Tila Tequila gives birth to baby daughter

Pregnant Tila Tequila

It’s kind of hard to believe I am about to type this, but… Tila Tequila is a mom! The 33-year-old former reality star and social media marketing pioneer reportedly gave birth to a daughter on Sunday, November 17.

“She’s soooo perfect and beautiful!” Tila told Too Fab. “I am completely in love with her.”

So what did Tila Tequila name her baby daughter? What may come as a surprise to lots of folks (You might recall our list of potable suggestions like Rosa Mimosa, Jeannie Martini, Mona Corona and Lolita Margarita.), Tila opted for a rather non-eyebrow-raising moniker: Isabella Monroe Nguyen.

UPDATE – Us Weekly has since confirmed the pregnancy as well, but they are reporting that Tila Tequila’s daughter’s name is Isabella Monroe Nguyen, not Isabelle.

Tila Tequila 40 weeks pregnant

On Saturday Tila posted a pregnancy update on her website titled “40 weeks pregnant and still no baby!” Tila shared the photo above and wrote, “I have decided to take ONE LAST PREGNANCY PHOTO because I have a feeling that soon after this blog goes up…. this crazy baby will finally make her grand entrance into this world!”

She concluded the post by writing, “The next time I post up a blog the baby should already be here! YAYYYY! FINALLY! Come on Baby Tila… we’re all waiting for your arrival you little Diva!!!!! Mommy loves youuuuuuuu! 🙂 <3 " A couple weeks ago Tila posted the photo at the top of this post on instagram and captioned it with, "Holy cow! Lord Jesus Christ y'all pray for me! Lol! And how could any Mother not love their babies after putting our bodies through this for 40 weeks???? #DamnSon! But hey... still.. #NoStretchMarks Woohoo! I Feel her coming tho, any day now! Prayyyyyy it goes smoothly! Omg #Nervous" Tila has not revealed who the baby's father is, but many believe it is her ex, musician Thomas Whitaker, who publicly stated he was indeed the father back in April.

Aside from the identity of the father, Tila has been very open with fans throughout her pregnancy, including a series of inspirational posts and photos earlier this year. Here’s a post from April in which Tila talks about becoming a mother:

Being a single Mother is not going to be easy, but I know it’s for the best. I have been able to overcome every single obstacle in life that has ever been thrown at me, and come out of it a better person every time. I don’t believe this situation is any different as I believe that God has a plan for us all. What matters is that God has blessed me with a baby and a chance to start a new life for myself and my child. If the environment was not something healthy for the baby to be around then I believe it was God that was the one who took us away to a safer environment where we will be able to grow, and thrive. Sometimes there are people out there who have grown up in very vicious family cycles, and at one point or another it’s up to the adults to know when to BREAK that cycle once a new baby is brought into this world, and as a mother that is exactly what I must do and will continue to do.

I will break the cycle so that my baby will have a chance at a proper life and I am going to spoil my child with all the love, and support that he could ever imagine! Everything I do will all go to my baby. This brings me the most joy to know that I can spoil him and give him the world! God tells me that everything will be just fine, and whatever other people have to say about me and my unborn baby, that is between them and God at the end of the day. Nor will I badmouth the Father of my child for the sake of my child. Nor do I believe it is classy to go off running your mouth to the media about it. I just do not work that way, but hey I cannot control what other people choose to do or say or what their true intentions are. I just hope that people can rise above their own selfish desires and see that every action they take will effect the baby. With that being said I know I will be a wonderful mother and will protect my baby at all costs from being exposed to any foul play or harm. With that being said I am still the happiest I have ever been in life and I feel very much at peace knowing that God has provided me with everything I ever need for myself, and my baby. ♥

Congratulations to Tila! We can’t wait to see the first photo of little Isabella!

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  • Lola

    That poor, poor child.

  • Deena

    Finally a baby with a normal name.

  • Josie

    Didn’t she stop being relevant (if she ever was) about seven years ago?

    • Kail

      She’s popular in the conspiracy theory world…New world order, etc….I’ve been following her for a while

      • Josie

        Oh ok. I’m really out the loop because I only recall her from her dating shows way back when.

  • twelfthnight

    Only Tila would take a bump pic with that much underboob. Gross. Here’s to hoping that kid gets the therapy she will no doubt need.

  • ballhair696987

    I have a shot at love with til a tequila on dvd box set. I throw it in every now and then for a laugh. Not really anything to do with the story but I am just trying to be positive here.

  • TA

    Sunday was November 16th.

  • Bry

    I thought she was a lesbian?

    • Brandy Nicole

      I think she’s a switch hitter.

      • MelG

        She is. On her reality “dating” shows she had men and women competing for her.

  • tankyounotes

    The names not half bad! Unfortunately, she will probably be going to school with 18 other girls with that name, though.
    Is it bad that I laugh a little when first time moms rejoice at the lack of stretch marks while they are still all cute and round?! NEWS FLASH: most times, the tiger stripes appear after you deflate.

    • Jen M

      Mine were in a weird spot. Hip bone and then go two inches back, towards your butt. That’s where I have 3 small ones. I feel left out. 🙁 lol

      • tankyounotes

        Hahah my first pregnancy gave me hip bone stretch marks too!

    • Dani

      Mine sure did! Not a stretch mark until after my daughter was born.

    • MelG

      Idk…I have three kids and the only stretch marks I have are three on each of my tatas from when my milk would come in. Some of us get really lucky. Having said that, that belly looks pretty big. She better cross her fingers.

  • Jenn

    I hope she proves us all wrong & will be a great mom…is it crazy to say I have faith it could happen!?

    • Jessica

      Look at Snooki, every said horrible things about her being a mother and she is a wonderful, caring mother, I hope the same thing to tila

      • twelfthnight

        But Snooki just liked to party and drink heavily. She didn’t actually have any obligations at that time and stopped doing what she was doing when she got pregnant.

        Tila, on the other hand, is a drama magnet. She faked a pregnancy, tried to milk the death of her ‘wifey’ Casey Johnson (who also lived a crazy and dramatic life) and became famous off of being skanky and taking that as far as she could (remember the ‘music’ she put out? “I love U” was basically just her yelling plus some autotune.).

        Tila has serious mental issues, Snooki just liked to party. Apples and oranges.

  • Fyi

    FYI Starcasm, Sunday was not the 17th. It was the 16th..

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