TEEN MOM OG’s Ryan Edwards is engaged to Mackenzie Standifer


After some intense family drama, rumors of drug use, and internet backlash, 2016 appears to be ending on a high note for Teen Mom OG dad Ryan Edwards as he is now engaged to girlfriend fiancée Mackenzie Standifer!

Ryan shared the news on Instagram with a photo of Mackenzie’s engagement ring along with the caption, “A getting married.”

A getting married

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Mackenzie appeared by Ryan’s side this season on Teen Mom OG and even joined him during the reunion special.

Ryan Edwards Engaged

Mackenzie was genuine and sincere when she explained her reluctance to appear on the show, steered clear of revealing too many details when it came to Ryan’s fight with his dad, and stressed the importance of a strong family bond.

It was Mackenzie’s insight which brought Ryan to tears– something viewers have never seen before.

She was also a guest at Maci and Taylor’s wedding and even caught the bouquet at the reception!

Soooooooooooo how should I tell Ryan that i caught the bouquet? Nooooooot really sure

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Well I did exactly what I came to do…. Have fun and catch the bouquet. Look out @mimijen65 ???? here we come

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Some viewers may not know that Mackenzie also has a son, Hudson, from a previous relationship. By all accounts, Ryan has been a great father figure to his soon-to-be stepson.

Oh my ❤️

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It's the most wonderful time of the year! ?

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Congrats to Ryan and Mackenzie!!

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  • pink Glitter

    So he can daddy her son but rarely his own..

    • BabyDoll0984~

      That’s what I was thinking. ? Sad.

  • Guest

    I hope they can make it work. I think she’s brought a lot of good energy into Ryan’s life. Hopefully he can step up and be a better dad toBentley. I was impressed with the 4 parents and coparents working on having a good relationship for sure.

  • Emma

    She seems like a really good girl for him. I gotta give it to him; that ring is gorgeous. I hope it works out.

  • VEe

    I sincerely like what she’s done to Ryan. After the reunion I noticed that she bought something out of Ryan that no one else has. She seems like a good and sincere person. Hopefully Ryan doesn’t screw this up!

    • Courtney

      See I saw things differently. When Ryan got emotional on the couch at the reunion she didn’t even comfort him or touch him, she stayed just sitting there with a huge gap between them. I just don’t see any chemistry.

      • Toni

        Agreed. It was strange she didn’t at least reach over. I also don’t see the chemistry. She’s nothing like anyone he’s previously dated, but maybe that’s good.

        • sysmjp

          I think she was nervous as she stated. Not trying to body shame but I didn’t know he was into the thick and juicy girls. Unexpected pick indeed.

          • Crowhood

            Not trying to body shame but will go ahead and body shame? She’s perfectly fine!

            • Krystianna

              I don’t think it’s body shaming at all. There was no comment that eluded to being juicy and thick as a bad thing. It’s factually based…Ryan has always gone for very thin and tiny girls. I’m a big girl myself, and I don’t see an issue. Ryan just didn’t know what he was missing haha

              • sysmjp

                Thank you. I just always thought he was into the anorexic look based on Maci and Dalis but we see he chose to marry!

    • Bayside lass

      She seems like a really lovely woman. I think that she’ll have a stabilising and positive effect on him, make him sort himself out and finally grow up. I also think that her hesitation to comfort him was purely due to nerves and discomfort with being in front of the cameras.

  • bambiglanville

    She certainly seems good for him- compared to the others. Hope this works out! But with no job.. how did he afford such a rock?

    • AshleyBlack

      MTV money I would assume. Or momma Jen

      • Victoria

        MTV bought it. But she’s good for him

        • ameliaBedelia76

          ppl keep saying that, in what way is she good for him? b/c he isnt fighting with his dad? Plus we all know it isnt about ryan not cleaning garage

          • Courtney

            I was just about to ask the same thing! Why do people keep saying she’s the credit for Ryan being in a better place? Is there something I don’t know? She didn’t even comfort him when he broke down at the reunion and they sat like 4 ft from each other. I just didn’t see any chemistry or genuine care for him from her!

            • Alisson Leech

              They are not a real couple. Lol. There’s no way!

              • truth

                It is weird these type of comments..are you jealous ?? She SEEMS (we don’t know them..duh) to be great and far better than his previous girlfriends, that is all. And for us who suspect she is a great and genuine gal we wish for them to make it work. Simple as that. Moreover yeah to see her being kind of close and friendly with Maci..it is great..for Bentley and for all their family dynamics. ps: on the new trailer, when he proposed to her i saw some cute chemistry..better than with majority of his previous girlfriends..

