VIDEO Gypsy Sisters renewed for third season: What to expect

Gypsy Sisters Season 2 cast photo 4

Grab your Bedazzler and brace yourself, because Gypsy Sisters is returning to TLC for another season!

Nettie Stanley, Mellie Stanley, Kayla Williams, JoAnn Wells and Annie Williams announced the news after last night’s episode of My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding, in which Nettie Stanley’s daughter, Nukkie, wed Pookie.

If you need a reminder of what we’re in for, here’s a classic gypsy fight from Nukkie and Pookie’s wedding…

From TLC, “Last night’s episode of My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding featured Gypsy mother hen, Nettie Stanley, along with some other fan favorites from TLC’s hit series Gypsy Sisters! Nettie’s daughter, Nukkie, finally tied the knot with boyfriend, Pookie, and the longtime rivalry between the two feuding families appears to be over… for now.” In other words, expect the drama to start anew for the next season.

The third season of Gypsy Sisters will premiere on TLC later this summer. If the video announcement is any indication, cousin Sheena isn’t returning.

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  • Tiffany Celestia Tolle

    yes!! god i love trash tv!!!

    • savannah

      Its so horrible, that I can’t stop watching it. My fiance comes in the bedroom when its on, and walks right back out! HAHAH

      • Tiffany Celestia Tolle

        Haha!! My husband actually watched almost all of the second season with me. I think only cuz he liked watching the girl fights! Lol

        • savannah

          I can get him to watch Catfish…that’s about the extent of his tolerance for Reality TV. LOL

          • Tiffany Celestia Tolle

            oh we watch a lot of “reality” tv in this house! lol

  • Sammy

    Every time I see the word gypsy, I go back to Borat. “Give me your tears Gypsy. (picks up a barbie) Did you shrink this woman?” Haha. Ahh man.

  • Stephanie

    I love their names Pookie, Nuukie, Nettie, Mellie I for some reason like to watch these women fight among themselves can’t stand watching a real housewife do it, but this gang, total entertainment!

  • Jen M

    The fact that they really think they’re the hottest thing(s) since sliced bread is what makes it even more funny. Is it just me or do Mellie and Annie look like they have some kind of syndrome or inbreeding problem?

    • Brandy Nicole

      I used to work in a town with a lot of rumni gypsies, it’s crazy how a lot of them do have facial features like mellie and Annie. All kind of syndromy and a lot of the guys I know have abnormally large heads.

      • Jen M

        I agree, syndromy. I really wonder about Annie, there is definitely something not right. I don’t mean to sound like a jerk, but when you see them they seem to fit that “back-woods” mold. Now that you mention the guys and their oversized heads, you’re right. Mellie’s baby’s father, Pookie, Pookie’s dad and a few more all have very large noggin’s.

        • Tiffany Celestia Tolle

          they do marry their first cousins and stuff so….

  • Jenelle evans

    Now THIS is the show I should be on after teen mom ends

  • Mipsy

    Anyone else notice how empty the reception was? Where are all their guests? Did they have the wedding at 10 o’clock in the morning on a Thursday and everyone was working?