VIDEO Gigi Hadid impersonates Melania Trump at the 2016 AMAs

Gigi Melania Trump Impression

Tonight marks a major milestone in Gigi Hadid’s career: a hosting gig for the American Music Awards.

Gigi appeared along side comedian Jay Pharaoh for the star-studded awards show. Naturally, the recent election was a huge source of entertainment for the evening.

“This is my Melania Trump impression,” Gigi joked. The 21-year-old owned her impression of soon-to-be First Lady when she nailed Melania’s look and sold us on the Eastern European accent.

“I love my husband, President Barack Obama and our children Sasha and Malia,” Gigi said mocking Melania’s speech that was a direct rip-off from a Michelle Obama speech.

While many viewers found the impression hilarious, others were totally turned off by it. Twitter blew up with haters blasting Gigi’s fake accent and awkward delivery.

What’s your take on Gigi’s impression? Is it a a major hit or a total miss?



  • Bruja

    Pants on head retarded.

    Stick to standing there getting your picture taken.

  • Guest

    Ugh, I can’t stand her voice.

  • Harper

    The entire AMA’s were terrible. The presenters all were attempting jokes that were written on the Teleprompters for them and all fell flat with awkward timing, pauses and delayed applause. Gigi isn’t a natural when it comes to hosting, she has no comedic timing and would have been a better stage girl who helps the winners get off the stage.

    None of the performers were all that great and when you have people like Ariana Grande walking home with more than one award, you really need to question the talent. 2016 strikes again.

    • savannah

      I’ve given up on music of the era. I’ve heard about 3 songs in 2016 that have even gained a spot on my playlist…I’ve actually pretty much given up on humanity. We are all doomed. LOL

  • savannah

    Her whole job is to look pretty and do what she’s told. If anyone thinks she actually wrote this joke, they’re crazy. I watched the video, and it was SUPER uncomfortable. If this was a glimpse into the whole show, I’m glad we didn’t watch. I’m surprised they picked her to host the show, she’s lacking personality big time.

  • barbinop

    She made a fool of herself. How childish and immature of her. Mrs. Trump has class. You could learn a great deal from her!!

  • Countess Creme Brûlée

    Gigi sounded like her mother, Yolanda Foster, the woman who broke up David Foster’s marriage.

  • realityvortex

    These celebrities and wanna bees are ridiculous. They take a “stand” on issues they deem important – like bullying and then turn around and do something like this! Is she too dumb to understand the meaning of the word HYPOCRITE!!!

    Since when should we care what they think?? They are paid to act, sing, dance OR just shut up and smile in her case. Gawd, so tired of these dumb people thinking they are more than they truly are and abusing the platform they have lucked into.


  • Mrs C

    She does realize her mother doesn’t speak English that well too doesn’t she. An idiot just like her mother. She really should just stand there and look pretty and keep her mouth shut. You can’t make a fool of yourself if you keep your mouth shut.

  • FYO

    Someone made fun of Melania Trump, boo hoo cry cry… Take your cues from Melania herself – she isn’t acting all butthurt so neither should any of you. Or better yet, just find something worthwhile to care about cuz getting all upset over Gigi Hadid making fun of Melania Trump is pathetic.

  • ~Medusa~

    ehhhh. The thin skinned morons have to lighten up. I’m no Gigi fan, but her impression of the soon to be “First Plagiarist” was clever.

  • pmo

    hey gigi dont quit ur day job where u just have to walk up and down a runway and look bored, for all who are not aware both of her parents are foreigners who cant speak english very well.