Jenelle Evans arrested for assault after allegedly throwing glass at Nathan’s girlfriend

Jenelle Evans arrest August 2015

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has been arrested after she allegedly attacked Nathan Griffith’s girlfriend Thursday by throwing a glass at her head.

According to police, the incident occurred after Nathan Griffith returned to the home he previously shared with Jenelle to retrieve some personal belongings. Nathan was accompanied by his 29-year-old girlfriend, according to Horry County police Lt. Raul Denis. We assume the girlfriend is Jessica Henry, although that has not been verified. (Nathan and Jessica recently became “Facebook Official,” which didn’t sit too well with Jenelle.)

Police say that Jenelle threw a drinking glass at the woman’s head, injuring her.

Jenelle was arrested and booked into J. Reuben Detention Center where she is facing charges of third-degree assault. She is currently waiting for a bond hearing.

We do not have a new Jenelle Evans mug shot photo yet, and according to Lt. Raul Denis, the police report from the incident will not be released until Friday. (I’m guessing they have this whole process down pat by now.)

UPDATE – Click here to see Jenelle’s latest mug shot photo as well as an updated collection of all of her booking photos (that we know of) to date.

Ironically, on tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2 viewers will see Nathan Griffith arrested after a domestic dispute in March. Click here to watch the clip.

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  • Pattipandi

    It was either really dumb or really smart for this new chick to accompany Nathan into Jenelles house. Either way, congrats to your 19th arrest. This is literally a record for anybody your age. Skank.

    • Denisse

      My toughts exactly! I think Nathan wanted revenge and he knew jenelle would flip on her! This chick has more mug shots than these gangsta’ rappers now days! Her street creed is way out the roof!

      • What cred?

        Oh please. She’s probably sitting in jail crying like the littler she proves to be time after time.

        • Denisse

          It was Sarcasm…lol

  • FlappyPaddleGearbox

    Way to play it cool gurrrrl

  • Mirr

    So Janelle is trash and I would never ever condone any of her actions or judgement
    That being said. There was absolutely no reason for Nathan to drag his girlfriend to Janelle’s house. Obviously the girlfriend got out of the car…also uncalled for. It was a very very bad and public breakup. I could see where I would also throw something at the other woman especially if either Nathan or other woman was acting smug.

    • DanaD

      I have to agree! Maybe he thought since she’s body builder she wasn’t in danger? Or he needed a witness in case Jenelle went all “Fear” on him and started punching herself.

      • Bruja

        hahaha!! That was a good movie!

        • DanaD

          II really wanted to post a gif but it’s not allowed here. Haha.

          • Bruja

            I have a vast collection of gifs I use all the time (my kids hate that I assault them with gifs, but it’s an addiction!) so I totally understand this!

            I wish they were allowed here!

  • Miranda

    This is hilarious.

  • Melissa

    Wait she’s 29?? How old is Nathan?

    • Rachaele

      The Myrtle Beach article says he’s 27.

  • T

    I feel so sorry for Kaiser. He was probably there and we all know there was screaming involved.

    • Guest

      Ugh, that poor child.

  • Ali.P

    Nathan seems to have seriously moved on. I don’t know how it’s so easy for him to find a new relationship, who the hell is dating these people?! But jenelle is the kid of girl to go ape shit crazy over an ex. Especially if they move on before her. Then she will say it wasn’t her fault and she’s a victim and everyone is obsessed with her all the while wearing a straight face. She’s a lost cause.

    • Lolli

      a teen mom groupie or some famewh0re looking for her 15 minutes because there’s a good chance they will get screen time on the show, even if it’s a couple of seconds.

  • P

    When Donald Trump builds his border wall along the Mexico/USA line Jenelle’s mug shots will be enough to wallpaper the entire Mexico side of the wall and hopefully scare off any potential wall climbers.

    • Amused

      Wow. Ignorance at its finest. We should build a wall around your house so your ignorance isn’t exposed.
      P.s we know how to dig tunnels.
      Ps.s I’m Mexican American and very proud.

      • P

        “we know how to dig tunnels” – only proves Donald Trump’s point. Thanks!!!

        • Amused

          We’ll be here regardless. Working jobs that most Americans won’t do. So you’re very welcome!

          • P

            Welcome! Come one come all. I don’t really care personally. If people want to come here and build a better life then I’m all for it. My point, which was taken too seriously, was a joke at Jenelle’s expense.

          • Rachaele

            I think P’s comment was a slam on Trump and Janelle, not Mexicans. We all know building a wall is ridiculous.

          • Pattipandi

            Well they would do them, but would like to be compensated more for them. So thanks I guess for working harder for less money?

            • Lauren

              I’m American, and I honestly do not see myself picking fruit/vegetables for hours in the hot sun, in the conditions they work in! My respect goes to them!

