Jenelle Evans after boob job photos

Jenelle Evans new boobs photo

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is still recovering from the breast augmentation surgery she had last Wednesday, but that didn’t stop her from putting on a new bikini and enjoying the summer sun on the beaches of Oak Island, North Carolina yesterday!

Jenelle shared the photo above featuring a rather close look at her new 34Cs along with the tweet, “Wowww!!” Can you say, “Jenelley shows C-cups down by the seashore?”

TMZ also has a number of photos of Jenelle in her bikini showing off the “twins” with her former ex-boyfriend Gary Head – click the link to check those out!

Jenelle was also able to put on a t-shirt for the first time since she got the breast implants, tweeting this next photo and “First time in a t shirt since I got the surgery…”

Jenelle Evans shows off her new breasts in a tight tee shirt

It takes a good while for “new” breasts to heal completely, so I’m sure Jenelle is still dealing with swelling issues and such. That being said, what do you think of her new gals?

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