TEEN MOM Farrah Abraham and Catelynn Lowell call each other bad moms


Farrah Abraham and Catelynn Lowell are tossing shade at each other via Twitter ahead of tonight’s Teen Mom OG Unseen Moments Special.

It looks like there’s still some hard feelings after Farrah challenged seemingly everyone following the Reunion brawl. Abraham took the following shot at Lowell and Amber Portwood last night. She even made sure to tag her daughter Sophia!

Catelynn caught wind of the attack on her parenting abilities and had the following response:

Amber Portwood didn’t directly address the situation but she did retweet someone who showed love for the OG TMs other than Farrah.

Farrah went all in during the round of interviews that came after the airing of the Reunion.  “They’re a joke. I hope that they’ve learned from their embarrassment. I’m moving on and the next season will be amazing, with or without them,” she told Too Fab of her co-stars Maci, Amber and Catelynn.

The Teen Mom OG Unseen Moments special airs at 9/8c tonight on MTV.


  • Alexandra

    I fast forward through all of her scenes.

  • Guest

    The only decent mother on that show is Maci.

    • Stacy

      Lol. What?

    • Catelynn’s Strip of Hair

      The same mom that drank while pregnant? ?

    • Emmy

      Getting oopsy pregnant three times isn’t a good sign to me. Talking about and discussing your son’s father in his precense isn’t either.
      Dropping your kids off everywhere anytime …
      Party with your minor son present.
      Alleged drinkin while pregnant.
      Neh, she defenately isn’t a 100% decent mom.

      • ameliaBedelia76

        yes yes yes!

      • Guest

        Despite all of that, she’s still the only one I’d leave my child with.

  • cmehere

    Farrah plays all you little fan childs like a fiddle. Then u have this one that gave 1 child away and now lays on the couch all day trying to say she’s somehow a better mom than Farrah? They’re all a big joke! Farrah is a troll goddess and the others don’t even have the children they gave birth to! I mean come on, your all getting played by the master!

    • Josie

      I do agree that she is the master of publicity. Girl is calculated.

    • Melissa Marie Totino

      Maci has all of her children!

    • somebody

      Sometimes ppl put there kids up for adoption so they could have a better life, it’s not giving them away!!!

  • TA

    They’re all sh*tty Moms in their own ways, but mostly because they all sold their souls, and the privacy of their children, for short lived fame and fortune.

    • savannah

      I feel these girls parents shouldn’t have signed the waivers for their minor daughters to star on a TV show that exploited them for all they could get. Now these girls have grown up with quick money, and have no idea how to integrate themselves into real life. MTV should be sending these girls a life coach and pulling the plug on this no-longer educational “reality” show. I get it, they can make the decision to walk away, but even if they do, look at all the other “Teen Mom’s” that no longer have a show. They are hustling diarrhea tea and hair candy because they have been tainted by those initial big paycheques. Its sad really.

  • Truth

    They’re both horrible mothers. Catelynn sits on the couch all day eating her scabs meanwhile her daughter runs around bare bottom on camera for all of the world to see. Then there’s Farrah who sold molds of her v@g. Those poor kids are the real losers in the parent lottery.

    • Chicana

      omg…I’m so glad I stopped watching this years ago…eating scabs? Oh Lord how disgusting!

      • Sara Hunter

        There goes my breakfast?Ha

    • CatesZebraHoodie

      Don’t forget she also picks her zits. Hard work there.

      • Guest

        So gross ?

  • Amanda Arsenault

    Farrah needs to get off her high horse and realize that she is NO better then anyone else! Someone who would lay on her back and spred her legs does NOT deserve to be calling anyone but herself a bad mom!!! She can’t even treat her own mother with respect, how do you think her daughter will treat her when all she sees is disrespect from Farrah’s ungrateful mouth!

    • barbinop

      Karma will catch up with Farrah.

  • Lisa l.

    LOL ???!!!!! Farrah says “I’m letting go..I’m moving on “…..over and over again….um…I don’t don’t think she understands the definition of letting go & moving on by CONSTANTLY tweeting smack talk of the other moms. She is just plain crazy as her mom with her Dollar General Store wig to look like Farrah…..????

  • Courtney

    I am team no one. They are all losers. Farrah is delusional and just plain stupid. Catelynn is delusional too but more oblivious. I cringe when she acts confident because a normal person in the same situation wouldn’t be confident. Tyler hints to her yet she doesn’t even see or hear it and it’s not like his hints aren’t majorly obvious. (Like when she was shoveling food in her mouth like she hadn’t had a crumb of food in a year…for example) Also, I’ve never seen Catelynn acting like a mom or even a babysitter. It seems like she doesn’t have a bond with Nova or really care to.

