Teen Mom 3’s Briana DeJesus argues with Jenelle Evans about fiancé Shoc

Briana DeJesus - Shoc

Let’s hope that Teen Mom 3‘s Briana DeJesus didn’t put any deposits down for a wedding venue… Just days after posting pictures of her stunning engagement ring and bragging about her new man, Shakiel Brown, it looks like the pair isn’t exactly on solid ground.

The first sign of trouble in paradise came on Nov. 14, shortly after Briana declared her love for “Shoc” on Twitter.


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More disparaging tweets followed, including “swear I don’t trust b**chiz,” “WHEN U KNOW AH B**CH LIEN BUT U STILL GUNNA LET HER TELL HER SIDE OF THE STORY” and “THIS B**CH GOT ME F*KED UP I SWEAR.” He added last night that this is going to be a long 18 years, seemingly confirming that Briana is pregnant again.

He also deleted pictures of Briana from Instagram and removed most references to her on Twitter. But then this happened…

Briana DeJesus - Shakiel Brown

Everything on Briana’s side is equally confusing: She deleted her whole Twitter history up until this morning, erasing all mentions and pictures of Shoc — although her profile picture still features him. She also got into a bit of a fight with Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle, who retweeted a story from Teen Mom Truth about Shoc and a picture he shared of a girl doing sexual acts with a dog.

“B**ch U don’t even have custody of UR 1st kid! U have horrible judgment urself so keep UR comments to urself,” Briana tweeted at Jenelle. She added, “I hate this crack head girl always tryna make money off of me.”

Jenelle hasn’t responded, but the Teen Mom 2 writer isn’t backing down: “im not sure who you think I am, but I’m not Jenelle. Your fiancé is disgusting.”

Briana fired back, “UR hiding behind a blog page! UR prbly a fat b**ch who isn’t happy with her life… f**k U! … take a selfie and be proud of it before U come at me side ways!”


Jenelle tweeted, “I made fun of some TM3 chick? Uhm.. When? What’s her name again?”

Leading Briana to say, “my life is straight! I have my daughter with me 24/7! … emotional wreck? I’m as stable as can be jenelle! And a bipolar b**ch who does drugs is ok for kids to be around? ELOHEL”

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  • Asha


    • Asha

      Maybe she realized that ring was fake.

  • bambiglanville

    Such a classy little lady… Said no one ever.

  • 900009

    Jenelle has a story going around about her, a dog, and peanut butter she she should shut up..and Ham who is writer for tmt is a fat disgusting bitter woman

  • Tinashe

    ya dun goofed.

  • frontdoormom

    Im confused.

  • Murphy

    Hey Briana, I’d rather be an unhappy fat bitch than you!

  • Regina

    Just… what is going on. This is stupid.

  • Jesus God, Leah!

    These Teen Mom 3 girls will stop at nothing to have peoples’ attention, will they? I’m about sick of hearing about them! It’s gotten to the point that Mackenzie is the least annoying of the bunch now, and that’s saying something. She used to make me wanna puke.

    • LexiconD1

      Love your name…I remember when Corey said that. Reading it, I hear him saying it, too!

      • Jesus God, Leah!

        Thanks! I was surprised nobody had already taken it yet.

        • TA

          it’s the best name! I laugh every time I see a comment from you.

        • Renee L

          I know, I love the meme that is on a Leah Twitter parody. Makes me laugh. A picture of Corey with Jesus God Leah!

  • Sara

    Have any of these people seen the inside of an English book?

    • Renee L

      Haha I was just thinking the same. Every one of them. Stop reproducing and cheating and get in a grammar class. It’s atrocious!

  • ms naynay

    Both trash. They’re a dime a dozen, these 2 just happen to be on a reality show.

  • Paikea74


  • Jenn

    What language are these idiots speaking?

    • LexiconD1

      Stupid…I, kinda, thought that was obvious?

  • morganlizabethh

    maybe she shouldnt of been so cocky saying “Still happy whatever briana wants, briana gets since day 1” cause obviously she’s so happy she cant even goto wal mart and buy her own $10.88 wedding ring set or keep a man..maybe its time to focus on the child/children involved because we all know if the rumors arn’t true sure enough following the trend of terrible judgement in trying to keep a man she will be knocked up and two times a single mother.

  • A.C.C

    Where is mommy and your sister now to save you from this loser?

