REPORT Video shows HIV-positive Charlie Sheen performing oral sex on a man


According to a report released today, video exists showing Charlie Sheen smoking from a crack cocaine pipe and then performing fellatio.

Radar Online states they have viewed three clips, lasting a total of 30 seconds, which feature the former Two and A Half Men star indulging in the illegal drug and then seducing the unidentified man–followed by their sex act.

The report states that the footage “was at the center of an explosive ‘J. Roe v. John Doe’ lawsuit that alleged an “A-List celebrity” spread herpes. Sheen is said to have settled the case for millions of dollars. He believed that he had the only copies, and had those destroyed–but these “bootleg versions” still existed, according to Radar.

A source told the outlet that the videos were recorded in Nevada in 2011.

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  • BeautifulBrownBrainiac

    And there just went my breakfast!

  • Katie

    I’m not that surprised that Charlie Sheen swings both ways. I wouldn’t be surprised if they came out with a video of him pleasuring his dog.

    • Regina

      I certainly hope not 🙁

    • KatieKat

      Poor dog.

  • Charla

    Wow! This is pretty explosive! But there are rumors in Hollywood that a lot of men swing both ways… A lot of them were taken advantage of as children. But Sheen clearly has an addiction to drugs and sêcx.

    • Rudy Huckleberry

      Chuckles is also rumored to be the co star who raped Corey Haim when he was a teenager when they made a movie together.

      • orionsbelt3

        what?! that’s horrifying and so sad to hear :-/
        I wonder if that was during “Lucas” (1986), that’s one of my fave 80s movies… ugh…

        • Rudy Huckleberry

          Thats exactly the movie. I believe Cory Feldman is the one that revealed that information in his book. I totally believe it.

  • aimsless

    The rumor of him swinging both ways has been around for quite a while. Wonder if he still feels he’s #winning in life.

    • Sad

      Right? Remember the trans porn star gf? If that isn’t an indication he’s into both, is what is.

  • CaliNative

    Ahhhhh yes…..Either directly or indirectly, HIV always leads back to homosexuality.

  • Peeker Boo

    I feel sorry for his poor children. I guess Denise tells the kids he has a terrible mental illness & doesn’t mean to be such as total screw up.

    • LoLo

      I feel bad for his kids having a drug & possible sex addict for a father. But if the video was him with women no one would care. His ex wife has a scene in a movie where she’s with a another woman. Yes it’s a movie but no one bats an eye at her being with a woman.

  • Barry H

    Corey Feldman implied years ago that Corey Haim was being abused(sexually) by a top Hollywood celebrity at the time..and hinted towards Charlie Sheen without going into details to avoid a backlash..I tend to believe Feldman.Charlie has done much harm based on his own vulnerabilities.”Know thyself” maybe have been a better motto by Sheen than “Winning”

  • Barry H

    Ask Corey Feldman…

  • Beelzebub

    The freak likes a D**K in his azz and mouth.