  • s.g

    I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw Farrah mom come with that wig poor lady she losing her mind like her horse face daughter

    • savannah

      If we have to wonder at all why Farrah is the monster she is, look no further than her Mom and Dad…they’re all nuts. Sophia will pick up every horrible trait from all of them and become a supervillian.

      • LoLo

        Farrah has cried for seasons how horrible her mother was/is. But, she’s the first person Farrah calls when she needs something. When she moved to Miami she called Debra to come get Sophia & asked her to take her for a year. If Debra was so terrible why would you send you daughter to her? It’s a cycle of verbal abuse they all give to each other. Farrah has had years to see herself on tv & make changes, on top of counseling that some people can never get. She has only become worse. She treats everyone, not just her parents the same way. They are ok as long as they are agreeing & complimenting her. The first time they make a suggestion she attacks. I feel bad for Sophia who has to deal with Farrah’s mood swings & up & down behavior. She treats everyone like an employee in trouble. Remember when she said she “allowed” Debra to help her but was not paying her. Instead of saying I’m grateful my mother helped me. Don’t get me wrong. Debra is her own kind of crazy. But, I think she tries to do right my Sophia, maybe for the mistakes she made with Farrah. She let Farrah live in her rental home years ago for free & is always there for Sophia. I wonder how Farrah would feel if anything happened to her or Michael. Michael who ran to the stage to protect Farrah while Simon just sat & smiled.

  • Emmy

    Farrah, a good mom? We have all seen that is not true and her ex nannies have told otherwise.
    Farrah, a fulltime mom? Lie too.
    A proud mom? Oh really, start with letting that little girl be who she is and look like she does.

    Amber has no right to speak here. Nor does Cate in many categories. Im giving Cate a tiny benefit of the doubt on some parts cause I know what a PPD is like. You can’t just snap out of that.

  • Jessica

    Hilarious! I mean amber and catelynn are definitely not mother of the year but Farrah is worse than the 2 of them. I feel so bad for Sophia to have a mother like Farrah.. who calls her child stupid for being sick on Easter because Farrah just wanted a photo opportunity to make it seem she’s so involved and loving motherhood. Not to mention how she shut her daughter down because she was talking about how she feels when her mother speaks rude. Farrah you ain’t mother of the year either. You all are sucking and you take the cake for sucking the most.

  • ameliaBedelia76

    Catelynn and Amber hide behind their mental illness & should not have anymore children. They can’t/won’t take care of the kids that they have. Farrah might be present but she is doing a bang up job of messing her kid up mentally

    • Catelynn’s Strip of Hair

      Right. Farrah is nothing to be proud of but all Catelynn does all day is sleep, eat, and watch tv. Mostly all the footage we see she is wrapped like a ? on the couch or in bed. It’s like Tyler has two daughters.

  • gaylar60

    OMG – from the waist down, Farrah is HUGE!!

    • Catelynn’s Strip of Hair

      Debra is heavy bottomed too. I think it’s in their genes. Even when Farrah was super skinny years ago she always had hips, small hips but hips nonetheless. I used to think she had a cute shape to be honest.

      • YourMom

        And I think she got but implants. Lol.

  • Original A

    They are all bad moms for allowing their children to be constantly filmed. However, maci is a great mom compared to catelynn (who’s depression is affecting her parenting and she keeps wasting her money on ridiculous things to fill the void of not having carly instead of trying to be the best mom she can be to nova), amber (who’s a former drug addict and has at the very least bi polar disorder. And struggles daily with that stuff all while fighting her fat lazy ex for more time with leah) and most definately farrah (who’s a walking talking mess of a human being. Sophia is being raised by literally THE worst person ever imo. She wasted too much money on plastic surgery, that didn’t even improve her looks. She’s mean to everyone who crosses her path and she deems it necessary to act like that bc of her big fat stupid ego). There’s no contest.