                • Alisson Leech

                  Jealous of what?

          • Ali.P

            I think she is already better than the previous girlfriends because she seems mature. I think it’s awesome how close maci and Ryan’s family is. I think it’s great that they usually have one birthday instead of two. At these birthdays Ryan’s parents like a photo of their grandson with his parents, I think it was Dallas that was such a raging, insecure bi*ch that she wouldn’t let them one year. This girl went to dinner at macis and had a good time and didn’t stand in a corner at her wedding. That’s why I think she’s good for him, so far. It’s amazing for Bentley to see his parents get along like this and it’s great that Ryan has a soon to be wife that gets and supports that.

            • ameliaBedelia76

              all you saw was a minute of a reunion special. this dude has been a dead beat loser for 7 years. He didn’t go to HIS son’s baseball games b/c HE didn’t want to see his Dad?? How selfish. And so b/c she had a good time at Maci’s wedding she is good for Ryan? your logic is that of a child

              • Ali.P

                You’re really taking this show to heart, huh! Its an opinion based off of a tv show. No one can say anything for sure. People just watch the show and get feeings about the people one way or another. So far, she is more likable and mature than any other of his girlfriends. You don’t have to agree. You should, however, calm down there a smidge. Surely there are better things to get worked up about in your life?

    • barbinop

      Love that ring!

    • sysmjp

      He’s got that MTV paper. Her ring is better than the chip Adam give his future-ex.

  • Emmy

    Leah Messer says she is co-parenting very well with Corey and won’t take him to court to change the 50/50 custody for the twins.
    And now Ryan is engaged to a nice and good woman.
    All of this in one week.What the hell is going on here ;-)?
    It almost seems like they are finally growing up ;-).

  • Catelynn’s Strip of Hair

    Well good for Ryan. You can probably fry an egg on a Maci’s head. She thought so high of herself thinking Ryan needed a girl like her, well Mackenzie seems a lot more mature and grounded than Maci so Id say Ryan upgraded big time. Good for them. You can see the positive changes in him since they’ve been dating.

    • Jackie

      I kind of feel like Ryan won’t change. He’s just so passive and does whatever the girl in his life says to do, or nothing at all it seems. I think life will improve for Bentley but it will be more Mackenzie initiating it. Like she’ll shop for Bentley’s gifts, she’ll be there reminding Ryan when to go pickup Bentley etc. I think especially since she’s a mom herself she understands and pushes Ryan to do what’s right. Hopefully this relationship lasts, and she can keep him going.

  • TA

    This gave me such happy feelings… until I saw the photo of Ryan sleeping with NOT his son on the couch. I also think it was insensitive of his now fiancée to post that photo publicly.

    But also, what does she see him him other than MTV money? He has no job or ambition.
    Maybe reality will set in for Ryan now and he will get a real job and be a better father for Bentley. I really hope this is a positive step in the right direction for Ryan.

    • CatesZebraHoodie

      There’s no way I could be worth a man that refused to work.

  • Guest

    I hope they last. She doesn’t really seem like his type though.

    • Yup, I said it

      She seems way older than him. Like a soccer mini van mom.

  • ameliaBedelia76

    sigh…..what is attractive about Ryan? A druggie, dead beat dad, loser who doesn’t take any responsibility in life…sounds pretty gross and unattractive to me

    • barbinop

      What caused the separation with his dad? Do you know?

      • Bruja

        Probably killing cats on PawPaw’s property then bragging about it, thus bringing the heat and a lot shitty juju their way.

        Phuck Ryan. I still think he’s a piece of shit.

      • ameliaBedelia76

        on the reunion no one would talk about it. Jen said it was b/c Ryan wouldn’t clean out the garage 🙁

  • opinionsorfacts

    She seems genuine. And we don’t know what that fight was about, but people can make mistakes and learn from them and make a situation better. So get off that. And the rude comments on her ig about him being better to her kid than his own? Trust me, having a child young is extremely hard and it’s a learning process. She clearly influences him in a great way to be a better father to Bentley and he seems to love her son. Sure he messed up with Bentley but seems to be on the right track, and every single mothers prayer is to find a man to treat their kid as their own. Best of luck to them and their blended family.

