Jenelle Evans’ Little Kaiser potty training urinal business is off to a bad start

Jenelle Evans Little Kaiser potty training urinal

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has really gotten into the Teen Momtrpreneurial spirit of late! In addition to promoting weight loss shakes, SnapChat plastic surgeons, and waist trainers, the reality star mom announced yesterday that she will soon launch a line of potty training urinals for boys, under the “Little Kaiser” brand name. But, thanks to the ever-diligent Jenelle-hater army, the launch may have been scrubbed before it ever even happened!

The big “Little Kaiser” reveal actually came courtesy of Jenelle’s manager, Johnny Donovan, who shared the photo above on Instagram and wrote, “So freaking excited!!! Cannot wait to show everyone this project I’ve been working on for my client [Jenelle Evans]. Super excited to launch #littlekaiser when TM2 airs on 3/21.”

Jenelle then tweeted a link to Johnny’s Instagram post, along with: “#LittleKaiser boys need something different !!! ?? new project we have been working on!!!”

As you might imagine, the responses were far from resoundingly positive, and it was quickly revealed that the “Little Kaiser” is remarkably similar to a potty training urinal called “Lil Marc,” which has been in production since 1999:

Here are photos of the Lil Marc, which appear to be the same ones used in the Little Kaiser photo shared by Johnny:

Lil Marc potty training urinal


Johnny Donovan responded to the tweet above with a surprisingly derogatory comment about the Lil Marc company, in which he claims they came to he and Jenelle with the idea of rebranding the product as the Little Kaiser. “We aren’t stealing it,” Johnny wrote; “there [sic] company went to sh!t and reached out to us for us to rebrand it learn your facts..” (Why would you say something so horrible about a company you are supposedly working with?)

Of course, that comment only got the Army more invigorated, and they shared contact information for the makers of Lil Marc and encouraged everyone to send them a message about the Little Kaiser — which apparently happened:

Johnny Donovan has since deleted the original “Little Kaiser” photo announcement, and it is unclear if he and Jenelle are still planning to move ahead with the product launch on March 21–the day that the new season of Teen Mom 2 premieres. Stay tuned!

UPDATE – The Twitter account for Lil Marc has responded to #Urinalgate:

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  • DoogieHowser

    Ok, that’s weird. Why would you purposely make a urinal and name it after your child? Like her spawn don’t have enough problems already….

    • kate

      because when the kids are making fun of you for sharing your name with a urinal, they’re NOT making fun of you for your trashy parents. So that’s an improvement.

      • DoogieHowser

        Normally I would agree but I doubt the teasing about their mother will ever not be an issue. Earlier in this season they showed a kid approaching Leah and Amber at the playground about being on the show. Even 1st/kindergarteners are aware of the show and there isn’t an end to this show in sight. That sucks for the children of this show.

  • Truth

    Hope she gets sued. Would serve her and her BS PR guy right. Oh and speaking of companies going to sh!t, what happened to Jenelle’s hair extension line? Oh that’s right it really did go down a urinal.

  • ChelseaaWasLyke

    What does she know about potty training? The bxtch shxts in a BATH TUB at 20 something years old.

    • Guest


      • ChelseaaWasLyke

        Yes! Gross right?! She shxt in Courtland’s tub. He was withdrawing from heroin, wasn’t even in the right mind to clean it. And it was still there when he got out of jail 3 months later.?

    • FarrahsCryFace

      How do you know this?

  • Redheaded stranger

    She’s not my favorite… but I think it’s a good invention. Hope she amps it up. .maybe with stickers! 🙂

    • violet Beuregarde

      You can’t amp it up when it’s not your design, patten, or product in the first place and the extent of your ‘business work’ is photoshopping yourself onto one of their adds trying to take credit for it.

    • FarrahsCryFace

      Well it was put on the market years ago by the people who actually developed it and it is successful…….for the people that developed it. Not Duhnelle who just wants to rip off other people’s ideas. Wait, Duhnelle is that you??

  • jeff

    Thank you for giving me a big laugh Starcasm. This was a hilarious read. It sounds like Janelle’s manager is just as much of a moron as she is. I hope they both get sued.

  • Bruja

    Better Call Saul!


    Jenelle and her “Manager” win the award for douche-nozzles of the week!

  • twelfthnight

    I bet Jenelle didn’t even potty train Jace. Babs probably did that too.

  • Lioness

    Trash! That’s Jenelle and that Johnny dumbass. And the “logo” is sooo creepy!! Mentioning the kid’s name is also creepy. She just cares about money.

  • violet Beuregarde

    That fool has clearly never set foot in the business world, a child would know when your trying to make a deal with a company you don’t publicly insult them saying “their business has gone to sh!t” the absolute quickest and stupidest way to get a deal revoked Mr. Manager Johnny. Did they really expect them to sit there and say nothing while you’re publicly claiming to have made all these huge business deals with their company and are helping them out; glad they came right back and told everyone they’ve never even heard of your lying as$es! And this man is an grown adult and a “manager”? Why lie about something so easily proven false? Get a new manger Jenelle he seems to be as childish and dumb as you are.

  • FarrahsCryFace

    Well well Duhnelle, ya did it this time. Tryna rip off other people’s idears and make them your own. Not this time Duhnelle. Ya can’t just do them kinda of things. ( said I the best babs voice I can do)

    • Bruja



      They should use that for her intro on the reunion show.

      • FarrahsCryFace

        As long as I get paid lol I can hustle just like these hoochies.

  • Regina


    • FarrahsCryFace

      Would you hire her lol I wouldn’t.

      • Bruja

        Nuh uh, but it’ll be amusing as hell when she’s forced to go out there and try, won’t it?

        • Regina

          I think she’ll probably (hopefully) just end up in jail. I’m unsure why she isn’t there already.

        • FarrahsCryFace

          She’ll try and make money the Farrah way. Promise you. Nobody is going to hire her for an MA job with all her drug charges.

  • Ali.P

    I personally wouldn’t want a manager that doesn’t know the difference between their/there/they’re. But you do you, Janelle.

    I usually think it’s smart of the teen moms to sell crap. Whether anyone likes it or not their names are known right now and they have fans. Assuming they’re smart enough to be saving and using their money wisely (probably not). But Janelle has a lot of nerve attempting to make money off of a son she couldn’t care less about. She’s the trashiest out of the teen mom girls. Even Farrah interacts with her kid in her segments, albeit the wrong way but there’s something there. Janelle never should have had the privilege of reproducing.

  • pmo

    if she put here own face inside as a target sales would be through the roof.

  • GeorgieD.

    Wonder if “Little Jace” will be jealous when he grows up, that a urinal wasn’t named after him. (Gotta say I HIGHLY doubt it.)

    With much of Jenelle’s own life having been spent down the toilet, I’m not at all surprised she’d be interested in something like this. #justsaying

  • NJJuls

    We aren’t stealing it,” Johnny wrote; “there [sic] company went to sh!t and reached out to us for us to rebrand it learn your facts..”
    Let me fix this mess for ya!
    We aren’t stealing it,” Johnny wrote; “their company went to sh!t and reached out to us for us to rebrand it. Learn your facts..”

  • Jackie

    There are tons of these on amazon