches!

  • Lauren

    Translation: I like the huge paycheck & all the bonuses without ever having to actually work for it.

  • This show needs to end

    They’re all lying. They all want the:
    1) money
    2) attention
    3) freebies / promos associated with celebrity
    4) not having to work a real job.

  • sysmjp

    It’s because of that cash money. So silly to even ask.

  • Aussie cathie

    Lol, who else is going to pay Caitlyn to roll around on the floor in her zebra hoodie whining about how tough her life is whilst shoving copious amounts of food in her mouth?

  • Lisa

    They all do it for the $$$$$. I don’t think the show does any good for teen pregnancy at all. All these girls have lots of $$, multiple houses, expensive cars, own stores, most wrote books and most have some type of online business. I do like watching the show just because I have been
    watching from day 1, but as far as stopping teen prgnancy and teaching young teens not to get pregnant. I don’t see how? If anything looks like them getting pregnant young has opened up many opportunities but only because they get MTV $$$$$. Heard they make 350k plus per season. Crazy. But if I were them I would go as long as the show offered . Why not? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • FYO

    Explain why they still film the show? Because they’re still being offered money. No mystery to solve, no statements or explanations required. Mostly uneducated people don’t have a lot of options.