  • Courtney

    Did anyone else find it odd that she planted herself front and center at Maci’s wedding so she could catch the bouquet? How awkward! Also, she was jumping up and down like she was drunk while flashing everyone her underwear! Something seems a little weird about her. Ps. Anyone can look normal and loving in staged pictures.

    • ameliaBedelia76

      i think she saw him a mtv meal tix b/c I really can’t find any other reason why a single Mom would want to be with him

    • truth

      How judgemental, actually it show that she was fun, a little bit awkward and clumsy..and very enthousiastic..it was funny and cute. And well they were all a little bit drunk..so what..it was the end of a wedding..Maci was totally drunk after that and give her a big declaraction (of love/friendship, being happy for Ryan to be with her)..it was also cute.

      • Courtney

        Funny that you reply to several comments, from over four months ago, accusing people of being jealous and judge mental for giving an opinion. If you don’t agree that’s fine, not everyone agree’s but I find it telling how you decided to word your disagreement.

  • Meme

    Funny af when her panties show, when she catches the bouquet!! She seems very down to earth..not such a prissy b*tch …like his other ones! Congrats! and Good luck girl!! ?

    • truth

      exactly, she can be clumsy..it is endearing and down to earth..and show with her that Ryan can be not so much shallow (like some of his previous girlfriends were..the one who was into fitness and always taking selfies of herself..was the worst..and super jealous of Maci..yuk). I wish them the best and for Ryan to finally get over his addiction/depression/passivity whatever..and be finally lively, happy.

  • barbinop

    Married or not; Maci still wants Ryan

    • sysmjp

      It was Ryan that wanted her on the Being Maci special. Maci has had plenty of opportunities. Instead, she’s like been there done that.

      • Guest

        She has definitely “done that” more than once since they broke up.

    • truth

      Guys they were cute together (but it was a long time ago..and Ryan was a teen jerk to be honest)..although totally disfunctional..and sometimes really hateful to each others..but get over it..Maci did create a solid family with Taylor, with Ryan it is over and done. However they can be close as coparents and Ryan can find his match with Mackensie (which too me seems the best girlfriend he has had since the beginning). Everybody can be happy and their respective families can be close..it is endearing and a rare situation (almost odd in a good way) to see Ryan’s parents being so close to Maci. Bentley has a family who love him, it is great..although Ryan has to be more present for him.

  • sysmjp

    Wow. She was at Maci’s wedding? Ryan, Maci and their families are co-parenting goals.

    • ameliaBedelia76

      gross..co-parenting goals?? How about it has been ryans parents doing the part of Ryan for the past 7 years. Ryan has no job, doesn’t want a job, doesn’t/won’t take care of his own son.

      • theStevieJBus

        Why should he get a Job when Maci and the other teen moms don’t work?

        • CatesZebraHoodie

          Maci and Taylor run a company and maci had another part time job to go with it until Maverick came along.

      • sysmjp

        If I could make $100K+ sitting on my couch being filmed by MTV that would be my job too. He spends time with Bentley and is friendly and supportive of his child’s mother.

  • Saved16

    Just wondering does Ryan have a job? I mean THAT RING DAYAM on the reunion he said he wasn’t working

    • CatesZebraHoodie

      No. When asked about getting a job he said why???

      • Saved16

        Then HOW DID HE AFFORD that ring and support himsef

        • CatesZebraHoodie

          Mtv money and he didn’t support himself until recently.

          • Saved16

            How does he support himself now if he doesn’t work I’m mean really

            Wondering what the girl is with him for-“MTV MONEY”???

  • Alisson Leech

    Mackenzie can do better than Ryan.

  • Cait

    I’m honestly surprised this girl hasn’t left him already. She seems way more normal and genuine than any of the other girls we’ve seen and also way more mature. She seems to have a good effect on Ryan and I think with her influence he might start doing more for Bentley than he usually does but it would be nice if Ryan did those things himself. Not sure I see this lasting but I wish them all well regardless.

  • Stacey J

    Getting a pretty ring and all is nice…but does he even have a job? It takes more than love to pay the bills and Teen Mom won’t go on forever.

  • truth

    Let’s hope it works, she seems great…this time Ryan make it work ! ps : i like that she seems just genuine, fun, simple and kind of humble..compare to some others..and she seems to have a good rapport with Maci..just good vibes.

  • Gabby

    I knew I recognized her- she was on a reality tv show a while back where she was paired with an older man who had 4 kids- does anyone remember the name of that show?