Amanda Bynes shares brunette Christmas selfie, is now stable, lucid, and off her meds

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Amanda Bynes posted a photo of herself sporting brown hair as news drops that she’s no longer manic, and is off of her heavy meds. ,

According to TMZ, her family thinks her improvement has been “mind-blowing.” She’s currently home after her latest stint of treatment after another public breakdown.

Amanda’s planning on majoring in psychology at the University of Southern California, and is filling her days with reading, yoga, meditation and Pilates, which are huge stress relievers that can also lessen symptoms of mental illness.

There is a risk of relapse for Amanda, who has tweeted that she’d been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. There were past reports that she has schizophrenia, but her mother has denied that diagnosis.

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  • Lola

    I wish all the best for Amanda but “off her meds” is an extremely troubling thing to read. Mental illness doesn’t just go away after you’re on medication for awhile and start to feel better- it’s something you need to medicate forever. I hope she stays well.

    • CV

      You are incorrect. You don’t need to medicate forever. Doctors don’t even like patients being on it forever. The main goal is to be able to cope without meds which is why yoga and other stress relieving actives are used in treatment.

      • kiki

        Some illnesses do need to be medicated forever. The thing is that people want a quick fix even for the illnesses that can be coped with instead of learning to deal with the symptoms. Question is if she is actually learning to live with them or just masking them. It’s easy to be okay when all you do is yoga and stuff, the true test will come when she starts working and trying to move on with her life and can’t spend 24/7 in yoga poses.

      • Snarky

        Its likely that she stopped taking them because she started feeling better. A lot of people do that who suffer from bipolar or depression.

        • Snarky

          And its not a good thing.

      • ….

        I get what you’re saying but it’s annoying to hear this over and over. No, some people NEED their meds to survive. And hearing this all the time makes them feel like they can exercise their disorder away. Most facilities/hospitals use a combination of exercise and medication. Organic brain disorders, especially if she had Schizophrenia, do not go away with just yoga and therapy. They necessitate meds just as having a heart problem would. Even severe Bipolar disorder does not go away with yoga and therapy. Ask anyone going through a severe manic phase to do yoga, it wouldn’t happen, trust me. Just like physical ailments, certain psychological ailments need medication and there is nothing wrong with that. Exercise and therapy helps but if you’re hearing voices you need medical help. Yes, people are way overmedicated but many people needs meds to live without being self destructive and destructive to the people that love them. Amanda almost lit herself and her dog on fire in a strangers driveway, she needs serious medical help. It’s very common to go on meds and feel good and stop thinking you don’t need them and then spiral down very badly.

      • bambiglanville

        You have to come off of them slowly, EVERY doctor would recommend that if the patient is thinking of coming off of them. Decreasing the daily dosage will eventually lead to coming off of them completely. Hopefully in her case the Doctor agreed to her decision.

    • spottedgiraffe

      You don’t need them forever but she certainly hasn’t been on them nearly long enough.

  • Steph

    Those brows…yikes.

    • Brandy Nicole

      Angry bird eyebrows!

  • KatieKat

    The worst thing she can do is go on and off the meds.


    she changes her hair color daily.

  • spottedgiraffe

    Why is it that whenever a celeb goes batshït they all just claim they’re bipolar? Being bipolar Is now a scapegoat and everyone claiming it just invalidates the lives of people who truly struggle with it. Btw under her secret account she wrote something like “just because I’m pretty doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate two religions”. She’s not lucid.

    • Josie

      I don’t get what you’re saying here. You think she’s just using bipolar as an excuse for bad behavior?

      • spottedgiraffe


        • Josie

          But you also said she’s not lucid. Her behavior was pretty extreme and very classic bipolar. I can’t imagine she would be hospitalized like she was if it was all an act. Bipolar is cyclical so it’s not unusual for the mania to resolve on its own.

          • spottedgiraffe

            She’s not lucid because she is taking drugs. And I never said she didn’t have a mental illness. I just don’t think it’s bipolar.

            • Josie

              What do you think her mental illness is?

  • kiki

    Those eyes just scream “Im lucid”… .

    • 900009

      oh yeah..completely sane…right. This picture is freaking scary.

  • ballhair696987

    I think this is just the final stage of her Jaquin Phoenix disease. Aka she’s faking it. Just kidding but wouldn’t that be something

  • Ann

    Seeing someone go through the cycle of mental illness is so heartbreaking, even when they’re at their best.

  • Lauren

    I really hope that Amanda is feeling better. She has too much talent to just go down as a woman suffering from a mental disorder. It’s a little disconcerting that she’s off her meds but hopefully she has a strong support system in place so that she doesn’t have an episode again.

  • Pattipandi

    This girl is going to end up killing herself.

  • darwin

    who is amanda bynes?