              • Pattipandi

                Yes, but they’re used to a hot sun. It doesn’t bother them as much. And I mean that in the most logical and undickish way.

    • Shannon

      How about you put her mugshots on your side of the wall. I find your comment very inappropriate. It would of been funny if you saved the wall climbers remark.

      • P

        oh ok.

        • Rachaele

          Don’t worry about it. Some people have no chill.

      • Saige

        Stfu you PC liberal

        • USA is the problem

          Stfu ignorant right wing trash

          • Saige

            Bahahha that shows how incredibly uneducated your are. I’m not a republican you d****as

  • BreeMorey

    Not to condone Jenelle’s behavior but why would you even take your new girlfriend to your Ex’s house!!! ESP when your ex is Jenelle lol I wonder whether the teen um cameras were there!!!

    • Just saying

      We don’t even know the complete details. What of Jenelle (being th looney that she is) convinced him she wasn’t even going to be there just to see who he showed up with. Wouldn’t put it past her to do such a thing.

      • BreeMorey

        Very true!! Jenelle is that mental!! Gee I need to think more like a crazy person lol 😉

        • Lol

          I guess we all need to think like Jenelle to understand her. Dude lmao dude.

          • BreeMorey

            hahahahahha this comment made my day lol leeeave me alone…..

    • Pattipandi

      Clearly he knew what would go down and most likely has footage of it. Anything she does is worth something nowadays. Cmon Bree!

  • blue9599

    But the charges will be dropped for one reason or another. Jenelle Teflon Evans, nothing sticks to her.

  • Tink

    Holy balls! I counted 18 mugshot pictures. She’s a mess. And Nathan is a dumbass. Why would he bring his new girlfriend to that house knowing Jenelle would be there. He instigated the whole thing.

  • DanaD

    I do think Jenelle should learn to control her emotions and act like an adult. This nonsense is going to cost her Kaiser. Nathan knows she’s a sociopath and bringing his new gf to get his belongings in HER home (and who knows how lovey dovey they acted) put her in danger. Kinda seems like they’re rubbing her face in it.

    I had a roommate a few years ago who was CRAZY and when i moved out i had a police car there, just in case. There’s a thing called “keep the peace” and if you call them to be there during a move out, they will stay for your entire move and step in if needed. That girl snapped on me and made me feel unsafe my entire stay there but we had NO problems when i moved out because i took precautions. It was an awful decision for them to go there alone. I hope she’s not hurt.

    • L

      Do you think Nathan probably started the argument? And she went out of control. Do you think Nathan is probably bipolar to?

      • DanaD

        haha. Not sure if he’s bipolar but definitely immature. I BET he was touching, rubbing the new girl. Probably even insulted Jenelle in front of her!

        • Myndee

          At this point, Nathan’s face alone is enough to set Jenelle off. His girlfriend could have sent an innocent text saying hey I’m off work, while he was there and it would have sent Jenelle into a psychotic rage. The girl is crazy, and just looks for any excuse to lose her cool

  • Amanda Stalford

    This just isn’t right she has changed her life around for the good, I would of done the same thing you don’t bring a girl around with everything going on with them,

    • P

      um, how about… get ready for it… just walk away?

    • Ugh

      This shows how immature she is. A normal person would’ve known why Nathan was doing it. Better yet a normal person wouldn’t have Even been there when he went to g I get this things.

    • Pattipandi

      Its called behaving like an ADULT and not tossing glass objects towards another human beings head. Consequences. No “changed” person reacts like such a savage especially when trying to regain custody of child #1 and keeping custody of child #2. You Jenelle cheerleaders are buffoons.

    • A_Nicole

      I cannot see how she’s changed her life around. She’s still getting arrested, her kids are mostly taken care of by their grandmothers and Jenelle tried to play games by contacting all her former bfs that supposedly assaulted her. She’s still the same immature twit that she’s always been

    • Rachaele

      This is her 3rd arrest this year. Read the article linked in this article. Her last arrest… whoa. Not changed.

  • BC_CollegeGirLivin

    I’m sure her mugshot looks like the other 30!

    • Pattipandi

      I hope it’s so good that I can make it my avatar

  • Geniya

    If we are lucky enough, next time she will throw the glass on farrah’s head by mistaking her for being Nathan’s girlfriend since they look alike.

  • Cara

    I’m seeing so many people saying Nathan set her up by bringing the new girl which obviously isn’t cool but a sane adult with two children should have the self control not to physically assault someone over this crap. Especially when she’s “trying” to get custody of her child.

    • Bruja

      Sounds like a crime of passion:

      A crime of passion refers to a criminal act in which the perpetrator commits a crime,especially murder or assault, against someone because of sudden strong impulse such as sudden rage rather than as a premeditated crime.

