Dr. Drew shades Farrah Abraham, female fans of Teen Mom


It’s host Dr. Drew Pinsky’s turn to weigh in on the epic fight that occurred during the Teen Mom OG reunion show!

Pinsky gave his take on what happened at the reunion during the opening of the December 13, 2016 Adam and Dr. Drew Show podcast, but first he discussed Farrah Abraham’s fame and how it’s linked to a p0rn past that he doesn’t believe she’s necessarily trying to separate herself from:

Dr. Drew: OMG with this Teen Mom thing I’m getting nothing but horrible tweets.

Adam: What’s going on with Teen Mom?

Dr. Drew: We had one of those reunions and there was a lot of violence on the set and… Let me read some of the tweets I get…

Adam: Walk me through it. What happened?

Dr. Drew: Uh, Farrah, in her only Farrah kind of way sits down and she goes, you know…

Adam: She’s the most famous of the Teen Moms?

Dr. Drew: Yeah, because she did p0rn and things and she’s, like, very, sort of, into drama let’s just say.

Adam: Does she work?

Dr. Drew: She does open little businesses, like she had her yogurt business and things and she mostly does appearances and things off of the TV show… Apparently the producers… She is very much on top of her business… Very business minded.

Adam: Is she doing any adult whatever?

Dr. Drew: No. She sees that as having been manipulated into it and really feels kind of bad about it but will do appearances as a result of it so I don’t know…

Adam: At a club?

Dr. Drew: Yeah. It seems to me… And again I don’t get into what’s going on there.

Next, Dr. Drew gave a brief break down of the showdown between Amber Portwood and Farrah while adding just how frustrated he is by all the Twitter feedback he receives from young female fans of the show.


Dr. Drew:  Farrah and her boyfriend start talking about the fact that this was just a joke, that they were just kidding. Amber flies out from backstage and just, like, leaps on her. Then Farrah’s father comes out, then Amber’s boyfriend comes out and throws Farrah’s father into the audience and there’s real, like, stuff going on here.

Adam: Drew, what are you doing?

Dr. Drew: Trying to stand between everybody and make sure their punches weren’t thrown or they didn’t land anything on each other. Security guards, I was so pissed, we had like five security guards who are just standing, “Like, ok if it gets bad we’ll come in” and it was bad. So now I have to live through, I have to get rained upon essentially… 19 to 24-year-old women who are telling me how to do my job. That’s one of the most frustrating things you could ever read.

Dr Drew reading a tweet in a mocking tone: Please stop letting Farrah get away with her disgusting and rude behavior.

Adam: It’s as if you have some dominion over her, right?

Dr Drew: As if I were her doctor? As if I were the producer of the show? As if I could change her behavior magically by just being harsh to her?

Dr. Drew was then asked if there were any Teen Mom success stories and he answered, “they’re all doing pretty well.”

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  • barbinop

    Dr.. Drew ? Farrah’s back door every time there is a special on the girls. I wish the other 3 would refuse to sign their contracts and stand together to get the back door HO off the show. Farrah sets a bad example for young, impressionable girls.

    • LoLo

      I agree. They say she’s good for ratings. That people tune in for her. I actually hit FF button when she’s on & starts yelling at everyone. The way she talks to her mother, father & daughter is disgusting. Everyone we see her interact with she treats horribly. I would not shop at her stores because I would not want to support her.

      • MarvelousBeauty

        I totally ff her too. She makes me sick. The way she talks to her mom and her voice in general. She is vile!

    • ameliaBedelia76

      and so do the other girls. Being irresponsible with their mental illnesses, child endangerment, drinking during pregnancy, drugs both illegal and legal use? girl…you cracked

  • Courtney

    Dr. Drew is almost as delusional as Farrah if he doesn’t understand that the viewers are sick of him coddling her and we just want him to call her on her bs! Don’t go to the next question or accept her incoherent ramblings… CALL HER OUT!

    • LoLo

      I loved when Amber told him that he let’s Farrah get away with things. His reaction was “eh”. I was happy when Maci & the others stayed together & walked off.

      I wonder when Farrah will realize Simon is just a leech. He claims to be such a successful businessman. I don’t know any business that would want to be involved with someone who has time to attack teen moms all day.

    • ameliaBedelia76

      what about Cate or Amber. i think he should call them out too

  • Ali.P

    He’s rather embarrassing from a “doctor” standpoint. I can see what he is saying, being rude to her won’t instantly make her behavior better. But maybe if her behavior wasn’t catered to and danced around it would put her in her place a bit. I doubt he is in a contract to host these things, and he doesn’t do that great of a job. If he is so bothered he should decline to host the next reunion.

  • c8h10n4o2

    Dr. Drew is just the same on TM as he was on Celebrity Rehab. He coddles and brown-noses and doesn’t actually help anyone with anything. If the show (and her parents) would stop catering to this narcissist twit’s insane demands and delusions it might either burst her little bubble or make her uncomfortable enough that she actually gets the hell off of our TVs and we stop hearing about her.

  • cali

    I wish he would call out Farrah but also Caitlyn and Tyler for not finishing college and doing absolutely nothing with there lives. And Amber for staying with that man who lied to her about the number of children he has. And Maci who drank while pregnant. He should call all of them out, it’s frustrating, maybe I should be the new host lol

    • LoLo

      He has asked Amber about Matt & his kids on this show & on his radio show. Maci drank before she knew she was pregnant. Tyler & Caitlyn not going to school is their choice.A poor one but it’s not hurting another person. The point is Farrah & Simon attack the other 3 from their looks to their family. He can’t call people out for doing things that are not hurting others. Farrah treats the crew like dirt, holds up production & makes everyone work around her schedule. The show has 4 women on it. Not just Farrah & she should not be allowed to be treated any differently.

