VIDEOS Teen Mom 2 S2 E2 After Show and bonus footage break down

Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry tattoo bonus scene

It’s Wednesday which means it’s time once again for our weekly break down of the Teen Mom 2 After Show and bonus footage. We’ve all got our opinions about what went down during last night’s epsidoe but it’s always interesting to get the perspective of the moms themselves.

This week we have Kailyn and the subject of her untenable living conditions with her mom and boyfriend, Chelsea and her inability to say no to Adam Lind, Jenelle with the best quote about Kieffer Delp I’ve ever heard and Leah discussing the difficulty of going through Ali’s appointments without help from Corey.


For Leah it’s about Ali’s consistent visits to the doctor and her progress. Leah explains that Corey doesn’t talk about the situation much and Leah acknowledges the fact that he does not go the appointments. Leah believes it’s easier for him because he’s not there and hearing it directly from the doctor. Leah felt like she was alone during all of these visits.

Leah explains that she does her best to do what she can for Ali and to just move forward and take the challenges as they come. She feels very alone at night and gets emotional in explaining that the one person (Corey) that she wants to talk to about Ali’s development with she can’t. Leah really feared the idea of her little girl going under sedation and not waking up during the MRI procedure. Leah still wonders if there was something she could’ve done to make things different in regards to her twins’ premature birth. In some ways she blames herself for Ali’s development issues and it tears her up inside.


Kail jumps right in to her extremely uncomfortable conditions in regards to living with her mom and her boyfriend. She feels unwelcome and explains that her mom has always brought men into her life that try to play dad but she’s 19-years-old now and it doesn’t work that way.

At the heart of the matter is the fact that Kailyn feels like her mom allows these men to take control. Kailyn feels as if her mom abandons her when she allows her boyfriends to influence the way she feels about her daughter. Kailyn adds that her mom is really the only person she has and that this has been a source of deep sadness her entire life. Pak asks her if she thinks her mom watches the show and realizes how much it hurts Kailyn and she answers no. In fact, Kailyn explains that her mom just gets, “pissed off” and defensive believing that MTV purposefully displays her in a negative light.


The ol’ Adam Lind Facebook Romeo time. Chelsea knew as soon as she got the message that she would return to him. Chelsea feels like she’s resigned to having Adam in her life forever. Following tearing her ACL again she was hoping that Adam would step up and be helpful which didn’t happen and is yet another let down. Houska’s dad discovers they’re Facebook friends and Chelsea jokes that her old man is a “liker.” It upsets Chelsea to know that returning to Adam hurts her father but she just can’t seem to help herself.


Now we’re getting to Jenelle and Kieffer living in a van down by the river, I mean a car. Jenelle expalined that they lived like that for two days and that she was so strung up on Kieffer (her words) that she was caught between that and her mom’s ultimatum of leaving him and getting to return home. She talks about how horrible the first night was because there was a serious thunderstorm and how her car wasn’t sealed well and water started getting in. The end result was that it was just too tough and Jenelle returned home.

Now on to “The Sweepstakes” and how the #delper managed to have enough money to gamble. Jenelle responds with what is now my unquestioned favorite quote about Kieffer. If Jenelle really listens to her own comment, I mean really tunes in, she’d know never to see him again.

“That’s what also bothers me. It’s like, when he gets moneys it’s not about, ‘Oh since I have one pair of socks I’ll go buy another package of socks.’ It’s, ‘Oh let’s go buy a gallon of alcohol.'”

Seriously, I mean those words came out of Jenelle’s mouth. I’m a firm believer that Evans is a smart young lady so let’s be real. It is time for Jenelle to put the #delper down and slowly walk away for good. Screw the fact that her mom Barbara agrees and that love is a powerful thang. Dude is in jail as I type and he doesn’t need to be around adorable little Jace, like ever. Hey man, miracles happen and I believe even someone like Delp could turn their life around but that’s a long term project. Let him do that, stay clean and out of jail for say two years and then rekindle.

Jenelle, you’re intelligent and really funny (you zoinked us on the fake preggo tweet) and there’s someone out there for you that will step up like you’re trying to do with seeking your degree. A man who will be a role model for Jace like you want to be. I believe that to be true and I know a lot of peeps out there do too! (Sorry for the Dr. Drew babble)

In the bonus footage this week we see Kailyn as she gets a back tattoo for Isaac. The ink reads, “To the world you are one person but to one person, you are the world.” We had a little peek of this ink back in the day here. I loved how Kail plaintively states, “I’m never getting another tattoo” as the work is being done.

For posterity sake I figured I’d grab a big ol’ image of Kailyn’s tat. Here it is:

Teen Mom Kaily Lowry back tattoo