      I think she plain flipped out. I think Nathan egged her on by bringing the girl in the first place. Doesn’t make it right, but I think buttons were pushed and launch off achieved.

      • Pattipandi

        I’m such a sucker for a highly publicized murder trial.

        • Bruja


          All we gotta do is wait for it.

    • Mia

      For real. It’s crazy to me that there are people out there who are willing to even somewhat defend any action that was more than just being an adult and turning a cheek. Lock yourself in the car/bedroom/bathroom and call the police if they are making it a scene or leave the house and go get coffee or something if you can’t handle being there. Take pictures of all the rooms in the house and if they take something that isn’t theirs, ask for it back over a phone call and if they won’t drop it off go file a police report for stolen property. Lord knows none of the expensive stuff worth getting upset over is Nathan’s. That would require him to be employed somewhere.

      • Myndee

        I wonder if the situation was reversed, and she brought Kieffer with her to pick up Kaiser from Nathan’s parents, if Nathan flipped out, would the same people saying it’s all Nathan’s fault be saying Jenelle was the pot stirrer, or would it be she needed a man there for protection against his roid rage?

  • Anna

    I’m so over Jenelle and her white trash family. I honestly cannot feel sorry for anyone involved in this. Jenelle should know not to attack people by now. Nathan should have left his side piece at the trailer. Whats-her-face has no business putting herself in the middle of problems Nathan’s having with his baby mama.

  • Murphy

    You can’t make this shit up people

  • Mimi

    They’re both in the wrong here. Nathan set her up bringing his white trash side piece hooker with him knowing how Janelle would react and Janelle played right into his hands by acting as immaturely as he knew she would. Smdh. Not that she had a chance at getting custody of Jace, but there goes that whole issue.

    • awoman

      ^^Exactly all of this. Exactly.

  • Brandy Nicole

    Wait jenelle got arrested? No way!

    • Bruja


      • Brandy Nicole

        So glad you understand me!

    • Pattipandi

      Still routing for her?

      • Brandy Nicole

        Honestly I do still really want her to turn it around. I think she can but she has to want to. Sadly I don’t think she’s hit her rock bottom yet. She appears to actually be a smart girl, book wise. As far as common sense and maturity she’s painfully lacking.

  • ManBearPig

    Wow that was fast. Everyone called it!

  • Cara

    Can we also discuss Nathan’s instant new girlfriend? He’s as bad as Jenelle. He started dating Jenelle while still living with a girl then instantly agreed to impregnate Jenelle and now has a new girlfriend before he’s even moved out of Jenelle’s house. These people are all ridiculous. It’s just sad that so many innocent children are caught up in it.

    • Pattipandi

      Doubt it was instant and has been going on for a while. When will people realize that he was employed by MTV! He did what he had to do, made his is baby and his dollars and moved on. Cmon people!

  • Sherri L Rader Moscato

    Nathan had no right to bring his new gf to the home. If he thought something was gonna happen, he could have gotten a police escort. This was all a ploy to provoke Jenelle.

    • Pattipandi

      Why do u think it happened

    • Bec

      Maybe Jenelle could put her big girl panties on and act like a mother for once in her life? I’ve have been treated horribly before but I would NEVER act out let alone get myself arrested, because I have a child that looks up to me.

  • Guest

    There goes custody of Jace and probably also of Kaiser. Those poor kids.

  • aimsless

    You can slap lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig. Jenelle may look like she’s cleaned up but she’s still Jenelle.

  • redheaded stranger

    Lol!!! Hell yeah jenelle ! It’s teen mom night!! Get it Goin!!!!

  • Cait

    Yup, one step closer to getting custody of Jace. Keep working hard…

  • Snow

    Go Jenelle! Bitch prolly deserved that glass at her head, should of thrown it at Nathan though for creating the situation. They are trying to make you look bad though Jenelle and your ass walked right into it. Good luck.

  • Liza

    Nathan is good at the mind games- that was made clear in the episode where went on his “business” trip but came home early. My guess is he showed up with his GF to start the drama with Janelle and we all know Janelle can’t handle adult situations. Please Lord God keep Jace with Barb!

  • Lauren

    Nathan knew exactly what he was doing when he brought his girlfriend over but with that being said Jenelle needs to start thinking of her kids. You’re not 17 anymore. You’re a 23 year old mother of two. Start acting like it. At least Jace is with Barbara. But poor Kaiser. Kid has no chance.

  • Regina

    I mean it was pretty stupid to bring the girlfriend along, could’ve predicted Jenelle would throw something.

  • Deer Cam

    Hopefully she was wearing that hideous wig so the blow was cushioned 😉