Amber Portwood sued by former landlord over alleged pet damages, Amber responds

Amber Portwood sued by landlord

Viewers of Teen Mom OG are well aware that Amber Portwood and fiance Matt Baier have a LOT of cats and dogs. Someone else that is well aware of how many pets they have is Amber and Matt’s former landlord, who is suing the couple for $6,000 in damages — most of which were due to the cost of removing “nasty” pet odors from the carpet, subfloor and walls!

The Daily Mail acquired the court documents from the filing, which reveal that the damages plus $1,648.24 in unpaid rent totaled more than $7,000, but Amber and Matt’s security deposit of $1,150 lowered the amount to $6,015.74.

More on the alleged damages and repairs from The Daily Mail:

The costs of repairing the house included installing new “deodorized” carpets, the removal of all the things she left behind, dry wall damage repair, new door knobs, cleaning fees and new coats of “deodorized” paint to mask the smell of her pets.

Amber and Matt’s lease on the home ran from July of 2015 through June of 2016.

Amber took to Twitter to respond to the lawsuit, which she apparently found out about just after waking up earlier today:

The scam artist company that Amber is referring to is Zuluscape, a property management company located in Indianapolis. According to the court documents posted by The Daily Mail, Amber and Matt’s landlord was Betty Snyder, who is listed as Zuluscape’s Property Management Director. It should be noted that the court documents state that a debt collection agency is involved.

Also causing a stir on some of the Teen Mom forums is the fact that Matt is listed as Matthew Balen in the suit. Some folks assume this is Matt using yet another alias (remember Grey Baker?), but Balen seems like a very logical typo for Baier because an “i” can look like and “l” and a “r” can resemble an “n.” That being said, it is odd that Matt’s name would be misspelled when all it would take is two clicks on Google to get it right.

Here is a break down of the expenses for the repairs that Zuluscape claims were needed on the property after Amber and Matt’s departure:

$1,250 Whole House Paint – Eggshell deodorizer in paint due to pet smell
$56.00 Dry wall damage repair
$84.00 Vertical Blind Replacement
$112.50 Install 6 new mini blinds
$6.25 New door knob needed (pulled through)
$44.00 Hardwire new smoke detector
$31.25 Set of 4 drip pans needed
$187.50 Removal and dump of contents left behind
$300.00 Weed, mulch, brush removal, gutter cleaning, and fence repair
$3,236.00 Due to animals, new carpet needs to be installed and subfloor deodorized
$200.00 Whole House Clean
$1648.24 Unpaid Rent

Total: $7,165.74
Credit for damage deposit: $1,150.00
Total Due: $6,015.74

The suit was filed on January 11 with the first hearing scheduled for February. Although Amber was clearly defiant in her Twitter response, it is unclear if she plans to fight the lawsuit.

Fans of Teen Mom might recall the subject of Matt and Amber’s pets’ potential property problems coming up before. No, I’m not talking about the scene from last season in which one of their dogs decided to mark an MTV crew member’s leg as his or her territory — I’m talking about the explosive Reunion Special With Dr. Drew when Amber was explaining why she was no longer friends with Farrah Abraham.

“She just decided to do an interview saying something around that something about how it’s good that Leah is with Gary, and how my house probably smells like p!ss — because of my dogs that I rescued,” Amber explains to Dr. Drew. “By the way, they are all rescues, because I love animals,” Amber adds.

UPDATE – Amber has continued to respond to the lawsuit on Twitter. “One thing I don’t respect is people scamming me for my money a year after almost…It’s really ridiculous anymore,” she wrote. “And to bring g my animals in it is absolutely ridiculous. My home was always clean,” Amber insists, “You can see it on the show except for a few accidents.”

And then there was this interaction with other Twitter users about the amount of time that passed before the lawsuit was filed:

TWEETER 1: a year ago… nothing will come of it,or they would came after you right away.

TWEETER 2: They did. She’s leaving pieces of the story out these big bad tweets. Attempts were made for a year. When attempts were made, no response. Standard procedure is court involvement after certain time passes.

AMBER: And they can keep on complaining because they are not getting a dime! Scam for money…Sad! Point blank

AMBER: So there’s my big bad tweet. Have a great day💖

TWEETER 3: landlords would file just as soon as repairs are done. Not a year later.

TWEETER 2: Actually no. Attempts are made to solve it rationally out of court. Then collections is called, THEN court. When tenant refuses communication, the whole process can take at least a year. She had plenty of chances.