      • ameliaBedelia76

        come on..anyone who watched TMOG saw that Maci was prego. she can lie about it all she wants but we can all see. Cate is a bad mom, doing drugs, not helping herself get up out of bed or to loose weight but the best part was that they gave up Carly so they could all have a better life yet, they haven’t accomplished the things they wanted to. Cate gave her daughter to addict Mom (who is the person responsible for Cate’s mental illness yet denied doing anything to her daughter) to take care of for days on end b/c she couldnt get out of bed & chose to do nothing about it & is obviously not sober. What did they say about the kids that Matt has? deny it? Did they talk about how Amber paid for his past child support he owed?

        • LoLo

          When she announced she was pregnant, yes, I could see that. Before that, she had just had a baby & how do you know exactly what date she was drinking on compared to when she found out? They show us things out of sequence over a long period of time. All of the moms have issues, I don’t agree with the way they’ve behaved but that does not mean that it hasn’t been mentioned or that Farrah should get special treatment or her issues should be off limits any more than theirs. Why this about who is a better or worse mom. It’s about how the show & production treat them.

        • cali

          Yes, exactly! Their issues are always danced around but never truly addressed.

      • cali

        Hmmm I believe maci drank while pregnant, she would even wear baggy shirts. I remember people put the chain of events together and came up with some pretty solid evidence. Cate and Tyler are hurting themselves and NOVA, By raising her in an environment where drugs are being used. Yes, Farrah treats the crew and people like crap, she’s a terrible person, I agree. But I think the issues behind the scenes are issues that production needs to fix and not Dr. Drew. He’s just a host. The higher ups need to talk to Farrah’s team about her tardiness etc.

  • Bruja

    Everyone got an upvote!

    Has this Drew guy ever actually *had* a patient? It looks to me as if he dosen’t do anything except for stand around with some VH1/MTV producers hand up his rectum and make his phucking “SAD FACE” while they prance his pathetic ass around, making a fool of him and whatever topic he is currently being paid to babble about.

    Doctor Drew, my ass. Pshaw.

    • YourMom

      I heard he was a medical dr, not a “mental” dr lol He is useless!

    • Jojo

      Back in the mid 90’s when I was in jr high I listened to Drew and Riki Rachtman on Loveline on KROQ. Back then he gave some decent advice to local callers on sex questions about stuff like std’s, anal sex, abusive relationships. Now, he’s a f*cking joke.

  • Guest

    He’s such a wuss.

  • FR

    Oh boo hoo for poor little Dr Drew! He’s experiencing something called “consequences” and “personal accountability”. The women on that show are never held accountable so they shirk the consequences for their actions and Drew is so weak he’s bothered by twitter feedback. What a bunch of losers!

  • YourMom

    Didn’t Dr. Phil put her in her place or at least try and it pissed her off? I need to watch that interview. “Dr.” Dew should take lessons from him.

    • LoLo

      Not downplaying Dr Phil but anyone can piss Farrah off. I mean anyone & anything. Even when they give her compliments she has issues with that.

    • retired and happy

      Oh the Dr Phil show was great. He didn’t back down and his face when she babbled was great. It was the equivalent of the priest holding up a cross in front of a demon. I loved it.

  • LoLo

    How do you get manipulated into filming an anal porn & then pretending it was a stolen sex tape that you made with your boyfriend? Even though the said boyfriend said he was hired to be in a porn with her & was never her boyfriend. I think it’s sad. She has opportunities that the majority of the world will never have & she chose this route. Then she can’t even admit she did it. So, we are supposed to believe she was tricked into it? Then she went on an strip club tour to promote it. If I was tricked into something I would get a lawyer & not show up to events. If she would admit it, most people would not have such an issue with it. Denying it is like calling all of us stupid.

    Dr Drew said there was “a lot of violence” at the reunion. I did not see “a lot”. I’m far from a Matt fan, but there are some words that are beyond an insult. Pedophile is one of them. Simon is just as bad as Farrah, he’s slimy & makes Matt look like a good guy.

  • theStevieJBus

    Dr. Drew is shady, he at times plays their therapist like telling Caitlin not to smoke weed while on her meds or telling or telling one of them to go to therapy but then when the shit hits the fan he’s like oh no I’m just a host and act like he’s Andy Cohen or something.

  • retired and happy

    More than anything in the world I would like to see Farrah and friends n family on the Dr Phil show. It would be so much fun to watch him get real with them. I know they are acting on MTV so maybe he could actually get them to say that. There is no way those people would not have killed each other or separated if they acted like that 24/7. I’m glad Dr Drew has finally admitted he isn’t like in a Dr role here but more of an interviewer. Oddly, even an interviewer would probably have to watch the show so they had specific examples when he talks to the girls. I think Dr Phil would expose them and maybe it wouldn’t be as much fun to watch anymore. As for Amber rushing the stage, they knew that would happen and let it go. Those security guards had to have been told to let it go. If he feels like they are doing well I cannot imagine what he bases that conclusion on.

  • AshleyBlack

    Uh, calling Simone she boyfriend a pedophile isn’t a joke.

    • Alisson Leech

      Calling Amber’s boyfriend?

      • AshleyBlack

        Ah you’re right. I meant to type “someone’s” but I got autocorrected.

  • ameliaBedelia76

    He is so full of it…”they’re all doing pretty well”…Is he kidding? so drugs, drinking during pregnancy, co-artist boy friends, extra marital affairs, child endangerment, domestic violence is “pretty well”??

  • vintagecheerwine

    Drew is the new Maury!