MAFS Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner suffer miscarriage days after announcing pregnancy

Jamie and Doug

Last week, Married at First Sight‘s Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner happily announced they were expecting their first child.

Jamie shared the news via social media. “Doug and I are so THRILLED,” she said while holding a picture of the sonogram. She even shared baby bump pics with her fans.

Sadly, we learned today that the pregnancy has ended in a miscarriage.

“Our Baby Hehner was just too beautiful for earth. I love him so much – ALWAYS will – and can’t wait to meet him in heaven one day,” Jamie expressed on Instagram. “Please pray for us.”

A few hours before making the announcement, Jamie reached out to fans asking for prayers for Baby Hehnerβ€” a sure signal something wasn’t quite right.

Doug also shared his sentiments about Baby Hehner saying, “Even though you could only leave us with your footprints, you will forever remain in our hearts.”

According to People, the baby, a boy, was due in December. This meant Jamie was four months along when she lost him.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to Doug and Jamie during this difficult time.

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  • Chewy

    Wow, to lose a baby at any time must be terrible but at 4 months sounds very difficult. My condolences.

  • DVM

    Oh no! They seemed like such sweet people in the show. I’m so sorry for their loss.

  • Je_suis_moi

    So sad for them. She was 17 weeks pregnant. I just can’t imagine. My heart goes out to them.

  • EK620

    This is every woman’s worst nightmare. Any loss is difficult, but a second or third trimester loss is heartbreaking.

  • shebee

    Such an absolutely devastating thing to go through, especially after having publicly announced. I have been there (13 wks and 25 wks losses) so my heart goes out to them. Prayers for Jamie and Doug.

  • Kendra

    So sad….my thoughts and prayers are with them.

  • Che

    So sad πŸ˜”