Radar Online spoke to Amber Portwood’s neighbor, who “Tells All” about her alleged “House of Horrors,” according to their headline. “She was quiet, to be honest with you,” the neighbor said. “She rarely came out of the house!” (So Amber had a house full of pets and was quiet and rarely came out.)

The neighbor later added that the property has already been rented again. “Someone else is living in there,” he says. This revelation was included in the court documents, which indicated the home was rented again on July 1 — but only after all of the addition cleaning and repairs were done.

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  • ameliaBedelia76

    best prediction of future behavior is past behavior. So I do believe that matt used an alias & Amber’s apartments always looks like scum

  • Sarah

    I have worked as a property manager for years and all the charges are very reasonable for the damage as well as the timeline for it going to court. Sorry Amber, this is not a case of people picking on you for being on TV.

  • barbinop

    Why was she renting when I’m sure she could have bought a house years ago with her MTV money like Chelsea did early on ? I can only imagine the smell.💩

    • Bruja

      Cause she pisses her money away… same as Jenelle and Leah, no doubt.

      Half these girls don’t have two brain cells to rub together and will have nothing but plastic surgery scars to show for all the money they got paid when all of this is over.

      No pity for them at all.

  • Scarlett

    I wonder how many pee stained, broken down couches were left behind…

    • Bruja

      That whole sectional she had most likely.

      It probably reeked of pee and failure.

  • Toni

    I believe it. I’ve seen multiple carpet cleanings alone needed just to get pet hair up. It all adds up …and we can see on the show how she apparently thinks it’s funny when her dogs have pissed on the floor and someone steps in it, the nasty ass.

  • Bruja

    Amber is nasty.

    There was constantly pee and poop all over her floors. Hell, you could see the pet stains on her couches… if you leave that shit on your furniture (and try poorly to cover it with blankets, lol), you know darn tootin’ she did exactly zero about the floors.. and cats will mark walls just as quick as a dog will..

    I could practically smell the foul stench of her dwelling coming through my TV just seeing the constant stains and piles they showed.

    Gross bitch.. but I shouldn’t be surprised.. look at Matt’s mouth.. and she kisses it. **shudders in disgust*

    • savannah

      Every episode she’s yelling at one of them to stop peeing or pooping on the floor, how is this even something she could deny? Disgusting. We have 2 dogs, and we have to vaccuum every single day, and have to have laminate and they don’t even defecate or piss in the house. So if you have carpeting and that many pets that don’t go outside I’m surprised the number isn’t higher.

    • Chewy

      “Amber is nasty” 😂👍🏼

      • Bruja

        hehehe. Whenever I say the word “nasty“, I say it slowly, enunciating the “n” and the “s” . Sounds more appropriate.

        Nasty is never a good word to describe someone, at least when you’re not talking about Ms. Jackson, Janet if you’re nasty!

  • Donewithmtv

    Amber, lots of people love animals and adopt their pets from shelters. They just don’t adopt a pack of dogs and throw in a few cats. Normal, reasonable people also neuter their pets and don’t allow their pets to use the house as a toilet. People if you want to see these girls without their MTV money, stop watching these shows. I’m sure you can find something more positive and more interesting. Who knows what you’ve been missing? Pick up a new hobby, learn a new language, spend time with real people, read more-the list is endless. Time to look away from the train wreck and talentless, idiotic people.

  • Che

    Weve all seen how nasty of a house amber keeps.

    • Bruja

      Blankets over stuff doesn’t work?

      She thinks like one of her animals, “if I can’t see it, it ain’t there!

  • Alisson Leech

    1. I wouldnt allow my tenants that many pets

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      That company doesn’t. I believe it’s a 2 pet maximum. Most companies also don’t check much after you sign the lease.

  • Liz

    The people she leased from expects her to pay for the yard to be perfect after she left? Some of these charges seem like BS. But you shouldn’t rent and have all those pets. There’s no way they didn’t smell bad and use the restroom everywhere. She should have paid her rent also

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      My dogs dug a hole in the back yard at my old house and I was charged for dirt to fill it back in and grass seed. You leave it the way you found it or you pay.

  • jlt0102

    Yes Amber, it’s the property company that’s the scam artist…..she’s so delusional.

  • theStevieJBus

    This seems like a pretty legit law suit, they aren’t asking for a ton of money. Also with that many pets there is no doubt there was dog piss and shit everywhere. I mean we are talking about Amber and Matt, two extremely lazy people who probably don’t bother to clean up after their pets.

