Why Ladies of London star Noelle Reno stays by fiancé Scot Young’s side


30-year-old Ladies of London star Noelle Reno’s fiancé Scot Young is a former real estate tycoon who’s now a bankrupt ex-convict involved in one of the nastiest divorces England has ever seen. Why does Noelle stay with and support Scot?

Noelle spoke with Bravo about the difficulties of her very public relationship with Scot. She said the judgments over age and looks are the hardest part. “I happen to find intelligence, substance, and kindness sexier than a hot body or model-boy looks,” she says. “I’ve tried to date guys my age, but I just end up dominating the relationship and that’s not sexy for me.”

As for what initially made her attracted to Scot: “Scot has a confidence and protective nature that seduced me. Remember, I’m living alone in a foreign country. Over the period I’ve known him his confidence has dwindled as he’s been stripped of his dignity and privacy by all the divorce has brought. Nonetheless, he continues to be massively supportive of me in everything I do and in every aspect of my life. The fact that he is loyal, respectful, and empowering of women is paramount with me.”

She’s supporting her 52-year-old former millionaire because he says his cash has been depleted from a seven-year divorce battle. In 2013 he told the press that his friends were helping pay his rent and meet his basic needs, but that didn’t stop the high court from ordering him to pay his ex-wife Michelle Young over $45 million dollars. The high court believes that his “missing” multi-million dollar fortune is somewhere, and Scott spent some time in prison last year for refusing to present his finances to the court.

Noelle has been by Scot’s side for most of the past five years despite the endless divorce drama, and has even had to testify in court herself. In 2012 she briefly broke off the relationship because she had had enough and was tired of waiting and putting her own life on hold. She told The Daily Mail that shortly after the break, Scot had to spend six months in jail. When he got out, they met for lunch and immediately got back together. “He’s got a hold on me, I don’t know what else to say,” she explains.

Noelle also says that Scot hates the public eye (she says he’s been paying to stay out of the press for years,) and didn’t want to do the show, but caved so he could spend more time with her. “Fine, but then you’re not going to see me this summer,” Noelle says she told him when he initially refused to be filmed. “So he’s in it. He hated every second.”

PHOTO: Wenn.com

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