Jenelle Evans wanted by police for allegedly attacking Nathan Griffith, she vows to clear her name

Jenelle Evans Wanted

Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans is sought by the Myrtle Beach Police Department for allegedly assaulting ex-fiance Nathan Griffith on Tuesday night. She’s defending herself online by saying Nathan ran over her with his truck.

Myrtle Beach Online reports Nathan told the police Jenelle called him from a blocked number late Tuesday night and threatened to damage his truck if he didn’t go outside to talk with her. When he met her, Nathan said Jenelle “slapped, punched and tried to kick him down some stairs” and “scratched and clawed his back and neck.” He noted she smelled of alcohol.

Nathan said he struggled to get back inside his apartment. Once Jenelle left, he went to the police department to report the incident. Officers noticed in their report that Nathan’s ripped shirt and scratches were consistent with his story. The officer who wrote the report said they planned to charge Jenelle with criminal domestic violence.

After the story was reported, Jenelle defended herself on her PR Twitter account.



Nathan and Jenelle reunited last weekend in New Jersey. The parents of 11-month-old Kaiser separated earlier this spring when Nathan was arrested for domestic violence. The charges against him were later dropped.

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  • jlt0102

    Thank you for proving once again that you have not changed Jenelle….

    • Myndee

      The local news station had an article on it, and she went over at midnight and there’s more to the story and it makes her look like an idiot. Like the fact she’s still avoiding the cops, because she knows her story is crap and with this 1974th arrest, it doesn’t look good for any case she has pending

      • jlt0102

        Not surprised one bit!! Where’s that girl from the last article arguing with me about how much Jenelle has changed?? No she has not, plain and simple, she may not be on drugs but she’s not clean/sober.

        • violet Beuregarde

          And me too! Where is she? I call comments like that magician’s comments, because they sing Jenelle’s praises but when crap like this comes they always disappear.

          • jlt0102

            I still think that girl was Jenelle herself, I just can’t comprehend Jenelle having stans like that.

        • Myndee

          I think Jenelle has switched up her drug of choice, or is seriously on the Amanda Bynes schizophrenia path. Something is wrong with her, and someone needs to figure it out ASAP before she flips and accuses her children of trying to kill her, and someone finds them dead in a bathtub

          • Lyra

            I don’t think it’s a mental disease. I think part of it’s she has anger management problems, part is being under the influence of substances, and part is her love of drama. She needs to go to intensive therapy and learn how to deal with problems instead of getting high and/or in fights.

            On second thought she might have narcissistic personality because I’ve never seen her have sympathy for anyone else. Almost every other teen mom I can think of a point on the show where they were sad on their child’s behalf, From Leah being sad that her daughter will never be able to run and play like the other kids will, to Chelsea feeling like Aubree was missing out on having a Dad really present in her life. Never seen Jenelle ever feel bad for Jace or anyone else for that matter, just crying over herself.

            • Myndee

              She has admitted to suffering from bipolar disorder, and not a king her meds, because she didn’t like the way they made her feel. Her sister has a mental disorder, and it came out that her brother was the most extreme with I believe schizophrenia, and had tried to kill Barbara in the past, and Barbara had to call the police in him. I think she has a whole laundry list of issues that she hides with substance abuse.

              • Lyra

                I think I remember someone telling me that there is a narcissistic component of a bipolar diagnosis, so that would make sense. The more I think about, I think every teen mom has broken down crying feeling sad for someone else except Jenelle. Even Farrah broke down about Sophia not having ever gotten to meet her Dad.

                • jlt0102

                  That make sense when I think about some of girls I know with bi-polar who refuse to medicate….

              • spottedgiraffe

                Jenelle was misdiagnosed with bipolar. The brother isn’t schizophrenic he’s bipolar according to Babs. He lives in a facility. Every single one of those kids have issues. Does anyone know where Jenelle’s dad is?

            • violet Beuregarde

              Exactly and it’s so sadly ironic because Jace has the worst chance at a normal happy life out of all of the kids. He’s the one that needs to be cried over.

            • spottedgiraffe

              Jenelle has borderline personality disorder but lies and claims she has panic disorder. She don’t take meds or go to therapy. She’s a lost cause.

      • Lyra

        Yeah her story would be pretty easy to prove if it was true. She said Nathan ran her over with his truck, not *tried* to run over her. That would definitely leave some bodily injuries to prove she was right.

