VIDEO Chip and Joanna Gaines I Am Second testimonial goes viral thanks to heartfelt message

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The Chip and Joanna Gaines “I Am Second” video has only been available for a week, but it’s already one of the most popular in the series’ history. Though it’s seven years old, it’s only recently that I Am Second has become a well-known movement, one dedicated to the belief that living for others is the primary purpose of a Christian life. According to the group’s own web site, “The authentic stories on provide insight into dealing with typical struggles of everyday living. These are stories that give hope to the lonely and the hurting, help from destructive lifestyles, and inspiration to the unfulfilled.”

And a quick glance at the I Am Second YouTube page reveals dozens upon dozens of clips featuring a Who’s Who of the entertainment world: NFL stars Jason Witten and Sam Bradford; author Anne Rice; former Florida Marlins owner Wayne Huizenga; Cy Young Award-winner Clayton Kershaw; MLB slugger Albert Pujols; former Fox News anchor Mike Huckabee; supermodel Kathy Ireland; and the entire Robertsons family, of Duck Dynasty fame are among the many who’ve provided stark testimony.

So it’s perhaps unsurprising that Chip and Joanna would agree to sit for the I Am Second cameras–and, given how forthcoming they are on Fixer Upper, it’s certainly no shock that they would be unabashedly honest. “If I didn’t have Chip Gaines in my life,” Joanna says, “I’d still be dreaming in my head, but not acting any of it out–not living it out. You push me,” she tells Chip. “You push me out of my comfort zone. I like comfortable; I like predictable–and, you push me.

“I feel like God had a funny way of bringing me Chip,” Joanna explains. “To almost have this reality of what it’s like to follow Christ, which is [that] a lot of things are going to push you to a place of discomfort. A lot of things are gonna push you to a place of freaking out…I don’t want to be in the box anymore; I don’t want to play it safe. Because where the impact is is over here on the other side.”

“Am I any of those?” asks Chip, with a smile. Elsewhere, Chip reveals a side of himself that Fixer Upper fans might not have expected. “That little voice in your ear that talks when you’re being quiet?” he begins. “My little voice tells me how handsome I am, tells me how funny I am, tells me how rich I’m gonna be–you know, it’s just constantly talking….I have learned so much about order and structure and processes through my wife. And God is all of those things to me now. But, at the beginning, God was just chaotic to me….and I liked that.”

“I feel like now,” concludes Joanna, “when you take a step out in faith, when it makes absolutely no sense, I think that’s where the greater reward is.”

Here’s the Chip and Joanna Gaines I Am Second video in full. Find out why it’s been viewed well over one million times in just a few days:

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  • Kate Kack

    They are homophobic assholes. Boycott their show.

    • Cindy

      Heaven forbid anyone has any views different from you.

      • Kat

        it makes me laugh that the people saying they are homophobic and fake are the people who want to acceot everyone except those who have faith and belief in Christ. I love Christ Jesus! Thanks chip and Joanna for sharing your faith with 25 million people . Planting seeds

        • truckproductions

          do you see that you can love jesus christ without trying to ruin other people’s lives? you don’t have to deny rights to others simply to have faith in your own religion.

      • truckproductions

        of course the difference is gay people not advocating that people of faith be denied their right to exist, to marry, to be treated as equals.. people link these folks use their religion as a weapon to further the absurd notion that gay people are disturbed and not worthy of equality.

  • Melody Diaz

    They are very fake. They act like they help people but they make sure you have money to do all the work that they do. Don’t let them fool you

    • Kind of like the grocery store that puts the check out in front of the exit, so you don’t get any pesky ideas after walking around all that available food. The nerve!!!

  • truckproductions

    ugh.. can’t eyeroll these religi-folks hard enough..

    • Cindy

      Just because someone has different beliefs? That’s worth an eye roll to you?

      • truckproductions

        using their religion to sell themselves is eyeroll worthy yes.. aligning themselves with the likes of the duggars and other despicables is worth of a lot worse.