Has Nicole Kidman had a boob job?


Nicole Kidman raised eyebrows with this gorgeous cleavage accentuating gown she wore to an event in Sydney, Australia this weekend. It looks like her bustling has gotten a bit more ample than it’s previously been.

“They not only look bigger but also much more rounded, which indicates she’s had breast implants,” says Laura Casewell, editor of the Cosmetic Surgery Guide.

Another shot with husband Keith Urban:

Here she is in 2013:

Another shot from 2013

And, in 2003, at the Eyes Wide Shut premiere:

What do you think? Has Nicole Kidman had a breast augmentation?

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  • Jim


  • kat

    Ugh can’t stand her or him.

  • KKKawKayzhun13

    If she’s gonna display them… gotta push em together… could drive a truck up between those..

  • nator8

    No. Maybe a lift, but what Mommy doesnt need one of those after breastfeeding little monsters (or even if you dont!) I have an amazing bra that can make my boobs look 10 years younger too.

  • twelfthnight

    Nicole Kidman’s face is probably more plastic than flesh at this point so it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to think that maybe she’s gotten some work done…

  • Lachesis Ryder

    Those are the “gummy bear” implants. I have those too.

  • TheGirlUpstairs

    Absolutely. As a girl whose proudly sized the way she was, I can say without a doubt that she’s had some silicone pillows stuffed in. It’s too bad, really, because she was so lovely before. I wish she would just let her red curls fly and, moreover, that shed’ve told whatever Hollywood goons who’d offered their likely unsolicited, and IMHO, bad opinions to go eat a bag if d*cks. Ladies with small ta-tas, don’t be ashamed: flaunt those ‘pecs’!

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