        • Myndee

          Exactly, she should have no problems going to the police to show them her injuries and clear her name. But I’m sure she’s currently trying to find someone to run her over to help her case

          • Lyra

            Lol! That last line was too funny!

  • Guest

    Why does she still have custody of Kaiser? That poor kid.

    • michelle

      and he would be better off with his father?? He is just as much as an alcoholic as she is! And he also has a record! he’s a control freak! Smh..

    • Demona

      Because Babs told her she couldn’t handle raising another one when she announced their pregnancy like it was a great thing

  • violet Beuregarde

    Jenelle if you wanted the truth out the last thing you’d be doing is hiding from the police. Your doing nothing but proving your own guilt by hiding, you don’t want the real truth out, you want your usual MTV edited narrative that makes you look better like they do on the show.

  • bambiglanville

    Jenelle as a PR agent? LOL. And that PR agent has a twitter for it? LOL. I can’t. This girls name will never be “cleared”.

    • jlt0102

      Ha, I’ve heard it’s just her

    • violet Beuregarde

      Everyone knows the first step to prove your innocence is to hide from the cops!

  • Lauren

    So much for the whole ‘I’ve grown up & learned from my mistakes’ story. Jenelle may not be shooting up anymore but she is definitely not sober. She needs very limited supervised visitation with Kaiser. Not like she ever sees Jace anymore. If Nathan was smart he would be taking her to court especially after this.

  • savannah

    Oh awesome, all this happened with the baby there. These two need to be sterelized.

    • Ashley

      Sterilized STAT!!

  • DoogieHowser

    It’s amazing that she hasn’t ended up in prison yet. She can’t handle life and surrounds herself with assholes that bring out the worst in her. If she didn’t have the show and it’s easy money, this chick would of already be in prison. This isn’t entertaining anymore, this girl gives me headaches and gut wrenching sorrow for her children every time I read an article about her. I imagine Barbs blood pressure shoots through the roof every time the phone rings after 11pm because Jenelle can’t even handle two months of normal life without flipping her sh*t. Jace is already at the point of where he flinches when he hears voices and sings to himself to self sooth. I feel for that kid. He has a long way to go.

    • jlt0102

      Magical lawyer Dustin has kept her out so far….someday he won’t be able to save her and then maybe she’ll start to learn….

      • Regina

        Dustin is super hot.

        • Pattipandi

          He is. Betcha Jenelle tried to snack on his hoagie.

  • Murphy

    Hey “Jenelle’s PR”–if Nathan wouldn’t give Kaiser back to her–why didn’t she call the cops right then and there?
    Oh right-because she doesn’t CARE if she gets the baby back or not.

    • violet Beuregarde

      And why was she coming over to pick him up after midnight in the first place? She was coming to f sh*t up plain and simple, she got drunk/high and had nothing better to do. Or she realized what a crappy life she’s made for herself and she got mad enough to take it out on others.

  • BreBreezieBre

    Everyone knows if you really want to clear your name and get the truth out you go to the police you don’t have this bogus pr team and have the dummies run to Twitter with this bs story. If Nathan ran over her did she not seek medical attention. Even though their son is young who goes to someone’s house around midnight to pick up their child?

  • Brooke

    I feel badly for the cops that have to deal with these idiots and the hundreds of couples like them. I hate you this week, I’m going to attack you, I’m going to call the police, abusive fighting. Yet here we are, still together until we call the police next weekend.

    And are the media outlets really going to write about everything EXCEPT her plastic surgery?! It is 100% obvious she had something done.

  • Bellhop10

    The fact that these two numb nuts purposefully brought an innocent child into their completely dysfunctional relationship makes me so stabby. I thought you guys would have no time to fight with a baby, Jenelle? Poor Kaiser roll is doomed with those two immature idiots as parents.

  • spottedgiraffe

    Yeah, because your first instinct after being ran over by a TRUCK is to leap up and start attacking the person. If police were called for this Nathan would have been booked as soon as he walked in the station. Who picks up their baby at midnight anyway? Jenelle is crazy and nobody believes her lies.

  • Pattipandi

    Dumb b!tch.

  • awoman

    You remember that time that Jenelle went back to one of her boyfriends and the police weren’t called?
    Yeah, me neither.

  • Brandy Nicole

    Janelle I sseeeennnn ya wif ya new eyebrows! On a serious note she went at him like a spider monkey!

    • Savvie

      I read this and literally snorted.


      Scared the cat, hardcore. She ran out of the room like demons were chasing her.


      • Brandy Nicole

        Lol that’s fantastic!