    Also why was Amber renting? If you are going to have all those pets you need to buy a house. And being Indiana which is similar to Ohio where I live I imagine its cheaper to buy a house than to rent.

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      Much cheaper!

    • Mia Winters

      Not only that did they really get their lazy butts up to even walk the pets?!

  • kiki

    Chelsea has a pet PIG and her house is cleaner than Amber’s. And yes thank God Leah is with Gary. Not just because your house is gross but because you are horrible. I was really rooting for her when she got out and hoped she could get Leah back or at least have her more and would have a good life. She had a fresh start in front of her and she wasted it

  • Aussie cathie

    Amber you are a pig…..,sending love

    • Bruja


  • America

    Little did they know the damages were done by a human, but it’s okay because most people confuse Matt with a pet pig.

  • Me

    I have rented many places and though I took care of the yard most places do that for you . Gutter cleaning ? Drip pan and fire alarms being replaced and a door knob? Those all seem to me to be owner responsibilities . Super cheap drapes break all the tims , also owner responsibility . I understand the rent , and if they can prove that the carpets and sub floor were ruined by pets then yes but some of this is petty and why did it take 6 months ? Either she denied it and never paid it or they did just decide to sue .

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      Nope all of those are on the tenant to maintain here.

    • Bruja

      I have a cat that has a mini blind fetish. She would chew holes in the blinds, no matter how much I replaced them. I finally had to resort to wood blinds or curtains.

      I think normal wear and tear is accounted for, but these all sound like things that were damaged due to abuse or negligence. Drip pans would likely because there was stuff caked and burned on.. never cleaned.. fire alarm likely broken by a broom or being knocked off to silence it.. door knob, well, if they pushed it in and broke the assembly? Unless you’re trying to bust a door knob, those things last forever.

      The carpet and subfloor .. if you don’t get to cat pee right away, good luck ever getting it out of the carpet and it will go through the padding t the subfloor. Poo? Heck, parvo can live forever sans bleach use.. and if there was evidence of those kinds of stains all over, just for sanitation purposes they’d have to replace stuff.

      The gutter? Yeah, I agree, that’s a little outside the scope of what I’d think a tenant would need to maintain, but maybe it was a “please report to management as needed issue that Amber didn’t report, causing more issues because she didn’t want them to see all the pet damage.

      They do have to go through the proper debt collection procedures too, and that can take a lot of time causing it just now to get to lawsuit status.

  • Noxy

    Not surprised. It’s been said that most of those girls are disgusting.

  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    We’ve all seen her dogs piss and shit in the house. Also zuluscape is a very well known property management company here and I’m sure they have better things to do than “scam” a scam artist.

  • Thoughts

    I have 2 dogs and have to vacuum everyday plus shampoo every week.. honestly I should more. Maybe she is dumb and doesn’t realize how pee sinks in!! There is no way she can deny it every episode they pissed. She started to cover her brown couch up with a green blanket because of the stains.

    • savannah

      Even on rugs we’ve caught immediately, like moments after our puppy had an accident, the underside was stained. We ended up throwing it out after she was out of her puppy phase. I can’t even imagine what walking into Amber’s house would smell like, because if we don’t maintain the same kind of cleaning schedule you do, we would have a house that smelled like dogs. Now, factor in dogs who don’t seem to know how to go to the bathroom outside, it would be unbearable.

  • TrashTV

    Sure Amber, you left the appt spot- and odorless. With less odor and spots maybe but that is not the same, Hun.
    The clothes that you sell are exclusively produced for and only sold in your webshop, sure.
    Matt nor you owe anybody money, you always pay your bills and child support. That other landlord was lying too.
    Matt is the best thing since the invention of the wheel and the both of you are complety sober.
    You have it all.

  • disqus_uSFmJJYAcq

    Why take pets if you can’t go out for a walk with dogs min 2 a day. I do that daily with my 2 dogs. + catboxes for their waste reduce smell. Lazy girl and her man if don’t know how to live with animals.

  • FYO

    Animals cause various types of damage, that just comes with being a pet owner. The more pets you have, the more the smells are pronounced, and the more damage is caused. Stop crying over it, be responsible, and pay your pet-related bills. If you don’t want to do that, don’t continue being a pet owner.

  • Mia Winters

    She said it was quite and she didn’t see them maybe because they don’t take the damn animals out! They just sit on their butts on the couch all day!