Farrah Abraham on her writing process, who should play Fallon Opal in a movie

Farrah Abraham - Celebrity Sex Tape In The Making

There’s another reason to thank our lucky stars that Farrah Abraham’s erotic novel is thisclose to publication: Farrah almost didn’t complete the book because she was so turned on by her writing.

“There’s a lot of heavy story work in the writing, but then it’s very hot and sexual when you’re writing it,” Farrah told Celebuzz this week of Celebrity Sex Tape: In The Making. “In all honesty, it has been very hard for me to write the sexual scenes because it turns your mind on and it’s very hard to finish.”

The New York Times bestselling author eventually worked her way through the book, which she promises will have “better sex scenes and also a more compelling story” than any of E.L. James’ work. And Farrah didn’t even have to do any research research!

“The only research I really do — if we’re talking about research on the computer — I’m like, ‘Am I using the right sexual word?’ So people don’t get confused,” Farrah said, enlightening us all to a new Google function. “I mean, there’s equally — among my friends and people I’ve run into and me — I think we’ve had enough sexual experiences for a lifetime so we’re sharing some of them.”

Farrah Abraham - SXSW

Farrah’s friends (Farrah-iends?) also weighed in on character names.

“The names just came to my mind and I was pretty much set on all the names,” Farrah explained, revealing only the protagonist’s name, Fallon Opal. “So for me to have feedback from my friends and they said ‘we really like those names and they’re interesting,’ I kept them as they were.”

Although the book isn’t due out until July, Farrah’s already making plans for a movie version.

“If it were turned into a movie, which I think would also be awesome in its own sense, I just know I would have Jessica Alba play Fallon Opal,” Farrah said. “I think she’s very relatable to myself and Fallon Opal, and I think she’s had a very good career and I would trust her playing that part.”

She was also kind enough to give Celebuzz a few more details on what readers can expect — further baiting us for this sure-to-be Great American Novel.

“It’s very important for me to have a very awesome and authentic storyline because that’s me as a writer,” said the My Teenage Dream Ended and Passy Perfume author. “If I’m having all the thoughts and fantasies and also taking true life experiences and I’m twisting that all together.”

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  • twelfthnight

    It’s still funny she thinks she’s a celebrity. And I assume when she talks about her ‘friends’, she means her parents.

    She’s delusional if she thinks an ACTUAL celebrity like Jessica Alba would play any part in a movie based off this trash. You know when she says JA is “relatable”, she means she thinks she looks like Jessica.

  • shannon

    You’ve GOT to be kidding me. She’s so delusional, it’s scary.

  • Nota fan

    Jessica Alba would make a perfect Farrah. It goes right along with her perfect mommy image.

    • CP

      Ikr. Every mom should want to be like farrah. “let’s take it up the butt for the world to see and never spend time with our child”.

  • Cait

    WHY is she a New York Times best selling author?! That many idiots actually bought her books?!

    • Eh

      Even Snooki has made that list. So it must not be THAT hard to get on to.

      • .

        Id rather buy Snooki’s book. (I haven’t bought a book in 7-8 years) but that if I had to choice between the two, Snooki all the way lol

  • Lanie_Lane

    The Huffington Post dogged our out in their write up about this ridiculous book. It’s sad that Farrah actually believes all these fairy tales she develops in her head. Friends? I’m sure they are either family members that have no choice than to be around her, or Sophia’s hired nanny.

  • storm

    I almost spit out my drink multiple times reading this article. She is so out of touch with reality that it’s almost comical. Is she trolling all of us? Surely someone can’t truly believe this trash she is saying lol…

  • Guest

    I’m actually just surprised that she didn’t suggest herself for the lead role..

    • Anna

      Give her time…

      • MelG

        Maybe if they shot it with hard core porn scenes then she would do it.

  • Taylor Cross

    She is

  • Tabitha

    Omg she’s completely diluted. I’m sure Jessica alba is eagerly awaiting Farrah’s casting phone call.

  • guest

    Its a big if, but what IF… Farrah’s actually the greatest troll to ever live. “I mean, there’s equally, among my friends and people I’ve run into and me”…what? The rooms spinning…from all the stupidity.

  • Sinead

    Does Farrah really think she’s a big time celebrity? or are we all just being majorly trolled…
    Either way I think it’s safe to say that this Fifty Shades of Lame knock-off will never come to the silver screen. I might pick it up in the fifty cent book bin at the dollar tree in a few months just out of curiosity. Her first book was a best seller because she was on a relevant TV show at the time and people still liked her. I don’t know how the second one did. The third one will only be bought by creepy middleaged men with Farrah fantasies. Sorry Farrah but I don’t like you enough to spend more than 2 quarters on your sex diary. If it doesn’t show up in the clearance bin I won’t read.

  • Chels Kae

    It looks like her face hurts when she smiles..

  • tx rose

    I hope she has an editor, or should I say INTERPRETER since reading a sentence, much less a book written by this ding-a-ling would be like trying to read something in a foreign language. She makes no sense! I’ve read her *cough* blog about her DUI, and got a headache from trying to make sense of the grammar not to mention the horrid spelling. It doesn’t surprise me a bit that she thinks it will be simple to have this book made into a movie & that Jessica Alba will just immediately come aboard to play Farrah, oops I mean Fallon…. that’s just Farrah being Farrah.