    On a quick change of subject, shouldn’t they change the name of the show now? They are nowhere near being teen moms anymore. If they keep the title teen mom, then that’s exactly who should be filmed… Teen moms. Not mid 20 year old girls who are legal to drink. Idk, that just kind of irritates me

  • DonnaMartinIsntStupid

    The scene from the Unaired moments where Catelynn was eating her fingers talking to the Adoption lady about Christmas presents for Carly was so disturbing. Yea we had them but we didn’t send them last year because we couldn’t make it to the post office?? WTF. Then at least Dawn called them on their BS and said “no i’m pretty sure that was about 3 years ago”. I mean that girl is 7 years old she knows damn well if C and T send her a gift or not. I can’t stand them (CandT) sitting around always talking about what they are going to do or should do but never doing it. Even after all that Farah has no claim on parenting superiority, fighting with the neighbor like she did and having Sophia love ever second of it was crazy.

  • somebody

    Who r we to judge. Ain’t nobody perfect. The super shitty one is Farrah letting her daughter see her have all the attitude towards all the ppl around her. Treat ppl how I’d like to b treated, I’m sure nobody wants to b treated like trash. She needs to remember teen mom gave her her Star, without them she wouldn’t b shit

    • Jojo

      Really? “Ain’t nobody perfect” and “Farrah is doing a bang up job” all in one post? You cannot be real.
      And let’s be real the only things Farrah is banging is not her job as mommy dearest to her monchichi.

  • PCpolice

    Team Amber, because she’s come so far, wants what’s in the best interest of her daughter, even when it’s not her. She suffers from clinical depression, often taking her to a deep, dark place.
    And while I think Christine’s great, she needs to refrain from using the “Love, Mommy” label when her only mommy is Amber.
    This is for Leah’s sake as much as Amber’s.
    Regarding Cate, yes, in almost every scene she’s chewing on her nails, cleaning the underside of them with her teach, then sitting there chewing it between her teeth. It’s disgusting! Her so called depression isn’t clinical imo, She uses it as a convenience when she’s too lazy to do what’s right, imo..Completely abandoning her daughter while swimming, taking off with her friend, was very telling. I have children. I would never in a million years do this.
    Farrah’s a total trashhoe. A psychopath. She’s abusive both physically and mentally. She’s greatly affected by mental illness that includes narcissism.

    • barbinop

      Cate needs to stop eating her dam nails. That’s just nasty. MTV please take the girl to a professional nail salon and get her nails properly done. If her nails are painted nicely maybe she’ll quit chewing on them.

      • PCpolice

        Amen! I noticed her wearing a set of acrylics during one episode this season. I was surprised to see them. They probably lasted less than 24 hours, lol..Yep, she’s too old to still be doing this unsanitary, immature, annoying and grotesque behavior. It’s time she start behaving like a grown woman and mother. Spending thousands on animals, covering the MTV cam when driving so she can get high and smoke cigs..We caught a rare glimpse of the real Catelynn as she covered them..
        Makes me wonder how often she drives with her baby girl when high. A DUI waiting to happen.
        If caught with daughter, it’ll be an automatic enrollment into the CPS check-a-child program.

  • PCpolice

    Farrah, you’re growing FAT!!!!! lolololol

  • Megan Crosby

    Farrah is more delusional that ever she lives in her own Lil world and she needs 2 come in 2 reality and the real world….I can’t understand y she has gonna away with all her bullshit 4 this long I would love 2 welcome Farrah in 2 the real world…it would b a pleasure….

  • Megan Crosby

    And as 4 Maci, Amber, and CateLynn u r wonder mom’s….and Amber u r amazing and doing awesome…and u look amazing ….

  • SuperFan

    I am really surprised at this point with all the video documentation of Farrah’s mental illnesses that CPS has not paid her some visits. And outside of the money she has from selling her sex tape and what she makes on teen mom, I do not know how she is making money because I would never support any business she has. I am surprised that anyone would.

  • Aisha

    I think they should cancel the show becaue they all are a hot mess.

  • Kari

    They’re ALL right!

  • LoLo

    Farrah is hard working, I will give her that. But, this is the same Farrah who didn’t want her daughter while she lived in Miami so she could go to school. She then gave her daughter to her mother. The same mother she accuses of mistreating her & says terrible things about her. Farrah then speaks so inappropriately around Sophia (always has) She screams & curses at her mother right in front of Sophia. A few episodes back she spoke to Sophia like Sophia was her employee. She said “how am I doing as a mom, I always look for feedback”. Sophia said “you were good but now your being rude” after watching Farrah go off on Debra. Farrah’s response was not “I’m sorry you had to see that”, nope, her “answer was “well I feel your being a whiner”. I felt so bad for Sophia, who clearly loves Debra & Farrah puts her through an emotional roller coaster. Sophia plays off of Farrah’s moods.