  • Itslew

    Briana made us think she was this cute innocent girl on teen mom three but her baby daddy was right her mom, sister and herself are crazy bitches I feel sorry for nova having to be around some bitter bitches smh

    • Renee L

      Her true colors were shown by the 4th episode and she never moved her ass of the couch. 4 episodes…still sitting there.

    • siriusthecat

      She tried a little too hard to play victim. I felt like her baby daddy tried, but there was no pleasing that family. Those episodes will bite her in the butt one day.

  • BraydensMommy

    The writer of TMT is Jenn Renee Holt not Janelle Evans

  • Kay

    Briana is just useless, lazy welfare trash who can’t be bothered to learn to spell properly. Just another idiot living off the system as a burden to society, paying more attention to idiot rapper wanna-bes than her kid. SO glad tm3 got canceled.

    • MarvelousBeauty

      I do miss Katie and Makenzie. But yeah good riddance to Brianna and her crazy ass family.

  • BreeMorey

    This chick is just a straight up spoilt bratty a hole!!! Prob cos she is so babied by her family!! Grow up! For the love of god think of the children lol

  • Gia

    Was this the girl that was on food stamps but had a MacBook and an iPhone ?

  • MarvelousBeauty

    I never liked this girl. She’s bossy whiny and just plain nasty now a days. Another man who’s stuck with her bullshit ass for 18years. Poor guy. Now onto him. His Twitter name should’ve told her from the start he was a womanizer and only wanted her legs open. Well he should’ve worn a condom. Twitter rants from a “woman” that young ladies are going to look up to are unacceptable. You chose to be on teen mom you chose to be a role model. Well it’s time to get rolling on that. Yuck. Thats all I can say. Yucky!

  • A

    Briana needs to go back to elementary school and learn some proper english..

  • TA

    oh please.
    these hood rat girls and their trashy families put themselves on TV and talk sh!t all over social media. they deserve any judgement they get.

    don’t want people talking about you and your business?
    stay the f**k off reality TV.

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  • stephane

    what the heck why is she trying to to act like a perfect mother, when we real mothers don’t go on social media and act like a damn fool cussing somebody out and calling her horrible names. But that’s how you can tell she’s still a child, instead of ignoring it and not paying any attention. She just as trashy

  • afasfdasf

    Thank god that show got cancelled. The whole TM3 cast were a bunch a miniature Jenelle’s with zero redeemable qualities to go between them.

  • Sweet Venom

    Why is Briana trying so hard to convince everyone of her perfect life? Doesn’t sound like perfection to me. Deleting all the photos and tweets? They broke up. And probably over something stupid, too. Now they have a kid on the way… bravo *slow clap*

  • Tired of the nonsense

    One day these girls will *hopefully* grow up and want real jobs. All this Twitter and Facebook nonsense is going to really come back to bite them when no one will hire them because of it. They need to stop posting every tidbit of their life online and keep the feuds -when they exist- offline. One day their children will be reading it too. They don’t need to attend every battle to which they’re invited. Be smart and CLASSY, ladies.

  • Isabel Jorge

    Jenelle is way too mature to deal with Briana the angry wanabe. Jenelle got her life straight.So Bri y u bitchin @ her??!!!! Jenelle you’re better than her or any hater for that matter!

    • Lyubov

      Oh, hi Jenelle.

  • guest

    Can anyone explain ELOHEL….
    i googled it but the meaning i found didn’t make sense with what she was saying.. i’m

    • Tamara Lee

      Lol = EL OH EL…she’s trying to spell it out…I think?

  • lolsmileyface

    Briana talkin shyt about someone wow u messy ass hoe yu cant even speak correctly talking that baby talk and shyt….r yu mad or nah

  • Juana Michelle

    Jenelle owns teen mom truth with her buddy jelly

  • yesisaidit

    Judging by his twitter this guy seems quite disrespectful and nothing but a womanizer. I can remember not long ago him posting that he was out with his side chick while Briana was at work. SMDH Both of them are very childish and she isn’t using much of a brain by putting this type of guy around her daughter. He sets no example or shows any type of respect towards women. I mean REALLY JUST REALLY she wants to become the third babies mom. What does she thinks her so special oh because she use to be on a one hit wonder television season of TM3. I’m sure this guy is trying to use her some what “fame” to make himself relevant. He definitely has no shame in disrespecting her and there so called “relationship” via social media.

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