Lisa Vanderpump responds to Farrah Abraham white party uninvitation

Farrah Abraham white party Lisa Vanderpump

On this week’s episode of Teen Mom OG, show star Farrah Abraham was uninvited from an exclusive Hamptons white party thrown by Bella magazine in August. The party was in celebration of the magazine’s new issue, which featured The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump on the cover, and many speculated that it was Lisa who requested that Farrah not be in attendance.

The RHOBH OG finally addressed the rumors with The Daily Dish, and her response was just as wonderfully Vanderpumptacular as you would expect!

“I’ve seen it; it’s all over Twitter her saying that I uninvited her to the party,” Lisa admits. “But let’s be honest, a magazine [was] having a party [and] I have not a clue who’s on the guest list,” she says.

“It’s not my party,” she went on to point out. “It’s Bella‘s party. I don’t think I knew one person there, apart from the ladies who came with me.”

And as far as whether or not Farrah Abraham was there, or even who Farrah Abraham is, Lisa says, “I certainly wouldn’t know her if she sat on me.”

Lisa Vanderpump Farrah Abraham quote

So, if it was Bella magazine that requested Farrah not be in attendance, what are Lisa’s feelings about that? “[As far as] the fact that she was uninvited, if that was their choice, then I imagine they made the right choice. But I don’t know her.”

UPDATE – It seems Lisa’s comments were actually from Watch What Happens Live! Here is a clip:

Now we just sit back and wait to see if Farrah takes time out from her busy feud schedule to publicly respond!

On a side note, how in the world is it that Farrah Abraham hasn’t been on Watch What Happens Live?! That would have to be one of the most hilariously awkward episodes of all time! Farrah playing “Plead the Fifth?” Can you imagine?! I certainly wouldn’t envy the WWHL production team having to screen those calls!

UPDATE – Apparently Farrah feels the same as us:

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